Dom and letty meet fanfiction sites

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dom and letty meet fanfiction sites

Letty's around 15 here Brian and Dom are around It's like an alternate universe. lol ************ "So how does a first kiss feel like?" Dominic. Just another Dom meets Letty scenario. Slightly AU. Not a song-fic, but I couldn't get the song out of my head, and this little drabble kept. Letty met Dom when she was 17 years old. They fell in love and had a great time until she moved away to college. What happens when they.

I know you know that! Letty giggled and Mia's pout turned to a smile as she said, "Dom this is my new bestest friend Letty! Letty this is my big brother Dom and his best friend Vince.

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It's ok right Dom? This little girl was definitely not a normal girl. And Dom said, "Sur its okay if you come over Letty. As they were about to go in a woman came out and Letty looked up at her with big puppy dog eyes and said, "Mama this is Mia she lives across the street can I go play at her house? Be home later on I guess. A car pulled into the Toretto's drive way out stepped Tony Toretto.

Mia dragged Letty over to him and said, "Daddy this is Letty. Letty this is my daddy. Letty just moved over there. Tony bent down and said, "Hello Letty. And Dom take Letty inside I need to talk to your sister. Once they were inside Letty sat on the floor and happily played with her car eleven year old Dominic just sat there and watched her.

dom and letty meet fanfiction sites

Finally he asked, "Do you even know what kind of car that is? It's a Dodge charger. I love cars I want to be able to work on them some day like my daddy did before he went away. So he asked, "Where'd your dad go? It's ok though he taught me about cars before he left. He told me as long as I had cars in my life I'd always have a piece of him. He'd take her under his wing and teach her more about cars, till she knows everything he does. With the help of Tony of course.

Just then Mia ran through the door and said, "Letty let's go play in my room! She let go and followed Mia up the stairs. Dom looked at his father and said, "Dad we have to help watch out for her.

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She seems like a good kid in a bad life. Then she just told me her dad left because he didn't love her mommy anymore and that he just wasn't ready for her. She said he taught her about cars before he left and said as long as she always loved cars she'd always have a piece of him. Immediately and audience started to boo. We are not kissing in front of all these pe—. The whole stadium roared. Dom even added a little tongue to get the crowd more excited.

Letty eventually gave in and and wrapped her arms around Dom's neck. Everyone started to applaud and scream for them as they kept kissing for a few more seconds. Dom and Letty broke their kiss, laughing. Thank you contestants for participating and enjoy the rest of your game!

dom and letty meet fanfiction sites

They just came home and Letty went straight to the bathroom to shower. Rosa is so different from the other girls. She's smart and beautiful and we made plans for this coming Friday. So you like this girl? I never thought this day would come. When you feel this way with a girl one day, you'll forget about them other girls. I'ma head to bed. He sat in the kitchen table thinking about Vince's words.

Dom hasn't been with a girl for about two months. He's started to develop these weird feelings whenever he saw Letty. He's never felt that way with another girl before and ever since, he hasn't been attracted to any other girl. Getting to know Letty a little more these past few weeks made him realize his true feelings for her. And after his talk with Vince, he confirmed them. After he finished his beer, he threw away the bottle and headed upstairs.

He headed to Letty's door and knocked softly.

He couldn't tell if she was wearing shorts underneath, but he thought that she looked beautiful. She sat in the bed and looked up at him. Everyone was staring and booing so you just did it. It didn't mean anything, so you can go back to them other girls.

So don't worry, this can be our secret. I won't tell anyone. But you don't have to apologize and all that crap. Let's just forget about it. And you ca-" "Letty stop rambling.

dom and letty meet fanfiction sites

Dom closed the door behind him and walked over to the bed. He sat down facing the Latina, trying hard not to look at her lack of clothing. I caught him up on my life and told him about how good Mia's doing in school.

dom and letty meet fanfiction sites

I also told him how well the garage is doing and all that stuff. After I talked to him, I looked over a couple of rows to where my mom is.

I haven't seen her in a couple of years because she died when I was five so I barely remember her. But I walked over and started talking to her.

I told her about my life and some funny stories about dad. Letty smiled and nodded so he can continue his story. He said that she was his best friend and that no one has ever made him feel the way she did. He never thought about having kids until he met her and that she's the only woman he's ever loved. So that got me thinking about my future.

I wanted to be reckless and have fun. But after thinking about it, I realized that I want to have a family. I want my parents to be proud of me. I want to do something with my life and be successful. And I want to share all of that with somebody special.

So, I stopped sleeping around and started to look for that special someone. Not Vince, not even Mia. Letty always had a little crush on Dom, nothing more. He slept around too much so she just tried to ignore her feelings. As soon as she turned 19, her feelings developed into something more when they started working on cars together. But she kept these feelings to herself, even though Mia figured it out right away. But Letty always denied it.

And I'm not just talking about outer beauty. She's down to earth and all about family. She can be stubborn and has a mouth of a sailor. She doesn't take shit from no one but she has those type of eyes that can look through the bullshit, to the good in somebody.

She ain't afraid to get a little engine grease under her fingernails. If you ask me, she sounds like the perfect girl. How could you not have brought her home to meet us?