Family guy paramedics come on down and meet

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family guy paramedics come on down and meet

Important Note: Do not pothole to other work pages, main pages, and people pages on this particular page, because they will show up on the index. Thank you . Wade Boggs as himself. Lenny Clarke as Fantasy Baseball Coach Carl Reiner · Josh Robert Thompson. Episode chronology. ← Previous "Saturated Fat Guy", Next → "The Peter Principal". Family Guy (season 15) · List of Family Guy episodes While Lois is carried away by the paramedics, Peter is kicked off the team by. In Season 9, Lois takes up boxing, Peter needs a kidney transplant, and the Griffins to point at different people as even more members of the group turn up dead. are forced to attend a step meeting to help kick their drinking problems. after becoming friends with a cool-to-the-max paramedic named Stryker Foxx.

Brian sprayed them with a garden hose. At the end, we see, out on the curb, the robots all about the same size as Stewie on top of Lois and Peter's old mattress. Thou Shalt Not Live, a horror movie where the Pope is a serial killer. After Stewie mentions "people who take dumps in the shower", we cut to Meg in the shower, who denies anything they say about her.

What if the blob? One joke was apparently submitted by a nine-year-old boy. And we'll pass along your gross request to Mila Kunis. After accidentally killing the caretaker of an abandoned insane asylum, Peter says he should get a McFlurry for it. They also bury his car for good measure.

At the end, both his hook hand and a car door pop out of the grave. Peter hearing the plot of this episode as a John Mellencamp song used in a truck commercial on the radio.

Peter playing Pai Gow Peter plays Conway Twitty on the tape to himself in the future. Hey, Chris, let me know when you're done with the computer.

Chris tries to shake his head to get a nosebleed. Peter and Chris high-stepping around wearing giant hats.

family guy paramedics come on down and meet

He's later happy to find Chris with his head in the oven, wearing a Spider-Man outfit. Peter's "Walk Like an Egyptian" phase. We see him doing it as he gets teary-eyed making a funeral speech. The foreign movie Peter watches, Le Rocque Trois. Moses says there's an eleventh commandment: He gets to be first in line at the buffet. The end, where the family talks about what happened while Tom Tucker is delivering a story over it.

Peter's line after seeing the opening: He invites a woman like that, Mrs Vargas, to Thanksgiving dinner. Thats a beautiful pants suit Mrs Vargas! After Karen calls Peter "chin nuts", Quagmire finally notices it. What are you worried about? He gets a Secret Service agent to play along. Fat chicks with dark hair get tattoos of me! In order to train as a wrestler, Cleveland decides to start Peter off on a painkiller addiction using pills from his stepdaughter Roberta's purse.

This ends with the entire gang hooked on painkillers, and Peter saying he would "crime" for more. The Chico's Monkey Farm commercial. Out of nowhere, "Buttscratcher? All the female wrestlers having gross pun names based on feminine bodily functions.

This is one for the history books, if anyone kept track of this nonsense! This gets extra funny if you're a wrestling fan and know that, yes, people do keep track of it. In a lot of detail at that I defy anyone who tells me what's wrong with this. After Peter decides to have a toothpick in his mouth all the time, he decides to go to a fish market counter because it makes him intimidating.

Chris thinks sewer workers are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Meg ruins broccoli for Peter by saying they don't look like trees. Which doggie in the window? Cleveland points out clouds that look like members of Boyz II Men. Stewie's trip to Tampa Bay: He gets called out for wearing sleeves.

Hey city boy, whats with the arm pants?! When Quagmire decides to leave Quahog, Joe asks if he can say now "jiggety".

Now go to bed. Your grandkids are coming tomorrow. Joe telling the gang that an egg dish he said he had was All Just a Dream. Peter tries to lie to Joe by saying that Peter and Quagmire going to a Chef Boyardee look-alike contest and Cleveland is attending a Cream of Wheat contest. The wacky 70s sitcom subplot: Brian acts to be a wife's new dog so he can fool around.

