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While there, Kevin meets a homeless woman tending to pigeons at Central Parkwhich frightens him. Kevin goes to the Plaza Hotelwhere he uses Peter's credit card to check in. On Christmas Eve, Kevin visits a toy store where he meets its philanthropic owner, Mr. Kevin learns that the proceeds from the store's Christmas sales will be donated to a children's hospitaland provides a donation.

As a token of appreciation, Mr. Duncan offers Kevin a pair of ceramic turtledoves as a gift, instructing him to give one to another person as a sign of eternal friendship. After a run-in with Harry and Marv, Kevin rushes back to the Plaza.

The hotel's conciergeMr. Hector, confronts Kevin about the credit card, which has been reported stolen. Kevin flees the hotel after evading Mr. Hector, but he is eventually caught by Harry and Marv. They brag about their plan to break into the toy store at midnight, just before Kevin manages to escape. After landing at Miami International Airportthe rest of the family discovers that Kevin is missing.

Barney vows to repay his friend Fred for his debt of gratitude. Despite his mother-in-law Pearl Slaghoople 's objections, Fred's wife Wilma remains supportive of Fred's decision to help Barney. Fred promises he will prove himself to her one day. As part of his scheme to find the fall guyVandercave holds a company-wide aptitude test, where the worker with the highest score would become the new vice president of the company.

Knowing how much Fred wants the promotion, Barney secretly switches his completed test with Fred's, since he knows that he has a better chance than Fred. Fred receives the promotion, complete many fancy perks, including a big executive office and a beautiful secretary whom he immediately develops an infatuation for, but his first order as vice president is to dismiss Barney, since Barney's score, having been switched with Fred's, is the lowest score in the company.

Fred is unwilling to fire his friend, but Vandercave threatens to fire both Barney and him if he refuses. Fred reluctantly accepts, but does his best to help Barney support his family, and even invites the Rubbles to live with the Flintstone family so that they can rent out their home for extra income. However, Fred's job and newfound wealth puts a strain on his relationships with Wilma and the Rubbles. Vandercave eventually tricks Fred into dismissing more workers, over the objections of his office Dictabird.

Later, Barney confronts Fred after seeing worker riots on the news, and in the heat of the argument, reveals that he switched tests with Fred.

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The Rubbles move out, despite having nowhere to live. Wilma becomes fed up with Fred's increasingly snobbish behavior as well after catching him in the middle of an intimate moment with his secretary and she leaves him to go to her mother's house with their daughter Pebblesleaving Fred alone. Aladdin tricks Genie into getting them out of the cave, without technically wishing for him to do so. Once out of the cave, and in a small oasis, Aladdin gets to know Genie, and asks him what he would wish for if he had the chance; Genie says he would wish for freedom, but that can only be granted if his master is benevolent enough to free him with a wish.

Aladdin promises to set Genie free with his last wish. Aladdin, who has fallen in love with Jasmine, is disappointed that he could not wish to make her fall in love with him. However, the law states that only a prince can marry a princess, so he wishes to become a prince. Therefore, as his first wish, Genie turns Aladdin into a fabulously rich prince, and Abu is transformed into a large white elephant to become Aladdin's mount, while Genie then goes further to make Aladdin's entrance into the palace one that will impress all of Agrabah.

Meanwhile, Jafar, who is worried that Jasmine might have him beheaded as punishment for supposedly having Aladdin executed, comes up with the idea to convince the Sultan to let him become her husband with the help of his talking parrot and main assistant, Iago.

He later tries to mesmerize the Sultan into granting this request with his staff. However, his plans are interrupted when a large and noisy royal procession enters the kingdom, proclaiming the arrival of "Prince Ali Ababwa" aka Aladdin in his new persona.

The procession is huge, with riches, exotic animals, hundreds of servants and Aladdin himself. Aladdin's entourage bounds into the palace, impressing the Sultan.

Jafar appears suspicious and cold toward the new suitor. Aladdin is taken to Jasmine, who is unimpressed and rebuffs Aladdin's charms, thinking him to be another ordinary rich and self-important prince like the previous ones. However, when Aladdin removes his turban to shoo away Rajah, Jasmine is reminded of the street urchin. Aladdin tries to gain Jasmine's interest again by telling her how rich and powerful he is, but she remains steadfastly ambivalent.

Aladdin decides to leave Jasmine and steps off on his magic carpet. Jasmine chooses instead to ride with him. Afterwards, the carpet takes them to China, and Jasmine tricks Aladdin into admitting he's the street urchin she met in the marketplace. Aladdin naturally wishes to impress her, so he deceives her by telling her that he really is a prince and had just pretended to be a commoner in order to escape the restrictions of palace life, much like what Jasmine did, which she relates to.

Aladdin brings Jasmine back to the palace and the two of them share their first kiss together. Jafar is afraid that "Prince Abooboo", as he incorrectly calls him, may win Jasmine over, ruining his own scheme to marry her, but orders Aladdin out of the way.

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He orders Razoul and the guards to capture and kidnap Aladdin. The guards end up having Aladdin gagged with a white handkerchief and tied up in metal manacles which is not a problem, as Razoulthe chief guard, is plagued with a lust for killing. He informs him that he has "worn out his welcome," and a guard clubs Aladdin unconscious, then drops Aladdin over a cliff into the sea.

They have attached to his ankles a large metal ball-and-chain, so that he sinks faster. He hits the bottom, and his turban floats down. The lamp tumbles out and he begins to struggle towards it which is difficult as the ball-and-chain attached to his ankles pulls him backbut passes out from the lack of oxygen before he can reach it.

Aladdin, bound and gagged, slides down towards the lamp, and rolls over, causing it to rub against his fingers.

Genie appears though apparently interrupted in the midst of taking a bathand rescues Aladdin, using up his second wish. Aladdin and Genie return to the palace and Aladdin confronts Jafar over having him almost killed.

Jafar uses his cobra staff to try to convince the Sultan that Aladdin is lying, but Aladdin, seeing what he is doing, grabs the staff and shatters it. He then shows the Sultan that Jafar has been controlling him and plotting against him. The Sultan calls for the guards to arrest Jafar, but Jafar manages to escape, and, before doing so, sees the lamp in Aladdin's possession.

The Sultan is convinced that his troubles are over as Jasmine has finally chosen a suitor. Jasmine has chosen a suitor. All seems well, but the future responsibilities of being the new sultan begin to distress Aladdin.

He realizes that his prince wish might wear off if the Genie is freed and begins to consider going back on his promise to free Genie so he can keep a wish in reserve.

Feeling betrayed by his friend, a heartbroken Genie angrily goes back inside the lamp, pointing out how much Aladdin has lied to get where he is.