Home and away casey tamara meet

home and away casey tamara meet

Casey feels betrayed that Brax has left town, while Ricky realises it's time to ask Tamara to talk to Casey. Tamara and Kyle try to navigate their. Tamara tells Casey her problems, revealing that she'd run away from home with her abusive boyfriend and when her brother had come get her. Tamara stumbled across Casey Braxton after his half-brother Kyle had left him chained town but Casey brought Tamara back when she admitted she couldn't go home. She initially kept the kiss from Casey but after Brax had overheard her.

He convinced her to go and rebuild bridges with her parents instead but she returned soon after, saying they still hated her and also that Nelson was looking for her. She was frustrated when Brax and Casey tried to take charge of the situation and Sasha continued to encourage her to leave town. April saw them together and told Casey to be straight with Sasha. Tamara got a text from Nelson, which she initially hid from Casey until after he came back from a period of detention.

home and away casey tamara meet

Kyle warned them that Nelson was in town looking for her but they rejected his help. Nelson turned up at the house and nearly forced Tamara to go away with him, with Casey failing to stop her, until Kyle arrived and knocked him out.

home and away casey tamara meet

She thanked Sasha, who had tipped Kyle off to the fact Nelson was on his way to the house, before she and Casey told each other they loved each other. Instead, Kyle offered her his room while he took the couch.

She tried to visit Casey in prison but he turned her away. Then Casey was stabbed by prison bully Courtney Freeman while trying to protect Jamie Sharpe and Tamara spent the night by his hospital bed. She went back to Casey to find he had already agreed to the deal. When it looked like he would have to go back to prison anyway, she joined Brax in encouraging him to go on the run but he refused and Zac got the release papers at the last minute.

With Casey studying, Tamara decided to go back to school, even though it meant sharing classes with students two years younger than her. She went back and shocked Sasha by not being interested in her campaign to change the uniform. She started to warm towards Kyle when he offered to tutor her and did a good job running the restaurant, and decided not to testify against him over the kidnapping. Brax helped her and Casey move into the annexe at the Braxton house but then she realised Kyle was attracted to her.

After arguing with Casey and finding Kyle sleeping at the restaurant, she spent the night on the beach. She and Casey made up the next morning when Kyle told him Tamara had done nothing wrong. When she learned that Mullens had raped Rosie and charged Sasha with assault, Kyle had to stop her confronting him in public, then privately threatened him into dropping the charges and moving away.

Tamara was initially annoyed but realised he was just trying to help. She shared a pizza with him but was shocked when he kissed her, running out. She initially kept the kiss from Casey but after Brax had overheard her arguing with Kyle and she had spoken to April, she told him but asked him not to do anything. When Casey took Kyle off into the bush without telling anyone, she worried about them both and Brax had to talk her out of leaving town.

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When they turned up safe and well, she told Kyle to stay away from her. She was more understanding after April pointed out Casey was just trying to help others but was concerned about him not having enough time to do assignments. She filled Heath and Bianca in on what happened between Kyle and Mullens, before joining Sasha and Rosie at the self-defence classes that Zac was putting on.

She saw Kyle putting money in the till and he told her Brax had money troubles and he was helping her out.

home and away casey tamara meet

She wanted to tell Brax but Ricky talked her out of it. Casey was then arrested for armed robbery after money and a gun were planted in their flat. She again suspected Kyle and was convinced to keep quiet by Ricky, while Casey refused to see her. She was angry to learn that Kyle and Ricky had been tricked into setting Casey up and punched Kyle. April and Dexter found her in tears about being unable to see Casey and Dexter convinced Casey to let her see him before he was transferred.

However, as Tamara was on her way to the police station, she was knocked unconscious and kidnapped by two men. Tamara and Ricky tried to convince Adam that Brax had believed he was already dead, rather than leaving him to die as Adam thought, but Adam refused to listen and took them to a warehouse. The prolonged captivity and lack of water left Tamara in a bad way, both physically and mentally, and Ricky tried to convince Adam to release her.

Soon after, Brax and Kyle found her dumped unconscious in the road. Despite being wanted by the police, Kyle insisted on visiting her to reassure her and fill in some of the blanks of the last few months. When Casey came home after being released from jail, she failed to recognise him and felt uncomfortable around him, refusing to share the flat with him even in separate beds and prompting him to move out.

He decided to move back in with his family while she stayed at the house. After Casey had turned up drunk and she found herself in the crossfire between him and Kyle, she decided to leave town but Kyle went running after her and kissed her. They slept together, establishing themselves as a couple. They initially tried to keep it secret from Casey but Kyle ended up having to tell him. Casey went to Tamara in a frantic mood, begging her to remember her true feelings, but only succeeded in scaring her.

