Girls adam and hannah meet

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girls adam and hannah meet

“Adam and Hannah have always had a complicated relationship,” of pot-meets -kettle, Marnie stops by to give Hannah a reality check, tell her. In any case, while you've probably heard of the Girls girls—Hannah, . How We Meet Him: Adam's costar in Major Barbara and a musician to. Now, at the very start of the second season, Hannah's new lover (played by whom she's maybe about to ditch her first-season boyfriend, Adam, is a young black man. In their first scene together, they reminisce about how they met—he was a.

It's the first time we learn about Adam's family and, judging by Hannah's reaction when Adam tells her Caroline is coming over, there's a very good chance Hannah is only learning of -- let alone meeting -- her now. We don't learn much about Caroline throughout the episode, other than oblique references to an abusive boyfriend and some pretty nasty thigh bruises and getting fired from her teaching job but it's interesting to watch the Yin-Yang-ness of the Sackler siblings.

While Adam can be emotionally vacant and uncommunicative, Caroline is all sturm und drang. We don't yet know which one is the older sibling but if we had to guess, Caroline is the older sister whose emotional issues and neediness has caused Adam to develop into the opposite personality -- withholding and aloof. Let's hope we see more of Caroline throughout the season and get to meet other members of the Sackler clan.

Marnie doesn't know what she wants -- or who she is -- and, in a way, this music video perfectly captures that.

The ballad of Hannah and Adam

Alternating shots of Marnie wearing heavy eyeliner and over-emoting with coy close-ups, Marnie is caught between wanting to be assertive and confident and delicate and demure. Or maybe we're reading into it too much and it's just your typical pop music rip-off as seen through the eyes of an early twentysomething Oberlin grad.

Regardless, it's good to see Marnie's getting out of her funk and actually taking action -- even if that "action" is talking to a customer service operator at YouTube about removing the video while wearing zit cream. For once, Hannah's relationships seem pretty healthy, stable, and -- dare we go there -- mature Hannah's parents have trucked it all the way from Michigan to attend Hannah's 25th birthday party at Bar Matchless but not the Bar Matchless we're used to -- what is this 'fancy' impostor?!

Tad Horvath's wearing a fedora, both parents are yukking it up with Adam and no one has a fight about money.

The ballad of Hannah and Adam

And they're not the only ones who seem to be on good terms with Hannah Sure, Shosh has always been a little nutty and immature but, as we mentioned in last week's recap, her lack of awareness and Emotional Intelligence of a pre-teen has been pretty unbearable to watch.

This week we didn't get to see a ton of Shosh other than shots of her wearing a hairstyle that reminds us of a '50s housewife in hot rollers and talking or not talking to Ray while attempting to smoke a cigarette.

girls adam and hannah meet

We're really rooting for her to have more depth this season but, unfortunately, this episode didn't give her much of a chance. Ray is not over Shosh and it's pretty cute There was always something oddly sweet about the fact that cynical, sarcastic Ray would fall for a naif like Shosh and the fact that he's still not over her made us like his character even more.

Jessa's trying to stay on the wagon Like Shosh, we hardly get any time with Jessa this episode but she seems to be doing well -- or at least well enough that she's behaving herself at Hannah's birthday and sipping water. He then encourages Hannah's self-delusion by inexplicably telling her that she's "a helper. In reality, Hannah liked getting in because she got the attention and praise she so often craves.

Her friends know this, and call Hannah out at brunch when she announces her plans to get a job that "helps people.

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I mean, you won't even share a Kit Kat," Elijah says, before listing off several amusing jobs that Hannah could do instead, including Mayim Bialik's stunt double. Hannah then has a revelation that she should become a teacher, and in the episode's final scene, she prepares to submit her resume at a local school.

'Girls' found a surprisingly perfect way to force Hannah to grow up

I really hope this isn't the path that Hannah takes, though, as she's hardly fit to teach others in her currently aimless, fragile state. Overall, "Close-Up" doesn't live up to the promise that last week's season-best episode foreshadowed.

Instead, this week's episode dedicated a large chunk of time to the boys, namely Adam's new relationship which granted, is an interesting development and Ray's attendance at a town hall meeting less interesting. Girls missed an opportunity to show Jessa and Hannah working things out, following their major fight in episode 5; instead, Jessa just appears at brunch, her typical surly self, with no explanation provided.

girls adam and hannah meet

However, Marnie partially redeems herself with this great quote: