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Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Angst - Ciel P., Sebastian M., Alois T., Claude F. - Chapters: 5 "Is it that late already, that you had to come and wake me up?" His legs tangled in the covers and he collapsed to his hands and knees halfway to the edge of the bed. He finally met his butler's eyes. See more ideas about Black butler kuroshitsuji, Alois trancy and Black butler 3. But you forgot to tell me that nightmares are dream, too" [Ciel Phantomhive. Alois Trancy stood in front of Ciel Phantomhive's house and watched the dark I am quite glad that someone does still care about me, so close to Christmas." He followed Ciel into the house and in the meeting room, where a warm and . Halfway he stopped and grinned and started to kiss Ciels penis.

If I did, i'd shoot how ever was in charge of the animation for Kuroshitsuji 2. Sebastian leans forward, eyes staring at Ciel's distracted face. When Ciel finishes he lifts his head with drowsy eyes. Sebastian quickly kisses Ciel's lips. Lips inches away from Ciel's ear.

Sebastian leans forward, his hand shoots out. They both exit the car, locking their doors behind them. Pounding it a few times. By the time Ciel reaches Sebastian the door slowly opens. His eyes staring at Ciel. Sebastian keeps calm, or tries to keep calm at least. He flips his perfectly straight raven black hair back into it's perfect place. His blonde hair scattering in one direction. You could do much better.

I'd be more than happy to wear booty shorts. Mysterious shades of purples and blacks surround the living room. Sebastian and Ciel take a seat on the couch.

Sebastian rests his hand on Ciel's knee. Ciel blushes, and quickly slaps his hand away. Sebastian and Ciel raise their hands. What do you want. Ciel's cheeks turn pale. Alois smiles as he hands Sebastian his can of Pepsi before he sits down on the chair across from Ciel.

He giggles to himself as he opens his can of Pepsi and takes large swallows. Sebastian turns his head, staring at Ciel. Ciel coughs up the fizzing liquid as he shoots him a look that says, ' Shut up! But how did you know? And maybe a game? Just help, and hurry! Sebastian smirks, taking another swig of his Pepsi. Ciel looks at the box. Ciel stares at him.

His body quickly froze, and shock filled his eyes. Ciel's mouth drops open, skin turning pale. Ciel squirms, trying to escape Alois's grasp as he's being pulled down to the blonde's lap.

His eyes staring at Sebastian's concerned face. Ciel moans, his eye lids close as the most sensitive part of his ear is sucked. Ciel's body shakes violently. He is not a rag doll! Ciel darling," he smirks, turning, and slowly walks away, moving his hips slowly.

Once Alois starts moving footsteps begin to get louder from upstairs. A teen with brown hair and glasses comes down the stairs. Sebastian releases Ciel from his hug. The teen ignores them and heads straight towards the kitchen. I wouldn't let anyone hurt you. The teen stops, facing towards Sebastian and Ciel. His golden eyes widen. Ciel's entire face turns red and Sebastian moves around uncomfortably. The teen refuses to say a word, he cooly turns around and heads back upstairs.

Heading back to his seat. It's not like that. Alois smirks licking his lips. Ciel nods his head, sighing a little bit, ignoring Alois's last comment. They head upstairs, their duffle bags hanging over their shoulders. Sebastian gives a seductive smile as they enter the room.

A king size bed, mysterious blue and purple swirl pattern sheets, black walls, a nightstand, and a ceiling fan that whirls quickly over their heads.

Sebastian heads towards the bed, leaving the duffle bags to Ciel. The squeaks get louder. The boy shudders under the touch. Sebastian smiles caressing Ciel's jaw. They lean in closer, their lips touch ever so slightly. Locking his tender body under Sebastian's strong knees. Sebastian smirks, his lips aggressively kissing Ciel's.

You're name will a laughingstock to society. Ciel notices that Sebastian's been sucking the bottom of his lip.

Ciel parts his lips and his lovers tongue slides in, easily winning dominance. Ciel moans, the voice returns. You must be really enjoying yourself. The image of Alois pops into his mind. His hair parted on a single side, and smirking Shaking his head dangerously. Is it because you know what it is, and you're to afraid to admit it? Alois licks his lips, 'Slut. Ciel's eyes shoot open, his heart rate increases, his breathing turning into short pants.

Ciel takes a look around, he's lying on the edge of the bed, he sees that he and Sebastian are both undressed, and Sebastian's body is towering over Ciel's preparing himself.

Ciel flinches as Sebastian's length slowly drives inside him. A new image appears. Alois is staring at him, his cold teal eyes piercing every inch of his body. Sebastian's length hasn't even gone half way in. I just can't do it tonight.

He makes his living off of writing rumor filled articles. He gets the ideas from Alois, so everyone fears him around school. He chooses different people every week to be his helpless victim for the weeks paper.

We'll never be the same.

