Arnav and khushi meet again wiz

arnav and khushi meet again wiz

Title: arnav & khushi Rabba ve song Author: suji jeya, duration: views: 0. Wiz Khalifa - See You Again ft. Charlie Puth [Official Video] Furious 7. Often Khushi visits AR to meet Arnav, where she notices some models are almost Khushi was annoyed again with Suhana's dramatic expressions, as she. Link for Part 2 - madhu/ff- Khushi Gupta took a deep sigh and then sat again on the bed. . successful in making him feel out of control the whole day today since she met him. . Vandana Dhoojeet Think arnav father have SME relationship wiz shruti or khushi.

Arnav gestured his father to get seated instead of pointing him for something which he doesn't want to discuss over now. They ordered the bear and food. Khushi finally saw him and choked the water she was gulping. She immediately turned her gaze away.

arnav and khushi meet again wiz

She turned to see whom Khushi was not expecting to be around. There was no one else there except this Raizada father and Son. I slept in his room last night" Shruti's jaw dropped. She drank some water and it was evident from her expressions that she was trying to believe the most surprising thing in her life.

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I am so sorryy baby. You really landed up in the wrong room. You know who he is?? And neither I wish to know" Khushi bluntly replied eating again. He is Arnav Singh Raizada" Khushi didnt get anything clicked yet in her mind because she really never heard that name.

arnav and khushi meet again wiz

And of course not to miss. Changes his girls very often. He gets bored of his girls too often I have heard" Khushi had no expressions on her face even after hearing that. She continued eating while Shruti kept describing everything she knew about Arnav Singh Raizada to her. Overall a cool brat with sharp brains" "Done?? Not to forget we have an early morning Cab to return back to Delhi. I have some appointments tomorrow. Arnav had been noticing them from long while paying very loose attention to his fathers talks.

He realized the waiter was adding the bill for them at the counter. He excused and then walked straight to the waiter. He shared a few words with him and then wrote something on a piece of paper.

He paid some tip to the Waiter and then sent him to Khushi and Shruti's table. He returned back to his table too. Khushi took the Bill book which the Waiter kept on their table and had left.

She opened it but surprisingly didn't find the bill at all, instead a small note written using a marker pen. She removed a pen from her purse and wrote at the back of the same paper. She realised that he had paid their bill. She kept that paper in the same bill book and then got up to leave with Shruti who was totally confused what was happening. While walking towards the exit, she made sure to keep the bill book on Arnav's table.

He was more that eager to read what she wrote. You might get this bill amount refunded. The song also broke the streaming record in the United Kingdom that week with a total of 3. It marked Khalifa's second number one on the chart—following his feature on Maroon 5 's " Payphone " —and Puth's first.

The song's climb to number one was the largest in Australian Singles Chart history. Background[ edit ] The video, recorded by American rapper Wiz Khalifa and American singer Charlie Puthwas the most viewed video on YouTube from July 10 to August 4, [34] [35] and the most liked video on the site from August 28, to July 25, It was the second video ever to record two billion [42] and three billion views. Synopsis[ edit ] The video begins with a shot of a cliff top at sunset, followed by Khalifa walking down a highway road.

arnav and khushi meet again wiz

Puth is then shown singing the chorus whilst sitting at, and playing, a piano located between two cars. Khalifa's rap verses and Puth singing the second chorus and bridge are interspersed with footage from Furious 7.

See You Again

After the bridge, we see the final scene from the film: Dominic Toretto Vin Diesel and Brian O'Conner Cody Walkerfilling in for his brother, Pauldriving together, pull over in their cars and smile at each other one last time before driving away on separate roads into the sunset.

After the camera pans up into the sky, the screen turns white, the words "For Paul" appear on screen and the video ends. It reached 3 billion views on August 6, and is the third fastest video to accomplish the feat, doing so in days.

As of December 15,the video has received over 3.