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Mitch got the name "Bajan Canadian" because he was born in Canada and grew up He moved to America in fourth grade, where he met Jerome (Mitch is 6 days BETTY!! El boost, biggums! El booooost! On the way! Bum, bum, bum-bum. "This is true." See more. I love Betty! . See more. Bajan Canadian ~ You dont know <3 Photo Shoot - TeamCrafted Jerome Asf, .. Games W, Cool Tech, Touch, Boards, Cool Stuff, Minecraft Videos, Funny, Hunger Games, Meat. ✌ Maddie. Fluffy and the Betty sewper cute! . I like minecraft universe deadlox sky bajan canadian asf Jerome ssundee and husky mudkipz by the . Meet the 8 most famous Minecraft players, their hugely popular YouTube presence and the brands.

Back to the game, the 8-bit Bacca is hot on your tail. He and Mitch made a bet that if you die, you have to make them sandwiches.

Even if they both die too. But that seems too good to be true, for you have only three hearts left. As you sprint, trying to juke sp? What d' you think, Mitch? I say, focus on the other players. As the two were talking about your demise, you lost the Bacca. Or so he thinks. You are actually hiding in a tree watching him, crouching. Watching from behind the leaf-blocks, you see Jerome's character looking around, but never up. Almost weirder than Mitch-" "HEY!

Dat's not nice, biggums. You shake your head at the two's antics as you hop from tree to tree. Stopping to eat some pork chops you collected earlier in the game, you spot a guy with a creeper-in-a-suit skin and a guy in a rip off CaptainSparklez skin fighting.

Just as the creeper guy dies you grin, jump in and hit the fake Sparklez with your stone sword. Three hits and he explodes, his and the other guy's items flying everywhere. You also get a bow and 16 arrows, a gold ax, two iron swords, some carrots and baked potatoes, two diamonds, and two sticks.

Leaving all the other useless items, you venture on. Having 8 levels, you decide to go back to spawn and make an enchanted diamond ax. You reach the crafting table and create Betty. Turning to enchant it, you get hit by a guy in half gold, half chain-mail armor. You chuckle into the mic, and smirk. Mitch laughs, and says, "Oh, really? I'm sure you're just hiding in a cave somewhere, starving. When D-match comes you're gonna die!! Looking around, you see Mitch, Jerome, someone with a girl skin, and a Herobrine skin.

You get your bow out and quickly snipe the girl. Using only five arrows she dies. She was probably hiding in a cave, like Mitch said. It's a good thing they're playing in the other room. Jerome kills the Herobrine, and then you watch as Mitch and Jerome battle.

They seem to forget about you as they whack each other with iron swords.

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I wanna be the one to kill Your name. You can do it Benja! Then, you come after him with the iron sword. As you hit him, you see he's holding back. Finally, you whip out Betty. Jerome and Mitch gasp as you chop Mitch. Why do you do dis!? He got out of bed and dragged himself to the kitchen in search of food. He pulled out some cereal and milk, and a carton of orange juice.

He shook his head and threw everything back in it's place. He had just put together Jerome's favorite breakfast. What was wrong with him? He settled for toast and peanut butter, and sat down to read some tweets. There was a tweet from Jerome, last night after they had logged off. He called Mat, Preston and Quentin. Maybe all he needed was some time with his friends. Out of habit, he called Jerome and invited him over too. Satisfied that they were going to be here soon, he sat down and watched some T.

V while he waited for his friends. Jerome awoke to his phone ringing. It was Mitch, the last person he needed to talk to right now. Mat, Preston and Quentin are coming over.

Wanna hang out with us? After they hung up, Jerome mentally cursed himself for accepting, and got out of the bed begrudgingly to shower.

If he was going to see Mitch, he might as well be presentable. Mitch looked up as someone knocked on the door. He opened it, and there was Jerome. Jerome went and sat on the couch as he usually did.

It was now or never. He closed his eyes for a moment before turning. He sat down beside Jerome. I tried to make myself believe that I didn't. I was scared that it would ruin our friendship. Mitch sighed and rubbed his head between his eyes. That's what I'm afraid of. That they won't accept me because He took Mitch's chin and guided his head so that he was looking at Jerome.

They would completely understand. Suddenly, Mitch grabbed Jerome by the waist and pulled him on top of him, laying back and kissing him deeply. His tongue found it's way into Jerome's mouth as Jerome's explored Mitch's. Jerome leaned deeper into the kiss, his hands exploring Mitch's arms, chest and waist.

The kiss was jerked to complete stillness as a knock at the door jolted them into reality. They looked first at the door, then each other. Jerome stared at Mitch, and then licked Mitch's face once from his jaw to his cheek. He got up to get the door, laughing with Mitch as he fake-wiped Jerome's saliva off his face. Jerome answered the door. Mat, Preston and Quentin walked in together.

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Jerome and Mitch looked at each other for a second, then burst out in even more laughter. They took brisk steps toward each other and locked lips in a passionate kiss. Three jaws practically hit the floor. The two broke the kiss and grinned sheepishly at their friends.

We thought you guys were gonna wait until we found out ourselves! Mitch and Jerome looked confused. We only got together literally a few minutes before you got here.

Jerome and Mitch looked at each other and laughed again. Let's just do something fun. They sat in silence before Mat suggested truth or dare. Mitch, truth or dare.

How Well Do You Know BajanCanadian?

Both Preston and Mitch's jaws went slack. I just don't wanna embarrass Jerome if Mitch finds out I'm a better kisser than he is. Jerome growled at Preston.

It's not like you're cheating or anything. He picked up Mitch's upper body and kissed him full on the mouth. After a few seconds, he dropped him and went back to sitting on the floor. Mitch, stunned, slumped back into Jerome. After a minute, he grinned and looked up at Jerome. He is a better kisser than you. Quentin looked at him. I was going to say 'that doesn't mean you're a better kisser than everyone'. I am the best! So because none of you will do that, that means we can move on.

But get the bacca off me!