Jason piper and leo meet percy jackson

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jason piper and leo meet percy jackson

Once Piper and Leo had made their way through the crowd, Jason saw to finally meet the legend known as Percy Jackson," Leo smirked. Just some Percy Jackson one shots:) DISCLAIMER I DON'T OWN ANYONE BUT MY Jason, Piper, and Leo sat in the middle row behind us, and behind them. "Leo!" She yelled. Piper and Jason looked over to Leo, who was filming the whole "Percy Jackson," Leo said holding the camera to her face.

Annabeth is kissing him and he is looking at Piper. Butterflies are fluttering on her stomach. He wants me, Piper tells herself. She knows this with the conviction only a child of Aphrodite can have over matters of love and desire. It is beautiful, it is ambrosia and nectar and how Piper imagines being in Elysium would be like. This is contentment but more. This is what being around her mother feels like, except it is now multiplied more times than Piper can count.

It is kissing Jason but not. It is feeling safe but afraid to forget how that feels. This is Percy Jackson? All of a sudden, Piper understands why Annabeth was such a wreck for six months, searching for Percy like a madwoman. Once a girl felt like this, how could she ever give it up? Piper doesn't know, and that is why she won't. She wouldn't give this up. Piper needs his eyes on her forever, like they are now.

The alternative would be unthinkable. She slams the door shut on that thought. She won't think of it. Jason, who made her tingle seconds ago, doesn't matter. Annabeth, who she had come to respect and love like a sister, means next to nothing now. And she would do anything—suck up to the Romans, even—to make Percy stay with her. In her mind, she swears it on the River Styx.

Thunder rumbles, and Piper knows there is no turning back. Her mother's gentle laughter alerts Piper of her presence. She is not reprimanding her, not at all. Piper feared she would for a moment, due to all the times she had heard of how Aphrodite favored Percy and Annabeth together.

Aphrodite approves, and Piper is glad. Percy Jackson is still looking at Piper when Reyna tears Annabeth from him.

He looks away, and Piper becomes aware of Jason's burning gaze drilling onto her back. The Song of the Sea The senate house is a high-ceilinged, circular room with a semicircle of tiered seats. The other half of the room is an expanse of polished grey marble.

On it stand only three structures. On the very back of the room—but not quite touching the wall—are two chairs carved out of grey marble shot with white.

They are an arms-length apart. The third structure is a podium made of the same material as the praetor chairs.

All three are protruding from the floor, as if they had been carved out of the same slab of marble. Piper supposes that they are, in fact, carved that way. She seats on the right section of the senate house, with the other Greeks. They are the East, so the Romans had insisted on their group taking the whole right side for themselves, which means that there are about fifty empty seats on their side.

Octavian had insisted that it was only right that the East stay in the East and the West in the West, to ensure tidiness—even if it meant that the Romans got crammed into the right. Despite this, the left side has ten seats to spare once the Lares and the veterans had filed in after the Legionnaires. Piper, however, feels like Octavian is subtly snubbing them. As they are now, the Greeks are to the Praetors' left, which means the Romans are to their right, and that is usually a place of honor.

Already she dislikes the augur of Camp Jupiter. Percy is seating on the left chair, closer to the Romans, and Reyna is seating on the right one. Piper had wanted to argue that since Percy is Greek, he should be seating on the right one, but she quickly drops the idea. She doesn't want to remind the Romans—half of which are looking at Percy with awe in their eyes, half of which are barely concealing sneers—that Percy is Greek.

Jason seats besides the aisle on the first row, on the right side of the tiers. Percy had seated himself on the praetor chair Jason had occupied only months before, and the first five rows on the left side had filled up before he had been able to decide where to seat. So instead of seating at the back, he had chosen to seat with the Greeks. No one had complained, but Reyna did give him a mournful look, as if he had sentenced himself to death.