AND he has serious mood swings due to anger over not getting credit for the kill. Later in the episode, Joe Biden shows up to give him proper credit. Yes, you shot the guy we said was Bin Laden.

family guy paramedics come on down and meet

Hartman thinks the Swansons and the gang are here because it's his birthday. After he leaves and goes into the next room, turns out the rest of the hospital staff IS throwing him a surprise party. Hey, don't in that room in the back, it's super sad. Daft Punk getting a Grammy, by mail, for the demo button from a Casio keyboard. Great song, Daft Punk! Peter stuffs the remote control, a can of chili, the can opener, and a magazine in Joe's mouth. Somehow, he manages to tune in to The Price Is Right and turn up the volume.

Cleveland solving a word puzzle and describing a picture of the Wayans her read in Jet to Joe. I'm honestly just glad you have stuff you like. The thesaurusasaurus, a dinosaur who gives synonyms for everything he's doing.

Housing for registered sex offenders. Cleveland saying that the participants of the bull run has the kind of fat white women even he isn't interested in.

It sure is cloudy today. You could also have responded to Jenny who told you her son died. I'm sorry your son died on such a cloudy day.

Lois said Peter once looked like a young Gene Hackman. Peter thinks the now-elderly Henry Winkler aka The Fonz is doing his famous "w-w-w-wrong" line from Happy Dayswhile he's actually having a stroke. The cutaway of a customer at an office supply store hitting the "easy" button, causing the clerk to wet, or possibly orgasm, himself. W-what did I just do? Don't worry about it.

On neighborhood watch, the gang beats up Cyrano de Bergeracwhile Romeo repeats everything he says while he is being beaten. Oh my god, four men are beating me! I think it is broken! Who are you guys? I'll give you anything if you stop beating me. Stop pulling at my nose, it is not fake. I think I am dying. Please take me to the hospital. Hartman wrote down the name "brown family" to remember what the Brown family looks like. Peter drives his car off a cliff when the speed sign says his speed is "FAT".

It's just a big picture? Lois calling out Peter for his endless parade of stupid ideas that he insists on telling her about, and beating him up with a newspaper. Meanwhile, Meg and Chris are watching from the stairs, and start tearing their hair out as a means of asserting some kind of control over their home life. I'm in charge of my hair, this much I know! Chris tells Peter he's going to send him a cake with a file in it while Peter is in jail.

Cut to Peter discovering that the "file" Chris sent was the manuals for their kitchen appliances.

family guy paramedics come on down and meet

Peter decides to use his time in jail to learn how to reset the clock on the coffee maker, only for a cutaway to show that he never did. The poster for the Entourage movie is submitted as evidence at Peter's trial.

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Two of Joe's co-workers wonder if he knows their names, since he just refers to them as "other cops". Just mention black-on-black crime. I'll be on the toilet wearing a t-shirt so long you have to hold it under your chin to wipe. After Quagmire admits he was in a Korean soap opera, he also tells Cleveland he's a rock polisher, holding up a tiger eye rock.

Peter asks Tim Robbins how he managed to put back the Raquel Welch poster in The Shawshank Redemption because he liked the movie up to that point.

Now that WW2 is over, we can get back to making comedies again! Hans, get me these comedy writers! Uh, yeah, about that, I don't think any of these guys are availible.

Get me my agent! Yeah, he probably isn't going to answer either. I demand to know what happene- Ohhhhh, I remember what happened Peter gets Korean plastic surgery.

I feel like I want to giggle behind my hand at a lot of things and hold but not eat a big ice cream cone. Cut to its inventor sitting in a pile of money. I already rich from that!

Dance for me, Hillary Duff! Peter as a half-man half-horse. The horse is the front end. What is that in real time? What is the commercial about? A kind of plastic bag you can use to cook stray dogs you accidentally run over on your way home. Which you cook directly on the engine It's not meant for babies, but it also works for babies.

