Hairspray link and tracy meet peter

hairspray link and tracy meet peter

The production stars Tony Maudsley as Edna Turnblad, Freya Sutton as Tracy Turnblad, Claire Sweeney as Velma Von Tussle, Peter Duncan. Relive all the musical numbers in NBC's 'Hairspray Live! Remember the days of Peter Pan Live and Sound of Music Live, when it really felt Garrett Clayton, whose Link held a pose while Tracy sang about love at first collision. Seaweed took Tracy to meet his little sister Little Inez, played by Shahidi. Meet the talented Link to Detroit in NBC's 'Hairspray Live! John Waters, the musical "Hairspray" is about a plus-size girl, Tracy Turnblad, Garrett Clayton ( right) as Peter Pan in a Crestwood Theatre high school production.

A reprise of the song was added to the film, which is sung by Edna and Velma. After auditioning over eleven hundred candidates, [30] Nikki Blonsky a high school student from Great Neck, New York was chosen for the lead role of Tracy.


She had no previous professional experience in acting or in singing. Blonsky had auditioned for the role because it became her dream to play the role of Tracy after seeing the musical on Broadway.

Relative unknowns Elijah Kelley and Taylor Parks were chosen through similar audition contests to portray siblings Seaweed and Little Inez Stubbs, respectively. John Travolta was finally cast as Edna, with Christopher Walken ultimately assuming the role of Wilbur.

Hairspray script

Jerry Stillerwho played Wilbur Turnblad in the original filmappears as plus-sized women's clothes retailer Mr. Pinky in this version. Some of the signs for the s-era stores remain up along the street. Toronto's Lord Lansdowne Public School was used for all of the high school exteriors and some of the interiors, while the old Queen Victoria School in Hamilton was also used for interiors.

Scenes at Queen Victoria were shot from November 22 to December 2, and the school was scheduled to be demolished after film production was completed. Several scenes involving Tracy, such as her ride atop the garbage truck during the "Good Morning Baltimore" number and her new hairstyle during "Welcome to the '60s", are directly inspired by the Barbra Streisand musical film version of Funny Girl. This is homage to The Sound of Music, where Maria uses old curtains to make play clothes for the von Trapp children.

hairspray link and tracy meet peter

The film is one of the top picks on Metacriticwith an average of Without somebody like Nikki Blonsky at the heart of the movie, it might fall flat, but everybody works at her level of happiness Shenoi also said that the film was everything he wanted Grease to be. John Travolta as Edna Turnblad," saying "How you feel about Hairspray will depend entirely on your reaction to this performance But do we really need to be entertained reasonably?

hairspray link and tracy meet peter

Waters' original was a crazy sprawl that made perfect sense; this Hairspray toils needlessly to make sense of that craziness, and something gets lost in the translation.

Much of this criticism surrounded Travolta's portrayal of Edna Turnblad, a role played in the original film by celebrated drag performer Divineand in the stage adaptation by Harvey Fierstein.

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