Maybe he did, Piper thinks. Annabeth seats next to Jason, and Piper seats next to her. Leo is to her right. Percy motions for Reyna to start the meeting. She stands up and walks to the podium. Her voice is strong as she addresses everyone in the room. The senate has already been made aware of our joint activities during the Second Titan War. It is my duty to thank you in behalf of Rome for defending the gods' seats of power.

jason piper and leo meet percy jackson

For this, I believe a celebration is in order. Percy leans forward slightly, a movement that can be confused as interest if one hasn't noticed Reyna's gaze. Piper understands this for what it is: Deference from Reyna to Percy. Alarmed, Piper tilts her head to the side a little, so that if anyone happened to look at her, it would look like she is staring at Annabeth. In truth, she scans the Roman crowd, searching for recognition in any of their faces.

Only the dark skinned girl and the heavily-built Chinese guy recognize the two gestures from the praetors. The girl is biting her lip, staring at Percy with worry. The guy is frowning. Percy is looking at the two, but his face remains calm.

Piper wonders if he is always this way, so deathly calm, or if he is just nervous like she is. Under normal circumstances, Piper wouldn't have noticed the interaction between the two praetors, but her ADHD—undiagnosed and not as prominent as other demigods'—was keeping her focused on the task at hand, taking in every detail around the room.

Octavian, thankfully, hadn't noticed. Piper turns towards Reyna once again. Us Romans would like you to feel at ease, but now we must discuss the events leading up to our mutual discovery of the others' existence. Since this all started with your disappearance, Jason, why don't you explain to the senate what happened? I haven't set eyes on Camp Jupiter for eight months. I have missed the barracks, the War Games, and a million other things I won't know I've missed until I try them again.

I've missed my friends and walking down the Via Praetoria at night. But I can't bring myself to regret my time with the Greeks. As Hera's champion it was my duty to—" Jason stops when Octavian stands up. Aren't you Roman enough to call her Juno?

He is no longer one of us. We can't trust him. He is a Greek now. They have corrupted him. He hasn't explained his disappearance yet.

jason piper and leo meet percy jackson

Jason, we don't need a speech. Tell us what I asked. Concern floods her for a second about her ex-boyfriend when… With a jolt she realizes that she has stopped thinking of Jason as her boyfriend.

Now she thinks of herself as single, and that is not right. The thought disappears from her mind when she shifts her attention back to Reyna and Percy once again. Why does he rely on Reyna to say what he wants to? Why doesn't he do it himself? Octavian answers Piper's question. Certainly, he is more of a Roman now than our old one.

Speaking up with Jason in the room puts Octavian in a position to attack both Percy and Jason. Better to let Jason suffer the embarrassment alone. Percy hesitates before he takes the podium from Jason. Jason plops down on his seat once again before Percy speaks. When I awoke in the Wolf House, I had no memory at all.

If not for Lupa, I wouldn't have known my own name. Since I woke up a mere two months ago, I think it is safe to say that Jason was kept hidden by Juno until her time of need, to prevent him from recovering his memories until after the quest.

I don't think I know anything else on the topic. The goddess' thinking is surprisingly easy to trace: Jason and Percy, as children of the Big Three, are both born leaders. Jason is Roman and Percy is Greek. They can be exchanged. It isn't difficult to understand when the word exchange is mentioned, but Percy is careful to avoid that word. These Seven are Juno's chosen. Frank, Hazel and I are three of seven.

Jason," Percy almost flinches when he says the name, "Piper and Leo make up another three. The seventh demigod hasn't been stated outright. Percy stares at the boy. The boy turns red. Annabeth Chase hasn't been been confirmed as the last of the Seven, but Juno has spoken to me personally of her involvement on the quest.

jason piper and leo meet percy jackson

Her… role will be determined later in the day. Someone with no connections to the Roman Camp. Oh, yes, he seems to be telling her. She tells of her welcome at Camp Half-Blood, omitting details such as her relationship with Jason and her rivalry with Drew. She tells of Khione and of Enceladus, keeping to herself how close she had been to betraying Hera. And of the fight in the Wolf House she tells the most, hoping to make Jason look better in their eyes.

