Days of our lives will and sonny first meet

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days of our lives will and sonny first meet

The couple who were married in daytime TV's first same-sex on Days of Our Lives, Will has rekindled his romance with Sonny Kiriakis. Sonny Kiriakis is a fictional character from the NBC soap opera, Days of Our Lives Sonny and Will (Guy Wilson) marry in becoming the first gay male. Will & Sonny - 15th kiss (The first Time). by flamingluna. Play next . Days' Gays Pt 36 | Will/Sonny/Gabi (Days of Our Lives). by DaysGays.

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When EJ is murdered, Will chooses to temporarily relocate to Los Angeles with Arianna, his mother Sami and his younger siblings, in order to be the screenwriter for a movie based on Sami's life, as well as to support Sami and his siblings during their grief for EJ the father of Will's half-siblings Johnny and Sydney.

While in LA, he fails to correspond regularly with Sonny. Meanwhile, Sonny loses most of his and Will's personal savings in a bad business deal without having discussed the investment with Will.

days of our lives will and sonny first meet

Sonny's ex-boyfriend, closeted Major League Baseball player Paul Naritacomes to Salem the show's fictional town for surgery at the Salem hospital. He tries to pursue Sonny, and is disappointed to learn he is married.

Will and Arianna return home to Salem after six weeks in Los Angeles. Only later Will admits that he was fired as screenwriter rather than having actively chosen to return to Sonny. Will is assigned to write a story about Paul for Sonix, who he interviews in Paul's room at the Salem Inn.

Due to confidentiality, Sonny doesn't know whom Will is interviewing, and because Sonny has never talked about his exes with Will, neither Will nor Paul knows about the other's relationship with Sonny.

Will suspects Paul is gay, and realizes he could get a scoop with an article about the life of a professional gay athlete, as well as help another gay man come out. Attracted to each other, Will and Paul have a night of sex in the hotel. Whilst Will is immediately remorseful, and is determined it won't happen again, he is still very keen to get the scoop, and he convinces Paul to come out in the article which initially was to be a feature about Paul and his career-ending injury.

Paul tells Will about turning down a marriage proposal from the love of his life this is Sonny, but Paul doesn't tell Will the name because Paul felt he could not be an out gay athlete. Will's article on Paul is published, and Sonny learns from Derrick a bellhop who has flirted with Paul, Will, and Sonny throughout Paul's hotel stay that Will and Paul have slept together.

Sonny's life is saved by multiple transfusions of blood donated by Paul, who has responded to an emergency appeal for blood, and who only later learns that the patient is Sonny. Sonny suffers short-term memory loss, but he remembers Will's infidelity when he sees Will's article on Paul.

Sonny lashes out at Paul and Will, leaving all three men devastated. Will is shocked to learn that Paul is Sonny's ex, and also that Paul had rejected Sonny's marriage proposal just before Sonny had met Will. When Sonny is released from the hospital, he leaves town to convalesce at his brother's house, and to get away from Will.

When Sonny returns to Salem, Will tries to mend his marriage with Sonny. On top of his own infidelity, Will feels insecure because of the love between Sonny and Paul, and because Will thinks he is inferior to Paul because of Paul's success and athleticism. Will's infidelity with Paul is not initially common knowledge; Adrienne slaps Will when she learns of it, and a tabloid later publicizes the affair. Paul's mother, Tori, comes to Salem. Will discovers that Tori once had a connection to Salem and the DiMera family — a connection that she keeps secret from Paul.

Using this information, Will tries to blackmail Tori into getting Paul out of Salem and drafts an article identifying Paul as a DiMera. But then the actual truth comes out: Paul is John Black's son. Sonny and Will share a tender moment after Paul punches Will in the face, but then Sonny learns that Will had called Tori a whore.

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Will and Sonny enter marriage counselingbut Will tries to influence their therapist by secretly offering to publish a flattering profile of him. Will tries to set Paul up with Derrick; the plan succeeds until Paul realizes Will has given Derrick private information he learned in their interview.

In light of Will's continued deceptions, as well as his revelation that he also cheated on Sonny with a man in LA, Sonny decides to take a job at Titan's Paris office.

