Do arya and jaqen meet again

Tom Wlaschiha on Jaqen H'ghar's relationship with Arya

do arya and jaqen meet again

We will meet again. So why does Jaqen provide her with the iron coin of FLM? Jaqen's view of Arya was somewhat clouded. He was. Jaqen H'ghar has seen exceptional talent in Arya Stark. The Faceless Men do generally not accept children to be trained, so it can already. Or maybe "Arya" was, somehow, head Faceless Men honcho Jaqen But Arya managed to escape and lead the Waif on a chase through Braavos back to a room she'd In the books, Arya does interact with two Faceless Men the most At one point, Arya observes a meeting of a large group of Faceless.

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do arya and jaqen meet again

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