Gajeel and levy first meet

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gajeel and levy first meet

At first he hadn't been too worried about the disappearance of his father, . It wasn't as if Levy never wanted Gajeel to meet her family, she just. Snap that's gotta be awkward first time they met Gajeel tried to kill Levy. In the second part of the trial, Levy and Gajeel start a search for the First Guild .. Later, Levy meets the members of Team Natsu, as well as Wendy and Carla.

Levy had never done anything like this before. She was a good girl. She gulped down some air around the knot in her throat. She was going to take this risk, she had to. She was going to go through with it. If nothing else, it would be worth it just to see the look on his face when she showed up at his door. He had told her to be there after lunch, she hoped he hadn't forgot. Oh Mavis, what if he had? The thought of knocking on his door and him questioning her presence mortified her.

She felt sure she'd die of embarrassment right then and there. Come one, girl get it together! She took two steps before another thought occurred to her, what if there's blood? Surely he wouldn't care, he's a warrior after all, a little blood wouldn't bother him. She pushed on toward his house, her heart pounding and her feet dragging.

She did want this, right? Finally she arrived at his front door. Maybe it wasn't loud enough.

gajeel and levy first meet

He's not even here! All here nerves were gone, replaced by anger. Any passerby would probably see steam coming out of her ears.

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She turned straight into the hard chest of the very person she was now cursing. He held it open, "Ain't got all day Shrimp. She sat her purse down on the small table by the door and surveyed the room. It was sparse, but clean.

gajeel and levy first meet

It was a small one room home, with a kitchenette in the corner nearest the door; there was a large arm chair in the next corner with a small end table next to it; the next corner had a door she assumed led to a the bathroom and finally there was a bed; it was huge. The bed must have taken up half the limited floor area.

She studied him for a moment, eyes wandering over his many metal studs. She had been fascinated by those studs since he had joined the guild. They lent him an intimidating air of danger and aloofness. She had seen the gentleness behind those studs though. She knew he was capable of fierce loyalty and even compassion.

She gave him a curt nod. Gajeel's bed was softer than she had expected, she practically sank into it's depths surrounded by his warm scent. Levy does seem to like him a lot though. I know," Caroline sighed, "it's just…well…David was so perfect for her and he made her so happy-" "And he also turned out to be cheating scum," Rianne scowled harshly.

Caroline waved an airy hand, "yes I know, but you know what I mean. It's not like Levy to move this fast with men, she didn't introduce us to David for months! I just don't want her to get hurt so soon. We just have to trust she's making the right decision.

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Levy was seriously considering whether she was making the right decision. The choice to invite Gajeel to meet her family had come as a surprise even to her. They had been sitting by the bar alone one night, discussing her mothers restaurant and she had for some reason blurted out the invitation. At that moment, Kinana had passed by a heard and in seconds was cat calling over to Lucy to tell her the good news. Before Levy even had the chance to recompose herself, half the bar were coming over to them to find out the newest gossip.

In a way, Levy kind of wondered if Gajeel felt pressured to agreeing to meet them. It wasn't as if Levy never wanted Gajeel to meet her family, she just had never imagined it would happen so soon into their little relationship. She froze as the word relationship, jumped into her mind. In the few weeks since their impromptu kiss at her school the fact that they were now officially dating was a fairly common one in the bar.

Every day she had either Lucy or Mira or Cana or sometimes even Erza bounding up to her asking how things were going with Gajeel.

And she really didn't mind answering their questions. Gajeel made her extremely happy. But there was something she was distinctly aware of that the others had yet to pick up on yet. Neither herself, nor Gajeel had yet to say the words boyfriend, girlfriend or dating to each other yet.

And the thought made her feel a bit uneasy. She knew Gajeel wasn't the best at relationships, but she couldn't help but wonder that his reluctance to give them an official label meant he wasn't serious about the whole thing.

And she knew she wouldn't be able to cope with another David-esque like situation so soon after the first. She didn't need an declaration of love, or anything like that, she just wanted some sort of confirmation she wasn't looking into this much more deeper than he.

She knew Gajeel liked her and enjoyed spending time with her, but the little monster of doubt wouldn't stop gnawing away in the recesses of her mind. Also, if the meeting with Jet and Droy was anything to go by, she was extremely worried of how her family would take to Gajeel. Though both men had left her dozens of grovelling answer phone messages apologising for their childish behaviour, she had forgiven them both - of courseshe knew they still weren't as fond of Gajeel as she would have liked them to be.

She didn't need them to become his best friend over night, but she would have felt a lot more reassured about Gajeel meeting her family if her two closest friends liked him first. A barrage of knocks on her door made her jump slightly and lose her train of thought. She glanced at the clock as she went, surprised too see that Gajeel was actually on time to meet her. She had assumed he would rock up whenever he felt. I was expecting Gajeel. Juvia hummed in agreement, causing Levy to blush.

For the occasion she had donned a pair of shiny black leggings and a light purple strapless vest that clung to her petite figure rather nicely. On her feet she wore ankle high black boots and had opted on wearing her hair down for the occasion. It had grown out quite a bit and she found she liked it. Lord knows how she copes running a restaurant. Levy groaned as she entered the bar and saw Gajeel had Natsu in a headlock and the aforementioned pink haired man was doing his best to reach for a pitcher of alcohol to douse Gajeel in.

