Inter college meet events and adventures

inter college meet events and adventures

Many event planners find that a theme can help add structure to the décor and major sports and adventure, which is perfect for certain demographics. to represent the introduction of the Internet, CD's and tamagotchis. Waves is the annual cultural festival of BITS Pilani, K K Birla Goa Campus. It is a three-day-long The special events that Waves, BITS Pilani, Goa offers include Natyanjali, Fashion Parade and Mr. and Ms. Waves. Waves as an inter-college festival was first organized in , which was then seen as a . Adventure zone. The First Week Florida event series is specifically designed to differentiates the UF degree. Student Florida can be customized to the way YOU meet others. This post-convocation event is for new students in the College of DCP. Students . night will feature adventure based activities and free food.

This theme can be easily adaptable and if you are on a lower budget, easily represented by the gold and black color palette without any massive props or signage. Event staff could dress in nautical theme or sailor outfits and guests can opt for the nautical theme too; beach bikinis or even ballgowns.

Nothing is out of bounds on the love boat. Classic China Using traditional color palettes to honor the history of the destination, this event was thoroughly researched and thought out to protect the culture and represent tradition well. Crazy Hats If you want to add a theme or a little fun to your serious event without expecting too much from your attendees, this can be a happy medium that allows them to wear suitable clothes of their choice but still get involved.

Inter-collegiate events - Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Iles

Space Man Evening events would work well with a space theme with dark color palettes complemented by twinkly lights and stars. You could extend this by adding planets or moons for centerpieces and table layouts, with space being the main theme. If you are including fancy dress, attendees could dress up as astronauts or aliens. Mythical Creatures From dragons, fairies and mermaids to leprechauns, werewolves and griffins, there is no limit to what you can concoct. Whether it is a made-up creature from a film, book or TV series, you can bring these mythological creatures and ideas to life.

Wacky Races This cartoon was the original Mario Kart and would be great fun for attendees to dress up in the characters but also it would be an excellent theme for soapbox car building, or any other race, or sporting events such as cycling or running.

Event Theme Ideas

Think beach, hula or fire dancers, inflatables and of course a feast! Urban Graffiti If you want something more locally themed or you are trying to go for an urban cityscape feel, graffiti is a great idea and you can make it digital or have artists create their own backdrops. Incorporate bold, block colors for the scheme and even add in some geometric shapes, and this theme really comes together.

You could also include mechanical bull-riding or for an authentic experience, add horse trail rides and roping practice into the activities. Black goes with everything so you can mix it up using other color themes; some favorites include black and red, black and gold, gold and white or even all white. You could also decide on the main color by choosing the leading brand color and incorporating that. Carnival Big bold colors and signage, performers, funfair rides, plenty of stalls and games, popcorn and candyfloss treats on the snack tables are all a great place to start with this theme.

Fun Factory Chandigarh You can have walking entertainment playing historical figures and have giant props from different eras.

inter college meet events and adventures

The fun part about this is you can have different eras interacting with each other and have one area merge into another, which always makes for fun planning. Game Of Thrones With the long wait until the new series, many guests are going to be looking to get their Game of Thrones fix and this is an excellent way to do it.

Outdoor events would benefit from large tends and a small fairground if you can fit it in. Harry Potter Over 19 years later and still a phenomenon, so why not use a Harry Potter theme as there are so many elements to include. These floating candles create stunning lighting effects that you can use, particularly for seated eating. Cask And Quill Drive-throughs, American diners, blues and country music will all work well in this theme. Opt for cream and brown color schemes and you could also incorporate a love theme as chocolate is considered as an aphrodisiac.

Moulin Rouge The movie as well as the original inspiration involves cabaret, courtesans and of course the can-can! Mardi Gras String bead necklaces, bold colors and masks are an excellent place to start if you are trying to recreate mardi gras. You can go as big or as little as you want in this theme and you could even recreate parade floats or have mini float making competitions. As you can see here, uplighting and digital projections have transformed this venue into a green paradise.

You could also have hanging bubbles or seaweed streamers and use shells for centerpieces which are also budget friendly too. Attendees could come as an exotic animal and the staff could be dressed as safari guides. You could also opt for animal stilt walkers or even have animal guests such as birds and parrots as a photo opportunity and a way of bringing fun to the event.

For florals, opt for large leaves and vibrant colors. Disney A favourite for many as Disney has spanned through the ages and can be easy to adapt for adults or children, weddings or corporate. Simply pick a Disney story or movie and base your event on those. For example, a fundraising event for animals could use Dalmations for inspiration while a wedding could look to Cinderella.

100 Event Theme Ideas

Wear Anything But Clothes No, this is not an Adam and Eve theme, or a nothing but your birthday suit attire event but in fact means that attendees can wear whatever they want as long as it is not a traditional item of clothing.

It has to be made. This may sound strange but it can lead to some amazing creativity with guests fashioning gowns and even three piece suits from book pages, police tape and even toilet paper!

This would suit indoor or outdoor events but be sure to use plenty of hay. Guests can come as farmers or even their favorite barnyard animals and tiny pitchfork centerpieces are a cute touch. Fitness Health and wellness are becoming increasingly important for attendees so a healthy event theme that focuses on fitness, exercise and being the best you can be could be popular.

You could encourage attendees to attend in exercise clothes and create a variety of workshops and displays focusing on different types of exercise from high to low impact. Smoothie or juice bars would be popular for drinks and an interesting salad bar would go down a treat. Willy Wonka Take attendees to a world of pure imagination using Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as the theme.

Aside from the candy, you can focus more on the strange world inside the factory like with these stunning centrepieces and entertainers.

You could also send out golden tickets as invitations to guests, just be sure to use bold and powerful colors to make an impact and encompass this theme.

Scottish Highlands Mixing in with different cultures can be an interesting theme idea and immersive experience for guests. Opting for traditional Scottish Highland themes can involve kilts, bagpipes, haggis and other traditional food. You can also recreate activities or entertainment from the Scottish Highland Games events which are held between May and September each year.

Attendees can opt for big hair, flared trousers and platform shoes while you could also choose to have rollerskating waitresses or hosts. Fire and Ice Two opposing sides coming together to create stunning effects. You can have faux fire burners as centrepieces with ice luges at the food station.

Color schemes involve amalgamating warm tones of red, oranges and yellows with colder blues and whites. You could opt for tables split down the middle with some seats as ice and others as fire for a cool effect.

Alice In Wonderland A firm favorite and with the different quirky parts of this book and movies, there are plenty of ideas to draw from. You could opt to focus on the Queen of Hearts and her croquet for an outdoor event, go down the rabbit hole and have upside down furniture and string everyday items from the ceiling or like this example, recreate the iconic garden scene with giant flower props and indoor foliage.

Midsummer Nights Dream You can create a perfect fairytale event. This theme works particularly well with outdoor spaces and evening events because of the natural glow that helps create the atmosphere. Consider having table crystals that you could also fill the flower vases with for centerpieces, use mirrors to enhance lighting and consider going for a black and silver color scheme to show off all the bling.

Masquerade Mystery can make an event more interesting and a masquerade is a happy medium between costumes and formal attire, with them going very well hand in hand.

inter college meet events and adventures

Add large eyes, doors or clock props and you could even throw in a few gravestones. You can also invite attendees to dress as their favourite character or re-invent their own that would befit, The Twilight Zone. You can extend this by adding a Greek mythology element for those who want to choose a specific character for the event. It can be a very budget-friendly theme as it is quite simplistic. Neon signage is a must! James Bond Bond, James Bond! An excellent theme to add to a black tie event which can allow guests to get in touch with their inner secret agent or spy!

Decor can range from anything to simple with a few motifs or themed centrepieces to something more obvious such as this stunning signage! You can also have gold chest centerpieces and even serve gold chocolate coins at the dessert station too!

inter college meet events and adventures

Medieval Banquet Knights of the round table, banquets and king Arthur all fit this theme perfectly. You can have a large buffet to suit the banqueting style as well as swords and suits of armour.

For corporate or team building activities you could separate them into teams and have them design a coat of arms that they can use throughout the event to increase competition and enthusiasm. Partners In Sound This is a groovy theme that involves plenty of tie dye, peace signs, flowers, zany rainbow color combinations and if you can get a VW camper van in there, it will top it off nicely.

You could easily add participatory activities for attendees such as tie dying t-shirts which would also be a great memento to take home. Opt for black, white and red color schemes with plenty of feathers and pearls and as it was the time of prohibition, plenty of spirits and martini glasses are needed.

