Baltic and north seas meet quran search

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baltic and north seas meet quran search

In verses in surah Ar-Rahman, Allah refers to two seas meeting side by This is the literalist interpretation that we find with many of the commentators. Has anyone ever tried mixing Baltic Sea water and Northern Sea water to see The Holy Quran mentioned that there is a barrier between two seas that meet and .. We do not have a high degree of science to look for,it's up to them to search. Above lines from the Quran says the seas meet and mix but yet there is a Amazing natural phenomenon where the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

Confluence of the Mosel and Rhine rivers in Koblenz, Germany.

Quran On Mixing of Seas and Rivers | Quran Al Hakeem

Confluence of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers in Devpryag, India. Consider the following verses in the Quran which were revealed to Prophet Mohammed: Between them is a barrier which they do not transgress. So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?

One is fresh and sweet, palatable for drinking, and one is salty and bitter. And from each you eat tender meat and extract ornaments which you wear, and you see the ships plowing through [them] that you might seek of His bounty; and perhaps you will be grateful.

(Hindi Dubbed) Two Seas not mixing with each other ┇ Quran and Modern Science ┇

Nay, most of them know not. Indeed a thinking mind should be perplexed when a high-profile 21st century scientist like Richard Dawkins seems to be totally ignorant about this fact, but how an illiterate bedouin desert dweller in the early 7th century C. As proof for its divine origin, the Quran is indeed full of information on a variety of different topics, which were not known to mankind at beginning of the 7th century.

Heard it from someone who knew about this phenomenon and felt like including it in the Quran.

Mythbusting 'the place where two oceans meet' in the Gulf of Alaska

Good wild guess and he decided put it in the Quran. Received authentic revelation from the Creator of all that exist.

baltic and north seas meet quran search

None of the above, the verses in the Quran are inaccurate. Those eddies often carry with them huge quantities of glacial sediment thanks to rivers like Alaska's mile-long Copper River, prized for its salmon and originating from the Copper Glacier far inland.

It empties out east of Prince William Sound, carrying with it all that heavy clay and sediment.

baltic and north seas meet quran search

And with that sediment comes iron. This is one of the primary methods that iron -- found in the clay and sediment of the glacial runoff -- is transported to iron-deprived regions in the middle of the Gulf of Alaska.

baltic and north seas meet quran search

As for that specific photo, Bruland said that it shows the plume of water pouring out from one of these sediment-rich rivers and meeting with the general ocean water. It's also a falsehood that these two types of water don't mix at all, he said.

baltic and north seas meet quran search

Such borders are never static, he added, as they move around and disappear altogether, depending on the level of sediment and the whims of the water. There is much study being conducted on how this iron influences marine productivity, in particular its effects on the growth of plankton, which Bruland referred to as "the base of the food chain.

Islam Guide: The Quran on Seas and Rivers

So next time somebody shares a "really cool photo" of "the place where two oceans meet," feel free to let them know the science behind the phenomenon. After all, in this Internet age, nothing spreads faster than misinformation.

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