Here is a commercial that Ashton Kutcher thought no one in America would ever see. Throughout the episode, Cleveland gets text messages about Donna's mother dying. Odd choice to have an open casket for a gunshot suicide. Just kidding, it doesn't show up at all. Hartman say they went to Lake Havasu to the gang and taunt them because they got laid. The j-pop song Peter and the others put on at the end to convince Quagmire to return to America. Even worse, Kim-Jong Il lives across that fence!

Quagmire meeting Sin-Ju's great grandmother, who is so old, she is transparent. Oh my god, I can see through her!!

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Is she a ghost?! Quagmire talking about what he likes about being back home in the U. Here, I can get drunk whenever I want and close myself off from the world in my house. Awww, that's nice, and not at all symptoms of clinical depression.

Wow, that was amazing I think. After Lois says Chris is too stupid to go to college, Chris cheers. No, Chris, not yay. Peter accidentally desecrating a military graveyard and stealing all the purple heart medals the soldiers were buried with. They were all buried on this big lawn in these bony cages.

Hey guys, there's like four Jeeps driving up to the house. Peter finds another metal detector with his metal detector.

He decides to see what happens if he touches both of them and gets sent into a void. Did you also call into a talk show without turning down your radio first? The crew in charge of the auditions turns down Jake Tucker in a nice way mainly because his face is upside-down. Lois apologizes for Stewie's peanut butter commercial debuting during 2 Broke Girls. He's just gonna eat the toast and put a cigarette out on me!

Godzilla deciding not to attack Haiti because it's already been destroyed by the earthquake that happened in Stewie deciding that he's going to be really into drugs and dancing as a teenager, only to burn out by 18 and become a bodybuilding born-again Christian.

I'll just be a degree different kind of insufferable! Brian immediately snaps to Peter about how his adoptive father hated him and then died. Wow, bringing a gun to a knife fight! When Stewie gets his first acting job, Peter takes Chris into a store to tell him he's no longer the favorite son. Chris breaks down crying, then smashes Peter's head through the store window. He just does not like to be touched.

Last time Carter was left home alone, he did a parody of "Virtual Insanity" by Jamaroquai. Brian overhears Meg playing Twister with her friends. Calls include "left cankle blue". Ants at a picnic. To be more specific, two giant ants having a regular picnic and behaving obnoxiously, playing loud music, and grilling, bothering a nearby human couple. Kevin James, why did you have to come back to television?

I ate Adam Sandler. Stewie thinks the line for a gay club is the line for the Apple Store. Like the fortune cookie. Just kidding, it's the chair. Lois calls Uber while in Africa, and gets a rhino with the Uber logo on its side. Shortly after, an elephant with a pink mustache shows up. Lois' exasperated reaction to finding out that Peter is being held prisoner in Africa by Carter. Oh, for God's sake On the plane to Africa, the in-flight dinner is delivered in UN Food Relief parcels, complete with tiny parachutes After Carter apologizes to Peter for the imprisonment, Peter says its okay, because he's contracted a dangerously high fever and won't remember any of this anyway.

Joe apparently has a side business as a party clown. After Brian fails to score with Megs hot friend, two stars talk about it and one mentions that its what he the star wished for, only he had made the wish Neil deGrasse Tyson then shows up to talk about space.

The cutaway about ballpark concession food. Yes, I'll have one terrible beer that's filled up way too high so half of it will spill out, and one too-long hot dog in a too-short bun, and do you have mustard relish? Yeah, it's there between the entrance and the exits to the bathrooms.

And I'll also have one bag of unsalted peanuts. You know, something I'd never eat anywhere else in the world. Great, I can't wait to have diarrhea in the bathroom stall with no door while 20 guys wait for me to finish.

It says it's Lana Del Rey. Stewie reading the closed captioning on Live With Kelly and Michael while on the treadmill. I'm looking at lamps I'll never buy. After Chris sends a picture of his junk, he says "It worked well for Neil Goldman telling Chris that sending a picture of his genitals to a girl he likes is okay, because anyone sending their kids to public school is basically asking for this. Lois talking about how sensitive people have gotten about nudity and sexually active teens, and how in her day, "boys would just whip it out on the bus".