Alois Trancy

Ciel opens his mouth trying to answer, but Sebastian leans forward. His lips kissing Ciel's passionately. Ciel laughs again, leaning forward, his lips inches from Sebastian's ear. Ciel moves down Sebastian's face, slowly. Gently touching him with his soft, pink, lips. Tickling his pale, ivory, skin.

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He comes to a halt once Sebastian's lips contact with his. One can never get it back again. Sebastian smirks, grabbing Ciel's limp member giving it hard pumps. Ciel hisses at the sudden change. He had been out to one of his mansions situated in the country, away from the stress, the noise and the smell of London. Alois sighed in relief and walked up to the coach. I had just come over for a visit.

I am quite glad that someone does still care about me, so close to Christmas. Alois bowed slightly and turned away, just when Ciel cleared his throat embarassed and asked him politely to come in for some tea.

Twinings Earl Grey, an offer Alois couldn't quite refuse. I guess I shall be able to sacrifice my time for some tea", Alois said, smiling his dumbfounding smile, broad and warm and angelic.

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He followed Ciel into the house and in the meeting room, where a warm and comfortable fire already burned in the open firelace. Alois propped himself right before the flickering flames and warmed himself up. It was cold indeed.

He decided to start a tea-conversation, one of the very meaningless sort, the ones he hated like the most. Sebastian entered the room with a steaming pot of tea, decorated in the delicate Victorian style, and a set of two cups, in the same manner of decoration. Then he turned to the boys and said: Sebastian said his "Yes, My lord" and left. Silently, as he always did.

Alois thought, it could be understood as a menace. Call if you feel you need anything. Ciel took a deep breath. It sounded loud in the room, for the only other noise was the crackling fireplace. I dare say I know you well enough to be able to tell that it was no spontanous idea that lead you here. And I know that you have been waiting very long. It has only killed few so far. You refuse to visit me at my place, and I have been simply longing to see you and keep contact once in a while.

So I decided to come over. At any rate, he forced every smile back. He always did, eventhough the blonde guy could make him smile so easily. Alois watched Ciel with growing interest - the lord had sunken into deep thought again.

Alois' hand trembled as he tried to memorize every detail of Ciels' fascinating childish face. The low cheekbones and the full lips. Alois started to wonder when he had seen them smile. He wished to see them smile. The wish manifested itself, and Alois stood up to make Ciels' face smile. Or he rather tried. Ciel pushed Alois away and shook his head. You can behave better than this! Only once and for me? Ciel stared for a moment, dumbfounded by the words of his guest.

But it was too late anyway. Ciel had actually tried to forget about Alois Trancy, for he had an engagement with Elizabeth, and being in love with a boy way absolutely unthinkable.

Ciel shook his hair out of his face and looked at Alois, smiling admiringly. No use of of forgetting him. The wall of ice he had built up between his emotions and reality was broken, destryoed by Alois' charm. Ciel drowned in the pleasures of Alois's face. He didn't realize that his smile grew bigger and more emotional by the second. Alois stood up and walked over to Ciel once more. This time Ciel didn't push him away. This time Ciel reached out his arms to Alois and pulled him into a close embrace, deep into the upholstery of the chair.

Alois cradled Ciels' face, stroking his soft skin on the cheeks, pushing the blue hair aside. Ciel moaned in pleasure. Alois lips brushed Ciels' gently, then he kissed the Phantomhive again. Smack dab, right onto his lips. Ciel stared at Alois, dumbfounded again and thought it was quite a miserable situation when Alois pulled back again and walked aroung the room. The warm and soft lips were missing, the steady heartbeat and the warm and somehow sweet breath on his neck, the soft fingertips on his frace.

What if Alois was playing.? Alois was still walking around, just to have to do something. Finally, he sat down on the couch, his cheeks bright red. Ciel opened his eyes and shook his head in disbelief.

He went over to Alois, who was lying on the upholstered piece of furniture, sitting down next to Alois's head. He gently started to stroke the blonde hair and Alois closed his eyes, wrapping his arms around Ciels' waist. They remained seated like this, leaving tea and tarts untouched. It was Ciel who took the first step towards something bigger than only a kiss and a few whispered words and promises. He cradled Alois' face in his small, white hands while an evil grin slowly but steadily crawled upon his lips.

Being alone in one room, kissing and not being married. Love Miss Lizzy would call very very dirty. Alois licked his lips and whispered in Ciels ear: You'll be begging me on your knees to stop!

What a masochist you indeed are! Alois loosened the belt holding up the black trousers and put his hand to Ciels underwear. Ciel moaned and tried to grasp for something. Alois took Ciels' hand and held it while he himself tickeled Ciels penis. Ciel opened his mouth to take a deep breath, but Alois was first, he covered Ciels lips with his own, sucking each others lips.

Alois pushed his tongue into Ciels mouth. Ciel spread his legs and dug his heels into the upholstery. He pulled on Alois' necktie. The bow opened and fell to the floor. Alois understood and pulled away from Ciel to unbutton his shirt. He also freed Ciel from his clothes and said: Alois sat on the couch and leant over Ciel.