In Sonny's absence, Will's interactions with Paul are tense. Gabi is released from prison, and Will and Arianna welcome her back into their lives.

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After looking at their wedding photos and remembering how happy he and Sonny were, Will calls Sonny and leaves a message apologizing unreservedly for his misdeeds and totally accepting responsibility for their break-up; Will says "I love you so much Sonny; and even if I never get a chance to get back together with you, I have to make this right for you.

That same afternoon, Will is strangled by Ben Weston when Will inadvertently discovers evidence that Ben is the "Necktie Killer" who has recently murdered two women. Will's body is found by Gabi, and after the first-responders arrive, Will is declared to be dead.

Sonny is thrilled to receive Will's message and straightaway decides to return to Salem to reunite with Will and Arianna. Whilst packing for the trip, he is informed that Will has been murdered. Devastated, Sonny returns to Salem to bury his husband rather than reconcile with him.

After Will's funeral, Sonny returns to Paris because he cannot cope being in Salem where he has so many memories of Will. Now Sonny is back in Salem, the love between him and Paul is re-ignited, and they go up the aisle together in the fall of However, their wedding is interrupted by Ben Weston, who breaks out of Bayview Sanitarium to tell Sonny that Will is still alive, and to stop Sonny marrying Paul. Thrown by this, Sonny won't marry Paul until the truth about Will is known.

Ben is interrogated, and step by step, the investigation leads to an address in Memphis. Paul sees Will now Chandler Massey working at a bar there, but he is afraid to tell Sonny, because he thinks he will lose Sonny to Will. Eventually he confesses, and Sonny and Sami dash to the bar to see Will.

They find Will, only to discover that Will does not recognise them and has no memory of his life in Salem.

days of our lives will and sonny first meet

John discovers that Will, after being strangled, was abducted by Susan Bankswho made Will believe he was her son, telling him he had lost his memory after being "shot". When she confesses, and Will realizes his life in Memphis has been a lie, he decides to return to Salem with his newly-found family, to find out who he really is.

In Salem, Will stays with his grandma Marlena, who is keen to re-introduce Will gradually to his former life. His friends and family come to visit, but even seeing his daughter Arianna does not restore his memory. Realizing Will is overwhelmed by events and new people who claim to know him, Sonny gives him space.

Will's aunt Belle inadvertently lets slip that Will once made a "huge mistake", and Will presses her to reveal what it was — and she tells him that he cheated on Sonny with Paul. Will is shocked, and he goes to Paul to find out about it. Paul answers the door shirtless, and Will is struck with attraction to him. Will also likes Paul because everyone else is expecting him and wanting him to be "Will Horton", but Paul doesn't and so Will feels able to "be himself" with him.

Will and Sonny Horton

Will knows himself to be gay, but he didn't feel free to be so when he believed he was Susan's son, because she didn't approve. In an echo of Will suddenly kissing Neil — his first kiss with another man — amnesiac Will suddenly kisses Paul. In the meantime Sonny realizes he wants to be with Will, and he tells Paul it is over between them. Sonny later hears of the kiss, but his heart is resolved on Will, and he goes to Will with the intent of re-building their relationship, saying "I want my husband back".

Will, however, has just learnt they are legally separated, and is enjoying his new-found freedom as an out gay man and being single. Nevertheless, after Sonny kisses him and they talk, Will cannot deny the connection he feels with Sonny; and when Sonny asks Will to move into the Kiriakis mansion in separate bedroomsWill decides he can trust Sonny to help him take the next step in his life.

Sonny endeavours to help Will, and to help him remember their life and love. But Will cannot remember anything at all, and continues to be attracted to, and wanting to be with Paul, whom he suddenly kisses again on New Year's Eve. Will does not want to hurt Sonny, and realizing he "has no business being married to anyone", decides the best thing for everyone is to get a divorce. Sonny initially wants to fight for their marriage, but wanting Will to be happy as Will wants Sonny to beSonny consents to the divorce.

To help Sonny defend himself, Paul investigates Leo, and uncovers his real name and criminal record. Will delivers the file of evidence on Leo to Sonny, when he calls round to see Arianna.

