Conception ii meet fuuko and tokiya

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conception ii meet fuuko and tokiya

For Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars on the PlayStation Vita, for fuuko I picked things to make her feel not self-loathing for chloe I. She was the undisputed favorite once since I met her in highschool. "Tokiya- kun, you'd tell me if you were dating Fuuko-chan, right?". The only one who remained oblivious to the concept that Fuuko Kirisawa was Meeting at the shopping centre seemed to best thing to do. .. chapters to go, four to the very maximum, i doubt it though since i write kinda.

But, that wouldn't be necessary. Because since we're all around years old, Fuuko's the lucky one. She's the one who developed quite a large chest. That is the irony, though. She may act like a male but the regular clothes that she wears suggest the opposite. Just like Ishijima and those other stupid yankees, she wanted to defeat Hanabishi ever since… um… since the beginning… And when I say the beginning, I mean since Elementary days… Sigh… But alas, that fighting-for-ninja thing is over.

Because that ninja boy has finally found the one person he was going to serve. But, of all the people in the world, it had to be that mild-mannered girl… Her name was Sakoshita Yanagi — a brunette, straight A's student. Though, she's not my classmate this year, I know her quite well since the Junior High days. She is the only child from a well-to-do family and works part time at a day care center.

I can't imagine how this delicate girl was able to win the ninja's favor. But for some reason, one day, Hanabishi goes around calling her his 'hime', constantly by her side. But come to think of it, I don't think Yanagi-chan won Hanabishi's service by fighting him to death.

She probably won his heart - the old-fashioned way… You know what I mean! After all, Yanagi-chan is pretty much the epitome of the pure, innocent girl… And Hanabishi Recca, though really weird about his ninja otakuness, is still your average 16 year teenager… It's not surprising how Yanagi-chan had finally tamed the self-proclaimed "ninja"… Well, the school had gotten used to it though, as have Ishijima, Fuuko-san and I. But this is not all… The most unexpected is next… It was a particularly ordinary day, too… About a day or so after Hanabishi pledged his allegiance to his "Hime", while the whole school were raving about on how the hell Yanagi-chan did it.

It seems even Mikagami—senpai started to have interest into the whole matter. There were rumors that he had approached Recca in a fountain park… Mikagami Tokiya was also a Nashikiri High School student, one year above me. And he was the school's "idol".

You know how this goes: His shoe box and locker crammed with chocolates every Valentine's day… Well, he always has confession letters in every single day, anyway… Yup, he was pretty much the popular type that the girls go crazy about. I'm ashamed to say that the reason there were more freshman girls than the boys in Nashikiri High in our year is because of him. While I particularly do think he is hot, being endowed with good looks and good brains, I was kinda turned off by his aloofness.

So, rest assured, I am not one of those crazy fangirls that flock in our school… But I was sorely mistaken about Senpai… It was right after classes ended as it normally did. A friend of mine named Yuuto and I decided to hang out at the local amusement park.

conception ii meet fuuko and tokiya

While he was away buying our snacks and I left alone sitting on a bench, I saw it… Mikagami-senpai going inside the Hall of Mirrors with Hanabishi… And then, despite the hustle and bustle of the amusement park, I thought I heard crashes from that direction… I saw Yanagi-chan hurrying over inside with Fuuko-san and Ishijima.

All three were wearing worried expressions.

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Something was definitely going on inside… Something really bad… Before I could go in and check things out for myself, my friend had returned.

His hands were full, trying to hold all the snacks and not drop them. I had opted to just tell a maintenance staff member instead.

And he began to talk about something about his karate club that he was a member off. But I wasn't really listening to him. I was obviously worried about what I saw just a few moments ago… I've never actually seen Mikagami-senpai being involved with people… So imagine my surprise when I saw Mikagami-senpai going in the Hall of Mirrors… with Hanabishi Recca, of all people.

Did he want Hanabishi to be his personal ninja? Naah… Was he upset about the news that Yanagi became the "ninja's master"? No way was Senpai going to involve himself with that kind of nonsense! But the fact that I saw that he was actually conversing with another student was surprising enough already… Suspiciously, there was a news article about the rampaged Hall of Mirrors in the local amusement park, the next day.

I just know that Hanabishi and the others had something to do it because I saw him and Mikagami-senpai go in there BEFORE I heard the crashing sounds… It was obvious it was them who destroyed the place but… mysteriously, nobody got in trouble at all… After that incident, things suddenly went peaceful… Everyone at school has gotten used to the fact that Yanagi-chan had tamed the reckless Ninja boy.

Fuuko-san and Ishijima-san had suddenly become friends with their former nemesis. Well, not much changed to him, really… A week since the "Hall of Mirrors" incident, after I had gone home from school, there was this piece of news that my father, a doctor at a local hospital, had me shocked… The trio was found injured while they were at Tatesako-sensei's house.

At first, when my father told me about it, I snorted. There's nothing new about it. I had my mouth agape throughout the entire story. For the first time, I heard from Otou-san that they weren't fighting at each other anymore; rather they were defending themselves from someone. Sensei's house was found ransacked.

conception ii meet fuuko and tokiya

And though she protested because she never liked to depend on other people for money even if I was her husband and traditionally was expected to be the provider, not that she believed any of that bullshit I knew she wanted the same thing. She wanted to be careful, I did too.

We were both afraid that our little blessing might be taken away from us. We bought a house in one of the newer subdivisions in Nashikiri, fifteen minutes away from her old home. It was a nice neighborhood with trees, fresh air and little traffic. We had finally settled in our new home on her fifth month of pregnancy. Our last night in our old apartment was bittersweet.