Gajeel barely had time to spit out a well chosen curse word at Natsu before Levy was standing in front of him, a semi amused look on her face. Stupid jerk commented on my suit. He had done his hair in the style that made her feel funny in her stomach.

Gone were the messy knots it usually sat in, and it had been combed out and wet so it glistened ever so slightly as if fanned down his back. Gajeel smirked, baring his unusually sharp canines, "glad to know my efforts haven't gone unappreciated. That smirk of his was so damn emotive, she felt she could read his mind with one quirk of his lips. You look pretty damn good too, Shrimp. She coughed, "w-well, let's get going then, my parents will be expecting us soon.

With his many piercings, bulging muscles, long unruly hair, and cocky smirk, he just screamed trouble. Despite the fact he had obviously gone through a lot of effort to look smart and sophisticated, she could tell he just wasn't used to wearing suits or smart clothing at all for that matter.

She could picture him in a pair of worn tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt, the smart crisp white shirt and black blazer seemed incredibly out of place on him. He was nothing like the polite, quaint and handsome David. That wasn't to say Gajeel wasn't handsome, no, Caroline could admit the burly man had some sort of appeal to him.

But she had never imagined he had the sort of appeal that would appeal to her daughter. She watched in awed silence as Levy introduced Gajeel to her husband and Rianne. Greg gaped unabashedly as he shook the large man's hand and barely managed to mutter out a shocked, "H-how do you do? His voice was very deep, Caroline thought, as she absentmindedly listened to him greet her family. Too deep, she felt she could almost feel the vibrations it caused strumming through her body and replacing her heart beat.

She felt rather like a tiny gazelle being cornered by a ravenous lion and it took every amount of self control she possessed not to recoil backwards. Caroline inhaled deeply and stretched out her hand to meet Gajeel's, "it's a pleasure to meet you too Gajeel," his fingers squeezed down gently over her own and she found herself shocked at how gentle his handshake was.

She had expected to have her arm nearly torn off if the size of his muscles were anything to go by. Without waiting on their answer, she swivelled around on her heels and vanished into the kitchen. As she disappeared, one thing was on her mind; Levy had clearly gone insane. Greg quickly followed his wife, leaving Rianne, Levy and Gajeel standing awkwardly in the hallway. Once her parents were out of earshot, Rianne exhaled deeply, "well that went well!

Despite what most people believed, he was actually fairly perceptive, he just didn't like voicing his opinions most of the time. He shrugged and draped a casual arm over Levy's shoulder, "I told ya I like a challenge didn't I? Rianne followed them with a small smile on her face. She liked to imagine she was fairly good judge of character and she already found herself liking Gajeel a lot.

He was a stark contrast to David and now, as she looked back on their meeting, she realised that David had been putting on a "perfect man" act when he was introduced to her family. Gajeel on the other hand was incredibly open. What you saw was clearly what you got with him. In her mind, she gave him a point. Caroline shot her a quizzical look, "why does everyone keep saying that?

If she was honest with herself, she imagined Gajeel was the type of man who lived off take-away meals, much like her daughters. Gajeel on the other hand was eagerly staring at the food before him. Sweet, savoury smells were assaulting his nose and he found his fingers tapping impatiently on the table before him, itching to reach out and grab a piece of the succulent looking chicken that was placed near him.

She nodded, her lips twitching up in pride a little. It was bad enough her mother going on about her lack of cooking skills, she didn't need it from Gajeel, "I can cook! Gajeel shook his head in disbelief, and made a mental note to somehow teach his Shrimp the basics in the kitchen. As they laughed at Levy's expense, they began spooning the food onto their plates and soon fell into a comfortable silence as they ate the first few mouthfuls of the food Caroline had prepared for them.

Gajeel had picked quite a big plate of food and eagerly stuffed some of the perfectly cooked honey glazed roast chicken, some plain white rice, a few dumplings, a spoonful or two of macaroni and some salad on his plate.

Gajeel shot her a grin, "very slow. Almost immediately, Levy's eyes lit up, "he is amazing, Daddy! Gajeel scratched the back of his head nervously as three pairs of eyes suddenly zoomed in on him, "uh…yeah. I dabble in the kitchen. He's really very good. I was telling him just last week you and him should swap recipes sometime!

Levy scowled good naturedly at her father who in return winked back at her. I wouldn't ever guess you'd enjoy cooking. I only really order out if I'm drained. Gajeel turned to frown at Levy who for some reason was beaming up at him, "you didn't tell them?

It took a lot of effort and self control for him to force his gaze away from her megawatt smile, but he somehow managed it and turned back to face her family once again. Awesome," Rianne said loudly, looking at Gajeel with newfound appreciation. Levy noted, with pride, that her mother and father were also staring at Gajeel with small smiles on their faces and she knew he had won them over. She couldn't help the smile from spreading even further across her face as the realisation that her parents liked Gajeel set in.