Peter tries to make a Batman exit from Chris's principals office, but everyone else catches him as he tries to sneak out the window. I could take a whack at hand-distressing furniture. We don't say "whack" here.

All of you are sex offenders, and statistically, you will all be here again, because this has never worked in the history of doing this. Now, today we have a new member giggityChris G. At the sex offenders group, we get this exchange. Alright, first of all, whoever has a windowless van painted like an ice cream truck, your lights are on. Over half the group leaves Peter's cake mix-up.

Hey Chris, wait till you see the funny thing I had them put on your cake. Happy 6th Birthday, Timmy?

family guy paramedics come on down and meet

Uh-oh, they must've mixed 'em up. Meanwhile at Timmy's birthday party Nice crank, you dirty little bastard? Enter Peter with the other cake Peter: Sorry, I'll take that. Here's your cake, I ate a great deal of it. Quagmire tells Chris not to ring his doorbell. Chris does it anyway and Quagmire's cat freaks out and runs away. Peter signing up for an app named Grindr. Not the app used for anonymous homosexual hookups, but another one with the same name for people who enjoy sandwiches.

Which is still played as anonymous gay sex.

family guy paramedics come on down and meet

Cut to two doctors looking at an X-ray of Stewie with a trophy up his butt. So the baby died? Yeah, the baby died. But look, first place! A self-checkout tells Chris to asphyxiate himself, and then brags to the next self-checkout. See, I told you I could get him to do it.

After Chris has himself chemically castrated to get everyone to stop treating him like a pervert and starts acting like an effeminate, soft-spoken weirdo, Peter refers to him as "that thing". Chris getting all manner of obscure hobbies once he's no longer occupied with his sex drive.

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Well, I'm off to the wind chimes store! There can not be a whole store just for that! Stewie's over-the-top anger over the referee calling an out for a perceived long shot, which gets him and Brian disqualified. He continues to trash talk the guard removing him from the tennis club until the guard states he believes Stewie's ball was in, whereupon Stewie 's to a cheerful mood.

After the drugs wear off, Chris is caught masturbating in the school library by the elderly librarian. We find out later that she died of shock. She worked in that library for 54 years. While Lois is carried away by the paramedics, Peter is kicked off the team by the coach. When Lois visits him in the dressing room with her leg in a cast, Peter admits that as a child, he was always neglected to be on a baseball team and saw the trip as an opportunity to get the chance he never had.

Since Lois got all the attention, he lost his mind. Lois then says that he can rejoin the team by threatening the Red Sox players with a law suit for sexually harassing her, including Ted Williams' head. Lois calls Meg to tell her to drive up to Boston so that she, Chris, Brian, and Stewie can watch the ball game. As Meg covers up Stewie being missing by stating that he is seeing their puppet show, Meg is told by Lois to have the puppet show shown to Peter upon their arrival as well.

Upon entering the house while thinking of what the puppet show should be about, Meg, Chris, and Brian find that Stewie has returned and admits he ran away from Meg in fear, prompting Meg to apologize for putting him in time-out and they make up. They are then interrupted by the childless woman, who asks from outside to adopt Stewie, to which Stewie replies, "Don't let her in!

Due to lack of hydration amongst other things upon a discussion between the workers in the brain and the muscles, Peter has a muscle failure. He receives encouragement from his family which helps him to overcome this. As Peter continues to run around the bases, he narrates off-screen that he had two torn hamstrings and a pulled groin, but scored as the third base player collapsed with a massive coronary due to his terrible play.

As the ambulance is seen arriving at the scene of the death, Peter also narrates how he laughed during the kids' puppet show enough to wreck the car on the ride home which broke Lois' other leg.

Peter concludes that he won't have Lois sleep in the bedroom due to a smell from the leg casts. Reception[ edit ] The episode received an audience of 2.