Fast and furious dom letty meet

fast and furious dom letty meet

Mia was Dominic's sister and Letty was, well, Letty. No one really knew "Letty, meet Juan he's one of my new boys we're testing him tonight. MoviesFast and the Furious The story of how Letty met Dom. I love Dom and Letty so this is how i think their relationship should have. Over the years, the Fast & Furious franchise has introduced many great female characters. But, let's be honest, beyond Letty and Mia, hardly.

Hector and his boys came to the garage earlier to make sure that Dom and his team would be there. Was there any doubt? Dom and Vince were out back chatting to them for a while. Leon was installing a new sub into his car. Jesse was asleep and Letty was washing her car. In their own ways, they were all preparing for race night. Each had their own ritual that they needed to follow.

Letty was oblivious to the looks that one of Hectors boys were giving her as she washed her car, but Dom wasn't.

fast and furious dom letty meet

She was dressed in clothes no different than usual. At least that's what she thought. She wore a pair of short denim shorts. A tight tank covered up her top half but as she was washing her car the top was made see through and you could see her black string bikini underneath. She turned to Dominic and gave him a look which said are you kidding me. Dominic's eyes were on Letty's, he read her in a second. Don't worry Juan, Letty is a big girl, she can do it all herself" Hector cut in.

No way, let big Juan help you baby," Juan moved towards Letty. This boy don't quit Letty thought. By now he could reach out and touch her if he wished.

You looked more like a racer chaser to me. Just in for another type of ride you know.

He's treading on dangerous territory that not many people dare to cross. But I have an idea, you racing him tonite, brother".

fast and furious dom letty meet

Dominic was only talking to Hector but he had everyone's attention. Everything was sweet if you were on Toretto's side. If you weren't though, that was another thing altogether. He looked at Juan with steely eyes. Not many people could have conversations with their eyes but Dom and Letty were experts, probably because they have known each other so long and the fact that their friendship so deep. Why the fu" everybody who was standing close enough heard the crunch of Juan's nose as Vince's fist connected with it.

Vince had appeared out of nowhere. Letty once again looked amused. Hector ordered his boys to get Juan up and take him out to the line up of Civics that were out the front.

Dominic was still watching Juan. Hector said bye to Dominic and left the garage cursing his new, but soon to be fired boy. It all went deathly quiet. Letty looked at Vince who looked like he was caught in headlights, she looked at Dominic who looked like he was going to crack up. She looked up at the house and saw Jesse and Leon watching her.

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She turned back to Vince and pulled the hose that was still in her hand from washing her car. Vince was too slow; he didn't see the hose which was wrapped around his leg. He didn't move quick enough to escape. Letty pulled the hose which such force that Vince fell to the wet ground which a thump. Delightfully for Letty his head landed in the muddy area where the water from washing her car was forming. When the door shut behind her Dominic, Leon and Vince were all nearly crying with laughter.

He walked inside to have a shower. Later that night the team were getting ready for the races. Dominic was having a shower, Vince and Leon were ready to go, watching TV while they waited. Dominic came down the stairs as Letty walked through the door.

fast and furious dom letty meet

She was out the door in a second followed by Mia who ran into the bathroom. Vince let it slide and smiled at Letty. It was their way of letting the other know they were cool.

fast and furious dom letty meet

And when it commanded, they followed. They arrived at their usual spot. Racer Chasers flocked to Dominic. Vince and Leon were eyeing them off and quietly taking bets on which skank would win Dom over, if only for one night.

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Letty walked behind them. She was oblivious to the looks that most of the males were giving her. Wearing a tight black leather skirt and, red bra and a tight netted top with knee high boots, no heel of course, she didn't want to look like some racer chaser skank.

All the males watched her, they watched how she walked and how her eyes scanned all of the cars that were lined up. Jesse followed behind her. He saw everyone looking at her. He knew, just like Vince and Leon that none of them had the balls to talk to her and if they did they made sure it wasn't for long. Dominic was aware of it too. But it never worried him. He knew Letty like he knew the back of his hand. He would always have her back, just like she had his. Dominic and Hector were discussing what had happened that afternoon.

Apparently after Hectors crew had left, Juan was given his marching orders but Hector wanted Dominic to know that he was here tonight. They saw his car and Hector remembered how upset Juan had been so he wanted to make sure everything was alright. Dom laughed; he didn't think that Juan was a threat to him or his boys.

But he forgot Letty wasn't a boy. Suddenly somebody pushed into to Vince and Leon "Hey watch where you're going punk," Vince started following the guy.

Dominic was surrounded by racer chasers, one in particular was standing in his line of vision. He didn't see Juan. But Juan wasn't walking towards Dom, he was headed straight for Letty.

Obviously she had no clue what to wear. The color went perfect with her skin complexion. I think you should wear it. It's not to much and its not to little.

Two hours later the girls came downstairs ready to go. Mia talked Letty into letting her put some eye shadow on her and traded in her messy bun for a perfectly put together bun. Dom and Vince were already standing outside by their cars when they girls walked out. Both girls rode with Dom to the racers. Letty had never seen anything like this. People were everywhere and tricked out cars were lined up.

As they pulled up Letty noticed everyone crowded around Dom's car. Mia noticed Letty's confusion and immediately began to explain to her how Dom was considered the King of the Streets because he never lost a race. She watched as Dom walked towards two males, hector and Edwin, according to Mia they had become friends through the racing scene. He had one girl on each hip and they were all over him. He got in his car and pulled up into position to race.

Everyone had gathered around as the race began. Letty watched as the girls flocked to Dom the minute he crossed the finish line. She couldn't Believe the way they were throwing themselves at him. It was as if he were some kind of God which was ridiculous.

The girls barely had any clothes on. Most of them were dressed in skirts that showed off the bottom of their bare asses and bras for shirts.

All letty could do was shake her head. I can't compete with that, she thought as she watched a blonde skank with huge boobs rub Dom's chest. Although she would never admit this to Mia she knew that wasn't the only reason girls were throwing themselves at Dom. He was hot and had an amazing personality anything more than that was just a bonus.

After watching a few more races and nearly having a heart attack when Mia jumped on Letty creaming Happy birthday Dom told the girls it was time to leave. Letty couldn't believe it was two a. Everyone jumped out of the cars and headed inside. Nah man you're the only one that's hungry as usual", Dom called.

Mia and letty both laughed as Vince shrugged his shoulders and went into the kitchen. Letty watched as Mia made her way upstairs. A few seconds later Vince returned from the kitchen with a sandwich in hand. Letty was suddenly nervous. She was completely alone with Dominic Toretto. All the cars there were amazing.