Her tale has the opposite effect on the Romans. They are looking at him with pity, something Piper knows Jason hates. She goes back to her seat after the dark-skinned girl that seems to be close to Percy takes the podium from her. Hazel's retelling of their quest is short and precise, but the Roman campers are listening intently, which makes Piper believe that whoever had told this story before had been even more tightlipped.

She can't help but think it was Percy, since the Chinese boy looks completely out of his element seating on the front row of the Roman side. When Hazel mentions the eagle, Jason stands up. She doesn't understand what the eagle is, but Piper doesn't want to look ignorant in front of a dozen people who already think her beneath them. She is glaring at Jason. We sure as Pluto wouldn't have come back without it. Percy wrestled it from the hands of the ghost of Michael Varus, and fell from a glacier to avoid losing it.

The way Hazel had said does words was like saying Of course we got it back. Percy was with us. What did you expect? An expression of righteous indignation morphs into a deer-caught-in-headlights look.

At the same time, all the Romans start speaking at the same time. You never said anything about him—" Reyna's voice is heard above the others before Percy cuts her off. Hazel's a daughter of Pluto. She could see who it was, I had no idea. We finally got it back. We don't want to lose it again. Everyone here is just assuming that the prophecy of the Seven is coming to pass.

Has it ever been stated outright? By Gaea and by Juno. Are we supposed to believe what you say with no proof? Isn't that what everybody always does? You believe in the heroes! Piper wants to scream at Octavian, wants to tell him to stop being so selfish.

What would he gain by hindering their quest? Was dethroning Percy and preventing Jason from taking the praetorship worth the gods being thrown into Tartarus?

Maybe she'll do so today. We'll wait until midnight. If you're right and you are six of the Seven, then Juno Moneta won't abandon you in your time of need. Is this meeting dismissed, praetors?

An inspection must be made on the Argo II. Have them report to me directly, Centurions. Slowly, the room empties itself out until only the two praetors, Frank, Hazel and everyone on the Greek side of the room is left.

Frank breaks the silence. Percy shoots her a dirty look.

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You have been one longer. It's fast and it's a waste of Piper's time, as fun as it is to watch. Piper sort of feels offended that Jason warrants more attention than her, even though she knows it is perfectly logical that he does. Reyna answers him first, in clipped words. You won't be running around alone, if we have anything to say about it. You should have demanded a seat on the Roman front row.

Hades, there were demigods in the first four rows that had no business being there. By Zeus, what were you thinking? We could be overheard. About that, I think it would be best if you actually oversaw the inspection, Percy. Go make sure Octavian doesn't sneak too many of his.

He won't stand for you being there. Frank, Hazel, you coming? Before they exit, Annabeth calls for Percy. Piper hopes that the jealousy isn't too obvious in her face.

jason piper and leo meet percy jackson

She knows all about the architecture. Jason had chosen to remain on the Fifth Cohort barracks catching up with his friends. Annabeth had become enamored with Jupiter's gigantic temple, and had stayed there with Octavian, of all people. Piper can tell by the way Reyna drags her away that she doesn't want Leo to follow, since she doesn't even tell him of their departure as he is occupied talking with a faun.

Piper lets herself be carried away. Yes, Reyna is dangerous, but she is also a diplomat. She won't kill her. At least not yet. The alleyway is spacy and surprisingly clean. Piper leans on one of the whitewashed walls, as does Reyna. The praetor speaks first, "I'll make you a deal. Reyna must have seen the doubt in Piper's face because when she looks back at the praetor, Reyna has a reassuring smile dancing on her lips. Not enough to seem threatening, but close.

The praetor, however, isn't looking at Piper. She is looking at the wall, which means she is thinking about something else entirely. Jason and Percy, for that matter, aren't either. It manages to snap Reyna back from wherever she was and she soon joins Piper. She studied him for a moment before speaking. Finally he met her eyes and was unsure of what he saw there. She was glad to have him home but she was Not as open or warm as she used to be.

Or maybe he was reading too much into it. She continued as if they were strangers yet to meet and get to know each other. And these, your friends-" Then something happened. Something Jason couldn't completely understand. Both the guy and Annabeth surged forward, moving at the exact same time. Jason cried out to her, trying to tell her to stop but he didn't think she heard him. What was that praetor doing? More importantly, what was Annabeth?

