Do amanda and penelope ever meet

in the Amanda show, does Penelope ever meet Amanda? | Yahoo Answers

do amanda and penelope ever meet

The Amanda Show is an American live action sketch comedy and variety show created by Dan achieve her lifelong goal of meeting Amanda (as a gag, Bynes herself portrays Penelope and the always finds in favor of the child, if necessary inventing reasons to do so, and sentences the adult to an absurd punishment. sadly no they have been close, but since penelope was Amanda in Dual Role i guess it was harder for them 2 meet. Penelope: All I ever wanted to do was meet you, Amanda! Was that so Judge Trudy: Do you have any proof that you sawed her room off?.

Do we have any witnesses here? I'm probably going to need those. I think everybody in the gallery here is a witness, potentially, Your Honor. The witnesses may speak, but just one at a time, and don't speak out of turn. And were you one of the two who saw this happen?

Well, no, we didn't see her actually saw it off, but we were in Amanda's room when Penelope brought it here. Well, you can see all sorts of things. She clicks on various links. Here is where you e-mail me your questions, please.

You can also win these actual items from the Amanda Show, which I stole, please. This is going to be more complicated than I thought. How so, Your Honor? I am going to end up doing multiple sentences on this wacko girl. She confessed she stole the first "A" in your name. It's not called "The Manda Show," after all. What else did you steal?

Obviously you got it back now. I couldn't do my job without it. And now, please, let's view the "Amanda Video Clip of the Week.

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Another part of your website? Yes, it is; please. Here's Amanda in a typical exercise routine. The video is a humorous interpretation of Amanda working out at the gym. She's in shape, please. Back to the home page now, where you can view tons of Amanda clips, games, and other fun stuff. She closes the laptop. Pretty impressive website, wouldn't you say so? I have to say, it shows your unhealthy obsession.

I don't think of it as an obsession, please. I just had to meet Amanda. I even knew what your locker combination was. That's just plain creepy.

Penelope Taynt

It's the truth, please. I'm not your number one fan for nothing. Taynt, do you have your family with you? Yes, please; they're right behind me.

But we're handcuffed to these seats here because you didn't want a brawl to break out in the courtroom. You know I don't approve of such behavior. People can't do things unless I say so.

do amanda and penelope ever meet

But why would a brawl break out? We're awaiting a trial of our own after discovering it was illegal to disown your child. And have you disowned her? We have, Your Honor. It leaves me to wonder how I got stuck delivering the multiple sentences. Anyway, first things first. Bailiff, uncuff the parents.

do amanda and penelope ever meet

Oh, you know I will. He walks over to the parents after Judge Trudy hands him the keys, which the police had handed her before she walked out, and disattaches the handcuffs. Taynt, approach the bench. I want you to be able to stretch out a bit. The two do so. When she rambled on and on about Amanda, did it really upset you? Well, yes it did.

In the Amanda show, does Penelope ever meet Amanda?

No disrespect to you, Amanda, of course, but you can imagine us being sick of hearing about you. My parents wouldn't want me bothering them about my show all the time.

do amanda and penelope ever meet

One day we did decide to surprise Penelope with somebody from your show, but it was just the camera operator known as Joe.

She was certain it was Amanda, so she was bitterly disappointed. We never did a nice surprise like that ever again. Well, you have a good reason; you had a very ungrateful daughter who thought about nothing but Amanda. I also hear from her teachers that all her homework kept mentioning Amanda; is that correct? We sent Penelope to a psychologist. That didn't help; she kept the Amanda obsession going. Well, then I need to hear no more information, except for this. When you disowned Penelope, Mr.

Taynt, what did the trial's verdict state, if there was a trial? It was either that or life in prison, and I don't have any more sick leave from work. Were you able to pay it? Thank you; you may sit down. The parents sit back down as Judge Trudy bangs the gavel. I hereby find this case in favor of the plaintiff, Amanda Bynes, and I ask you, Penelope Taynt, this question. Have you any last words for your idol before I pronounce the multiple sentences?

Amanda, it has been my lifelong dream to meet you, please, and at long last, my heart's desires, and ultimate fulfillment has been completed.

I got to meet you. I just didn't want it to happen in the courtoom, please. She takes a deep breath. All I ask is that there are no hard feelings.

do amanda and penelope ever meet

Well, the right thing to do is forgive and forget. That's what I'm going to do. It won't stop Judge Trudy from giving you what you deserve, but we can express it this way. Taynt makes an appearance in the All That episode guest starred Amanda Bynes, once again chasing after her idol. Physical description Edit She normally wears a vest, a plaid shirt and gray shorts, as well as large framed black eyeglasses also.

She wears black, boot-like shoes. She has a tattoo of Amanda's face on her abdomen, Which is only seen once. On the show she runs a fansite, AmandaPlease. Trivia Many fans of The Amanda Show have believed that Penelope was played by a different person, as both she and Amanda herself appear on the stage at marginally the same time. There were a few times she and Amanda were in the same room together. She replaced an actress who was supposed to play a mummy and got her eyes covered with bandages.

When she got on stage she was surrounded by Amanda look-likes. She was looking for hot sauce for Preston 's friends' pizza. When she leaves, she finds a sandwich for Preston.

Penelope seems to be a techwiz as she made www. She seems to be skilled in the martial arts as she was able to stand on equal ground with Amanda's Martial Art's teacher, Nikko, for the entire episode. Fans thought that when Amanda guest starred in the new All That, Penelope would finally meet her.

Penelope once dreamed of winning an award for best fan site and got a chance to meet Amanda.