We had met each other when she was sixteen and I was seventeen but this place was where we began to know the other. She had been so careful that she refused to let me touch her ever since we found out that we were pregnant for fear of hurting the baby even though her doctor told her it was perfectly fine, silly woman but that night we made love on a futon in my old bedroom, it was intense yet slow and tender, partly because we were both mindful of her already large belly and partly because we wanted our last night together in our apartment to be different from our first time together which was rushed and chaotic and we were both just confused and looking for release, taking what we could get from the other.

That night I also discovered that making love to your pregnant wife was an immense turn on. She had the hardest time fending me off for the next four months, but I knew she didn't mind it as much as she said she did. After all, she could've easily punched me unconscious but she let me seduce her instead.

After twelve hours of labor, our son was born on September 23rd fourteen minutes past noon. He had my hair and my eyes, an exact replica of me and my father before me. She would teasingly berate me about the strength of my genes, too selfish to even let one of her physical traits prevail, but I knew she was glad her son would grow up to be as handsome as his father.

Don't look at me like that now, you think so too. The doctors advised us against more children, there was a gash in her uterus and it was simply too dangerous for her. I had expected it, after all our difficulty to conceive, I knew that there had to be a reason for it.

It broke our hearts a little. She had always wanted a large family and I now realized that I wanted a girl with her eyes. But in the end, we were too thankful for our little boy and it would be selfish to ask for more. We named him Toshiharu after my father. He had his father's looks and his mother's courage. I couldn't have been a prouder father. Hanabishi Fireworks expanded to Tokyo and three years after that we opened a branch in Hong Kong.

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Fuuko eventually took over Maina's post as director for Little Angels. It was the perfect work for someone with as big a heart as her. And Toshiharu grew up happy, if not a little spoiled. Fuuko chastises me for giving into his caprice too easy, but I can't help it. I suppose I overcompensate at times but I just wanted to make sure that my son would never know what it was like to be deprived and lonely like I did.

Unlike me or Fuuko, he had a lot of friends at school and rarely got into trouble. I tried to get him into kendo but he preferred his Uncle Recca's ninja tricks.

Ah, when he grows up he'll realize his father's sport was much cooler. As for Fuuko and me, I didn't think I could fall any more in love with her than I did when we got married.

I was proven wrong each and every day I spent with her. Today I am coming home after two months away from my beloved. Our Hong Kong branch was going under due to mismanagement and I was needed to make sure that didn't happen.

Recca would've flown over but Yanagi was pregnant again and into her last trimester and he didn't want to leave her. This was the first time Fuuko and I had been separated in our nine years of marriage and needless to say, it was very trying.

I dragged my trolley behind me while looking for my wife in the crowd. It didn't take me long to spot her, in dark blue jeans, a sexy black satin tank top and deadly looking heels, tiptoeing and trying to see over the mass of heads between us.

God she was gorgeous, pushing forty but she still had the ability to make men of all ages turn their heads. I hadn't remembered her being so tiny, but it was for the best because I love the feeling of hovering over her petite form.

She had finally seen me after the melee of bodies had cleared. I let go of my trolley and with a smirk made a come hither signal with my hand. She didn't hesitate to run to me at break neck speed before jumping up and wrapping her legs around my waist and arms around my neck. I stumbled back a bit in surprise but immediately put a hand on her bum to support her weight while my other hand tangled in her hair before we met for a kiss that we've been denied for much too long.

I decided then and there never to be gone for as long as I have been. I've never been one for propriety anyway. It was a toy store. He smiled, remembering the times he had shared with his sister in front of that very same shop. Not much has changed since then and despite the years gone by, it still held a very special place in his hearts.

He entered the store with a small smile that actually reached the corner of his eyes, making him look younger. It had been a while since he'd been there last, but somehow as he walked through the store, for a split second, or so it seemed to him, he felt as though he was a child again, with both his parents alive and his sister.

Suddenly Tokiya's thoughts were interrupted when he felt something poking his leg. He turned around and saw He then continued walking, but then stopped as he felt the poking sensation again, but this time on his butt. He then heard a small voice. Beside him was a small boy with purple hair and large grey eyes. He was holding a teddy bear on his right hand. The teddy bear was holding a heart with the inscription: Tokiya looked at the boy with annoyance.

The last thing he wanted was a child following him like a lost dog. He gave the toddler a serious gaze and hoped that it will scare him off.

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Then Tokiya walked away. He sighed when he realized that the boy wasn't following him. And where was that child's mother! As he was about to take another step, he almost lost his balance when he felt a tugging at his pant leg. He looked down and was surprised to see the boy again, but this time with teary eyes.

He then pushed the little boy aside so he could walk past him, but the boy suddenly clamped to his leg, refusing to release his hold.

conception ii meet fuuko and tokiya

Let go of me you little monster! Then the boy started crying miserably, very loudly, causing a crowd to gather. And earning them mixed reactions from the other customers. He sighed deeply, then he blurted out: The boy smiled and hugged his leg, looking up with innocence into his face. The kid shooked his head furiously and for a second the toddler reminded him of a certain purple-haired girl. He looked so innocent and carefree and for the first time after a very long time, there was not the slightest trace of worry on his beautiful face.

And his usual arrogant manner was gone, simply replaced with a genuine smile. The toddler took his hand and beamed up at him. The weather was still clear, but the wispy clouds are blowing by. Fuuko picked up her pace as the chill broke through her blazer and made her shiver.

It wasn't so cold, but there was a chill, so she wrapped her arms around herself. A few tiny raindrops began to hit the ground, but there wasn't even a distant roll of thunder. Fuuko squinted up at the sky, it was black, and seconds later the rain began pouring down.