She was going to get them all killed. And then the pair wrapped their arms around each other and both pairs of lips touched each other and Jason could swear he saw Annabeth relax for the first time since he had met her. He knew that this was one of the happiest moments of her life. Jason heard sighs around him and turned to see Piper smiling like everything was suddenly great. Even Jason had to admit that the love coming off of the two demigods was heart warming.

The guy pulled back, but he never took his eyes off of her. Even his voice was powerful and held a tone of leadership. But then Annabeth brought a hand to his wrist and flipped him over her shoulder. Jason didn't know how she did it, he knew Annabeth was strong but not that strong. Maybe it was adrenaline, because the guy was probably about 50 pounds heavier than her, but he flew through the air. He landed on the stone pavement and Jason was surprised when the guy didn't even wince.

The romans cried and started to pull out their weapons and Jason winced internally, knowing what would inevitably follow. But then Reyna surprised him. Annabeth pressed her knee to what Jason assumed was Percy Jackson's chest and pushed her fore arm to his throat. Jason saw her ragged breathing and looked at Percy's face which held a look of, surprisingly, amusement. Was the guy Jason had been hearing so much about crazy? Suddenly Jason saw Annabeth was blinking rather rapidly and surprise took over him.

Jason had only known her for eight months but in the first week he spent with her he knew she was one of the stongest demigods he had ever met. She had never broken down and from what people ahem Travis and Connor Stoll had told him she was as ferocious as a titan on a bad day.

So now, seeing her like this, it made Jason re-evaluate the guy. Percy wasn't much on the outside, but he must have a huge effect on Annabeth to make her almost break down like this. That was when Jason knew Percy was crazy. No one- and Jason meant no one- ever laughed at Annabeth while she was like that. If she had you pinned down and you were the reason for her anger then you stuttered out an apology and tried to not let her stab you when you ran away.

His eyes still held the love and amusement and his body was as relaxed as if he were sun tanning on a beach. Jason could see Annabeth's shoulders fall into a relaxed stance. It was the first time Jason had seen her give in to anyone.

jason piper and leo meet percy jackson

Suddenly his eyes warmed, "I missed you, too. He casually dusted himself off but Jason saw that neither his, nor Annabeth's eyes left one another. Jason cleared his throat, trying to clear the awkward silence that had started to come over the group of demigods. It's good to be back. There was no big reunion, not like Percy and Annabeth's and Jason couldn't help but feel a pang of hurt.

He knew that Romans were taught and disciplined strictly but surely they could have at least smiled at him. Maybe it was from all of the time Jason had spent with the Greeks, but he knew that he had become more open. More emotional, not so cut off and harsh. Maybe that's why it twisted his heart when no one, not even Reyna, moved to acknowledge him in a way that showed they cared.

Maybe after 8 months of seeing people worry and stressing about someone else he had hoped they had been doing the same for him. Right now he highly doubted it.

Or maybe it was even the reunion Percy and Annabeth had just shared, and how they hadn't cared who had seen them or judged them. They had just focused on being together again. Jason was snapped out of his thoughts by Piper's hand slipping into his. He met her eyes and she smiled at him, glancing towards Annabeth and Percy and back again. He smiled at her, understanding what she was trying to convey with eyes alone and squeezed her hand. He thought that Annabeth seemed better already too.

She squeezed back and Reyna cleared her throat quietly, but loud enough for close demigods to hear. Jason turned to meet her eyes and instead of letting his true emotions show he smiled at her.

Gently he dragged Piper towards the female praetor. It was obviously up to him to make the introductions since Annabeth was Reyna's eyes filled with surprise and she turned to him. He nodded, suddenly embarrased at his outburst. He covertly shook his head and Piper looked to Reyna and smiled. He led the two girls over to Leo and turned to Reyna. Reyna looked at Leo again.

Jason looked around and spotted a head of blonde, curly hair.