Kyle admitted the truth about their first meeting and Tamara gave Casey one day to remind her of her old feelings.

His tour of romantic moments and playing her an old phone message she had left him failed to jog any memories and she told Kyle she wanted to be with him. Tamara spent time with them and they managed to rebuild their relationship, before they asked her to move back home with them. With Kyle leaving the choice to her, she decided to go with them but after Kyle told her he loved her she changed her mind at the last minute and decided to stay with him.

While chatting with Ricky, she had a flashback of Ricky and Adam arguing at the warehouse and told April that she was scared of losing Kyle if her memory came back. They worried about Casey finding out about her memory recovery if she had to mention it in court but, in her testimony, she stated that she now remembered Ricky helping her and, as she was talking, had a brief flash of being with Casey.

She began attending school again and asked Sally to help tutor her. When she saw Casey collapsed on the beach, in a similar state to when she first saw him, her memories began flooding back and Leah found her collapsed at home, overwhelmed. She admitted to Bianca that she loved both Casey and Kyle, and admitted to Kyle that she now remembered Casey. But Kyle's behaviour around her makes Tamara think "gosh, does he have feelings for me".

Paterniti added that Kyle believes Tamara loves him too, which leaves her feeling "stunned". But the truth is revealed during a Braxton family event. Cheryl Braxton Suzi Dougherty notices and deliver the revelation, causing a drunken fight. The actors particularly enjoyed filming the violent stunts. Subsequently, Tamara and Casey's relationship becomes unstable - she explained that Tamara and Casey "have a rule to remain open and honest with each other and she hasn't been".

But Tamara wanted to avoid anymore conflict, and after the fight she feels justified. But she finds herself on the receiving in a "very one-sided" kiss from Kyle. Paterniti opined that it is the point in the storyline that gives Tamara "a real shock".

She fears it could destroy her relationship. Brax becomes aware of the kiss and becomes "incredibly annoyed" with them. The actress added that "it's the worst thing that could have happened and it brings back all of the tension between the Braxton's again. She also feels betrayed by Ricky because the Braxton's welcomed her into their lives. Tamara decides to tell the police the truth. She loves Casey and she wants to get him out of jail.

But Adam decides to remove Tamara and organises her abduction.

It would be different if I felt I hadn't done much. But, Tamara went through a lot! We never had to repeat storylines. But she felt it was too long to commit to. Unbeknownst to Kyle, Tamara ignites the spare petrol container Kyle kept in his truck and tosses it at him causing an explosion allowing all 3 to escape. Weeks later, she turns up in Summer Bay for Casey's court case and gives evidence.

Tamara decides to stay in the Bay and she tells Casey that she cannot go home because she feels responsible for her brother's death. Casey gets her a job at Angelo's and Tamara later kisses him on the beach. Casey's girlfriend Sasha Bezmel becomes jealous and Casey tells them both that he just wants to be friends.

Tamara gets a delivery job at Angelo's and she confronts Casey, telling him that she wants a relationship with him.

home and away casey tamara meet

Casey tells Tamara that she should go home and talk to her parents about her brother's death. Tamara returns and breaks down, telling Casey that things with her parents did not go well.

The pair decide to begin a relationship. But Nelson arrives in Summer Bay and attempts to force Tamara into returning home with him. Kyle attacks Nelson and they hand him into the police station. Tamara is spared charges for covering up the circumstances of her brother's death. She constantly worries as Casey has to spend his weekends in prison.

Tamara begins to be hostile with Kyle despite his help. But she begins to change her opinion of him unaware that he is attracted to her. Kyle tells Tamara how he feels and she rejects him. Casey finds out the truth and Tamara is upset when Casey does not trust her. Kyle tries to kiss Tamara and she threatens to leave Summer Bay to defuse the tension.

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She soon becomes annoyed when Casey spends all of his time working at the gym. She convinces Casey to stand up for himself and has an argument with his boss Indi Walker Samara Weaving. Tamara and Ricky are kidnapped by Adam and fail to escape. Tamara refuses food and soon becomes weak so Adam lets her go. She is admitted to hospital and she is diagnosed with amnesia. Tamara cannot remember who Casey is and becomes dependent on Kyle. Casey is upset that she cannot remember him and agrees to give her space.

home and away casey tamara meet

However, Tamara develops feelings for Kyle and the two later start dating. After Casey suffered from alcohol poisoning, Tamara gets her memory flashbacks about the desert.