Leo is there, trying to blackmail Sonny into marrying him, and when Will reveals they now know his criminal history and calls Leo for the conman he is, Leo attacks Will, strangling him. Sonny pulls Leo off Will and hurls him away, and as Leo goes flying, he hits his head against the mantelpieceand dies instantly. It's an accident, but Sonny realizes it's going to look like murder.

Smith believed he got the role of Sonny because he can relate to him so easily. Despite being straight in real life, Smith said "When I read the scripts, I just get it instantly. In his portrayal, Smith said "I do as much work on the character as I can to make it as real as possible and to tell a good story. Co-executive producer Greg Meng gave an interview to Frontiers magazine where he discussed how Sonny came about.

And yes, there were concerns, but it's like, 'Wow. What are we thinking? It is about a character who is now on the show, and who by the way, is gay!

Days of our Lives

Despite the potential push back, Meng said that executives across the board, from both NBC and Sony were in support of the story. Smith explained that the producers "really did not want to go in a stereotypical" direction with the story. Smith described Sonny as "so colorful and three-dimensional.

He's such an interesting character.

days of our lives will and sonny first meet

Introduction Edit What sets Sonny's introduction apart from the introductions of other gay characters is "that he was comfortable, and out, and even his family was accepting of him" Smith said. He continued, "They just wanted to show that when you come out and you are with the people you trust and love—you can finally get out from under that rock, and just be who you are. Unlike most character introductions, Sonny is not immediately thrust into a romance.

Already four months into his tenure, Smith insisted that he "legitimately" did not know who his love interest would be but he was excited because it was all people were talking about. Smith added that giving Sonny a love interest would make him much more "dimensional" as a character. However, Smith came to appreciate the waiting period. While his parents are worried about how others will react—particularly Sonny's great uncle Victor Kiriakis John Aniston -- "Sonny is very comfortable. He'll tell anyone" Smith said.

Smith explained that Sonny "just wants his friends and family to accept him for who he is. While said it would have been cool to do a coming-out story with Sonny he appreciated how comfortable Sonny is with being openly gay because "It showed that it's great to have a support system.

It made it easier for him to come out. Gay bashing Edit Upon his arrival inSonny's life seemed very easy going and Freddie Smith hinted that "At some point, there will be conflict in Sonny's story.

In the summer of during an interview with Outlook Media Smith revealed that Sonny would be involved in a bullying storyline. Smith previewed the storyline during and interview and said "it's told very well, and I think it's important to show storylines like that because it happens in real life all the time.

So when T returns to town and finds out his best friend Will Horton Chandler Massey has recently come out of the closet—T blames Sonny for it. He was very bullet proof at first. Smith admitted to having his own experience being bullied but described it as "very mild. One particular scene shows Sonny being comforted by his father, Justin Wally Kurth. He continued, "It's important to have family there under circumstances like that. He really scares me and makes me feel like crap.

Reception Edit Laurisa Mahlin from Soap Central expressed that "Sonny came into town with a bag of awesome slung over his shoulder" and that she adores Justin and Adrienne's kid. Tony from Soap Central also stated "Sonny has Justin's charm, Adrienne's common sense, and Victor's persuasive streak. The Will and Sonny romance has also gained a lot of fan support and critical success, TV Guide has said that "While it took 45 years for the show to introduce its first openly gay character Sonny and another year and a half to find him a male partner Will the wait was well worth it.

This steamy, star-crossed saga has had its drama to spare paranoia, blackmail, impossible parents! Watching them grow from friends to being in love was one of the highlights of the year for DAYS.

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He won that award at the 42nd Daytime Emmy Awards in However, by JanuaryJustin and Adrienne relocate again to Dubai. Sonny returns to Salem in the summer of and immediately decides to live as openly gay in Salem which means he must come out to his extended family including his great uncle Victor John Aniston.

While Victor is supportive of his nephew, he is worried about how others will react. Over the course of a year, Sonny settles into his life getting a job an internship as a legal aid for the district attorney, reconnects with his family and develops fast friendships with Will Horton Chandler MasseyChad DiMera Casey Deidrick and Gabi Hernandez Camila Banus who accept him despite their friend T's Brendan Coughlin disapproval.

Sonny later partners up with Sonny and Will to launch a website for sports fans at Salem University.