Gohan and goten meet bardock dbz

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gohan and goten meet bardock dbz

Gohan spotted Goten and ran over, dropping to his knees and pulling Goku heard his youngest choke with relief and he smiled. . Bardock held his head and looked down at Goten. "Grandpa, Uncle Raditz, meet my dad!. They wanted to meet there grandparenst so bad that they wished them Now what will happen-featuring a drunk Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta. Have you ever seen the 24th ep. of DBZ? You know, 'Vegeta.. Saiyan style'? Well, Vegeta explains to Goku about the artificial moon blast in.

One guard turned back to him and gave him a toothy grin. He reminded Trunks of an alligator. He pulled on his restraints and grimaced, as they pulled taught.

The guards all laughed and turned away from him again. Part of him felt like Vegeta deserved everything he was going to get, but the rest of him told him no. He sighed and shook his head and reached out to feel for Vegeta's Ki again. But instead he caught the Ki of something else.

Something strong and something familiar. And there was more than one of them. Trunks' head snapped up and he grinned from ear to ear. A giant flag for the group of familiar Ki's to follow. The collar sparked and hissed in protest and burned at the skin of his neck. But his Ki was hotter. He kept raising it as high as he could, a blue aura bursting up around him, rattling the chain and blowing his hair about.

The collar was sending pain through every pore of his body, and he could hardly stand it. Still he could feel the Ki's growing stronger. They were coming his way. He smiled and finally let his Ki drop. He let his head hang, breathing heavily. Still, if they could find him easier now, it had all been worth it.

Raditz stood next to him, with his arms folded and he looked him up and down. The resemblance was uncanny, and there could be absolutely no denying this boy was his son. The man rubbed the back of his head, and tilted it a bit. That's what Vegeta called me. It's nice to meet you! I never thought I'd meet my Saiyan family.

We were all really worried about him. You're my brother, huh? I don't remember that. I felt Vegeta's Ki earlier, is he here too?


Trunks got caught by that Freezer guy! He was still rather shocked by all this. His long lost son had appeared out of nowhere, and pounded the Ginyu force to a pulp like it was nothing. It's a technique I picked up.

gohan and goten meet bardock dbz

It's call instantaneous movement. I just have to find someone's Ki and I can move to where they are. I found Goten's Ki and moved here quick as I could. He took care of Gohan for me when I died.

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The light on the other two's scouter lit up and they looked over as well. Goten turned around, gripping his fists tightly. Dad, we have to go help him! We can get to know each other once we've saved him. And that prince guy. Whoo, what a surprise! Come on, pops and my big brother! It was surprising to Goten just how empty the base was.

Well, not really empty, there were a few guards straggling around the hall ways, but they rather quickly proved to be no match for the team of Saiyans plus Piccolo moving steadily down the hall. Most of the Ki was concentrated in the center of the building, and Goten could feel Trunks a few stories below him.

He looked down at his feet and turned to his family, and pointed down. We should do this as stealthily as possible. We'll go infiltrate that room of people, and take down some of its defenses. Meet us there, okay? It didn't take a genius to figure out Bardock didn't like it, but his grandfather nodded anyways.

Try not to cause a scene. We'll do this strategically. The place was like a maze, and he frowned, closing his eyes and concentrating on his best friend's Ki. You're not gonna give me a hug?

Bardock glanced at Goku, who nodded, and he sighed, picking Goten up.

gohan and goten meet bardock dbz

Goten grinned victoriously, wrapping his arms around Bardock's head. Bardock pried his grandson off of his head and sat the rambunctious Halfling down on the ground. Piccolo motioned for Gohan, and the Halfling nodded to Bardock before walking off.

Bardock grabbed it and shook it firmly, his grip tight enough to cause the Earthling to wince slightly. Once his hand was free, Yamcha turned around and cradled his hand. Krillin laughed slightly as he made the same offer as Yamcha. Tien did so as well, as soon as Krillin had gotten his handshake. Bardock smirked, looking back at him. If not for that scar, I think I might mistake you two," Tien responded.

They let go of each other's hands and nodded to one another respectively. Chiaotzu floated up to Bardock, nodded in a greeting, then flew off alongside Tien. We should have dinner tonight! You should ask Bulma if we could have it there. As long as dad doesn't care," Goku said, glancing at Bardock, who smirked and closed his eyes. Then I'll ask Bulma. He treats her as an equal, has genuine fun with her, and puts his life on the line for her during GT.

gohan and goten meet bardock dbz

Pan is the one person Goku consistently shows a delicate amount of care for. It makes sense if you think about it. The interesting thing is, this is actually a retcon. When the time came for a volume release of those chapters, Toriyama ended up rewriting them so that Gohan was now four. Given the dark subject matter he ended up dealing with during the saga, Toriyama likely felt it more appropriate to age Gohan up a year.

Who we know as Teen Gohan, the Gohan featured during the Cell Games, is actually 9 years old, and not 11 like the dub claims he is.

If you ignore age completely, then the labels do make some sense. Boo arc Gohan does look like an adult and Cell Games Gohan very much resembles a teenager.

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It should be noted that fans have always commented on how poor of a father was long before DBZA, but cases in favor of Goku have become harder to find.

Goku raises Gohan for four years, he dies for one year, he protects Gohan during the Saiyan fight and on Namek, he disappears for almost two years, he trains Gohan for three years, trains him in the RoSaT for one year, and then dies for seven years.

Originally, the prevailing theory was simply that, because Goku could already turn Super Saiyan when Goten was conceived, Goten inherited Super Saiyan from birth. Later, Toriyama added new information and confirmed that Goten was born without a tail and that tailless hybrids can turn Super Saiyan easily.

gohan and goten meet bardock dbz

With the very recent addition of S-Cells, though, it seems like the original fan theory has actually ended up being canon. Goten inherited Super Saiyan from birth. S-Cells are cells found in Saiyans that allow them to turn Super Saiyan. The more S-Cells you have, the easier you can trigger Super Saiyan.

gohan and goten meet bardock dbz

Then again, Goku does hunt so maybe he was just out looking for dinner when Chi-Chi gave birth. At this point in the story, Goku is dead. Goten was born and it was like Goku never left.