Creating overflowing glass centrepieces and vintage car backdrops to make this theme a success. Credit Heritage Sandy Springs Bring a quirky element by including busy scene backdrops for the photobooth or having places for attendees to hide away in.

Inter-collegiate events

Hollywood Red carpets, glitz, glamor, black tie and ball gowns are all signs of a Hollywood A-list event. Many like to take this further and do an Oscar-themed event with golden statues which can be useful if your event involves prize giving.

You could also include a large sponsored step and repeat to go with the red carpet and hire photographers for the evening to give attendees arriving that important, paparazzi welcome. Creating A Scene Inc. Indiana Jones Unleash the adventure with an Indiana Jones-themed event where you can opt for artefact and skeleton props, map backdrops or part of the table settings and sandy color palettes.

Hand out Indiana hats as attendees arrive and you could also set activity challenges for guests to overcome. As well as this you can include jungle-themed foliage, plenty of big leaves and even a mummy or two.

Winter Wonderland An incredibly popular theme because it is so diverse and adaptable to suit the venue and budget. For high budgets, go all out and opt for snowy trees, fake snow, hanging crystals and everything blue or silver.

inter college meet events and adventures

For smaller budgets, focus on just the table settings, stage or the color scheme to create your vision as it still works regardless of the scale. Star Wars This franchise has so many possibilities, particularly with the release of the new films and this is an awesome example of a simple Star Wars theme execution. This custom bar is simple and elegant and added to themed or signature drinks creates a great experience.

Thematic ramp walks, new concepts and trends of fashion are showcased in this event. The event has been judged by biggies from fashion training academies like Femina in the past editions of Waves.

SeaRock - Waves'13 Tagline: Where Music breathes Life. Searock gives participants the opportunity to make it big in the music Industry. With eliminations in ten cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Goa, Searock gives contestants the chance to bring out their thoughts and music, and showcase it to the world. SeaRock also hosted Kathmandu elims, Nepal in for the first time as a part of its expansion process.

The winners receive cash prizes, scholarships at the best music academies of the nation and a feature in leading media publications. The top three bands also get to open for the headlining artists on Waves main stage. Searock is one of the highlights of Waves, and attracts a large audience every year. Participants from various Law schools all over India participate in this event.

It received an overwhelming response and was a big hit. The event has shown phenomenal growth since its emancipation. Specials[ edit ] The Specials at Waves encompass a variety of unconventional events and competitions.

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The highlights of the Ball include the elaborate cuisine, a live-band, and a number of fun couple events and games. Besides the on-fest workshops, Waves organizes its pre-fest Dance Workshop in the month of October. This dance workshop gives an opportunity to explore various dance styles taught by professionals from reputed dance academies.

Adventure zone Waves also organizes a lot of fun loaded adventure events during the three days. Informals Waves organizes informal events to keep people occupied throughout the fest. People can participate in these off beat events and win prizes. Some events in the past include Campus Roadies, Game of Scrolls, flash photography, beg-borrow-steal, Vasco amazing race, twister, limbo, pillow fight, quizzes and many more mobile informals.

Professional Nites[ edit ] Waves gained popularity far and wide due to the euphoria and ecstasy it creates in its Professional Nights or Pro-Nites as they are called.

Popular national as well as international artists perform every year at Pro Nites. The Pro-Nites of Waves are divided into 3 Nites, to cater to varied tastes of the audience: Waves saw the famous South African melodic rock band aKing perform, which was another highlight in the history of Waves. Hindi Nite Hindi Nite is usually the biggest of all three. Waves saw famous music composers Salim-Sulaiman perform live in Hindi Nite.

Waves [ edit ] Tagline: Tides of Time Waves is set to grow a decade old since its humble inception in It aims to be a fun ride which will make its audience remember the good old days and enjoy the nostalgia of old times. Waves will be held from 4 November to 6 November.

The further details can be obtained on the official Waves website. Waves came with a completely new concept of celebrating the abstract.

It aimed at making the audience forget reality for those three days and take them onto another plane of euphoria. The setup aimed at creating an alternate world, until wherever thoughts could extend.

This edition of Waves was a bigger success with a footfall of about 40, from numerous colleges in India. Apart from the Big 3, even the smaller events received overwhelming response. The Hindi Nite reached a new zenith by the performances of famous music composers Salim-Sulaiman accompanied by many other popular singers and artists from Bollywood. Waves attracted a huge crowd of cheering students.