Horizon is where heaven and earth meet

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horizon is where heaven and earth meet

Horizon is where heaven and earth meet: A love story that crossed boundaries by Diana Williams at ncsuk.info - ISBN - ISBN Embed Tweet. Heaven and earth seem to merge on the horizon. But where they really meet is in your hearts, when you sanctify your everyday. From the very beginning, even as Earth was separated from "Heaven" when it was created, heaven and Earth continued to meet everlastingly on the horizon.

Meet Our Leadership Team - Horizon Church- Where heaven and earth connect in Allentown PA

JoAnn enjoys spending time with her husband, Pete, and their two children, Nathan and Sydney, whether it be camping, bike riding, hiking, gardening, or enjoying the outdoors.

Her favorite thing to do with friends is attend Christian music concerts and horseback riding. The most rewarding part of being a team leader at Horizon is working side-by-side with amazing people who are driven by the same desire to serve.

He and his wife Teri have been married for thirty-one years and have three children Zachary, Noah, and Jillian. Currently Steve is Discipleship leader and his wife Teri is the church Treasurer.

horizon is where heaven and earth meet

Steve enjoys fishing, fitness, and reading. She serves on the leadership team as head of the Justice Team. She also organizes an annual trip for anyone interested in volunteering for a day at the GAIN warehouse in June. They have three soccer playing boys; Dylan, Ben and Chase.

horizon is where heaven and earth meet

She enjoys reading, playing games, scrapbooking and watching her boys plays volleyball. She has seen first-hand that one person, who takes action, truly can make a difference. If you are interested in joining the Justice Team, contact Corry: She oversees the financial secretary, the counting team, and is the acting church treasurer.

Contact Teri with any questions related to our church finances. Teri enjoys cooking and baking, going to movies and spending time with her family. There is no other way, my daughters and sons: That is why I tell you that our age needs to give back to matter and to the apparently trivial events of life their noble, original meaning. It needs to place them at the service of the Kingdom of God; it needs to spiritualize them, turning them into a means and an occasion for a continuous meeting with Jesus Christ.

We can, therefore, rightly speak of a Christian materialism, which is boldly opposed to those materialisms which are blind to the spirit. What are the sacraments, which people in early times described as the footprints of the Incarnate Word, if not the clearest expression of this way which God has chosen in order to sanctify us and to lead us to heaven? Don't you see that each sacrament is the love of God, with all its creative and redemptive power, given to us through the medium of material things?

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It is understandable, my children, that the Apostle should write: All things are yours, you are Christ's and Christ is God's. We have here an ascending movement which the Holy Spirit, poured into our hearts, wants to call forth in this world: And to make it clear that in such a movement everything is included, even what seems most commonplace, St Paul also wrote: It should lead you to do your work perfectly, to love God and your fellowmen by putting love in the little things of everyday life, and discovering that divine something which is hidden in small details.

The lines of a Castillian poet are especially appropriate here: Write slowly and with a careful hand, for doing things well is more important than doing them. I assure you, my children, that when a Christian carries out with love the most insignificant everyday action, that action overflows with the transcendence of God.

That is why I have told you so often, and hammered away at it, that the Christian vocation consists in making heroic verse out of the prose of each day. Heaven and earth seem to merge, my children, on the horizon. But where they really meet is in your hearts, when you sanctify your everyday lives I have just said, sanctify your everyday lives. And with these words I refer to the whole programme of your task as Christians. Leave behind false idealisms, fantasies, and what I usually call mystical wishful thinking: If only I hadn't married; if only I had a different job or qualification; if only I were in better health; if only I were younger; if only I were older.

Look at my hands and my feet, said the risen Jesus, be assured that it is myself; touch me and see; a spirit has not flesh and bones, as you see that I have.

Light is shed upon many aspects of the world in which you live, when you start from these truths.

Horizon is Where Heaven and Earth Meet

Take your activity as citizens, for instance. He endeavours to become properly trained, intellectually and professionally. He makes up his own mind, in full freedom, about the problems of the environment in which he moves, and he takes his own decisions in consequence. As the decisions of a Christian, they derive from personal reflection, which strives in all humility to grasp the will of God in both the unimportant and the important events of his life.

That would be completely inadmissible! That would be clericalism, official Catholicism, or whatever you want to call it. In any case, it means doing violence to the very nature of things. What you must do is foster a real lay mentality, which will lead to three conclusions: It is obvious that, in this field as in all others, you would not be able to carry out this programme of sanctifying your everyday life if you did not enjoy all the freedom which proceeds from your dignity as men and women created in the image of God, and which the Church freely recognizes.

Personal freedom is essential for the Christian life. But do not forget, my sons, that I always speak of a responsible freedom. Interpret, then, my words as what they are: A Christian lay outlook of this sort will enable you to flee from all intolerance, from all fanaticism. To put it positively way, it will help you live in peace with all your fellow citizens, and to promote understanding and harmony in the various spheres of social life.

This doctrine of civic freedom, of understanding, of living in harmony with other people, forms a very important part of the message spread by Opus Dei. Must I affirm once again that the men and women who want to serve Jesus Christ in the Work of God, are simply citizens the same as everyone else, who strive to live their Christian vocation to its ultimate consequences with a deep sense of responsibility? Nothing distinguishes my children from their fellow citizens.

On the other hand, apart from the faith they share, they have nothing in common with the members of religious congregations.

I love the religious, and I venerate and admire their apostolates, their cloister, their separation from the world, their contemptus mundi, which are other signs of holiness in the Church.

But the Lord has not given me a religious vocation, and for me to desire it would not be in order. No authority on earth can force me to be a religious, just as no authority can make me marry. I am a secular priest: Their arms are always wide open, in the form of a cross, to make room in their hearts for all souls; and like myself they live in the hustle and bustle of the workaday world which they love.

And finally, a great multitude made up of men and women of different nations, and tongues, and races, who earn their living with their work. Most of them are married, many others single; they share with their fellow citizens in the important task of making temporal society more human and more just. And they work as I have said, shoulder to shoulder with their fellow men, experiencing with them successes and failures in the noble struggle of daily endeavour, as they strive to fulfil their duties and to exercise their social and civic rights.

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And all this with naturalness, like any other conscientious Christian, without considering themselves special. Blended into the mass of their companions, they try at the same time to detect the flashes of divine splendour which shine through the commonest everyday realities. Similarly the activities which are promoted by Opus Dei as an association have these eminently secular characteristics: They are the fruit of human, cultural and social initiatives of ordinary citizens who try to make them reflect the light of the Gospel and to bring them the warmth of Christ's love.

But what need have I to speak at length on this topic, when your very presence here is more eloquent than a long address? You, Friends of the University of Navarre, are part of a body of people who know it is committed to the progress of the broader society to which it belongs.