Are romania and the same place to go meet

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are romania and the same place to go meet

Here are the top dos and don'ts when going out with a Romanian: find out how to You're preparing your first visit to your Romanian's girlfriend or This shows that you are organized and take care of yourself and the place you live. The same goes for wanting to meet their friends; it means that you are. Followed by: “Weren't you scared to come Romania? I had heard that visiting Romania would be like traveling back in time, where I could expect to . I think I might be headed down the same road as you – I hope I can visit Romania i would like to meet someone who knows the place and can show me. Being well-versed in all subjects, I've come to realize, is the norm. I have had a couple of Romanian girlfriends and it is safe to say that the think that this is how men should be, so when they meet a fine gentleman, such as yours We will be unbelievably respectful, almost to the point of too much, and.

In a poorly functioning system, people often have personal problems that need to be attended to and absenteeism is tolerated, particularly in the civil service and in state-owned companies. Respect for laws and norms, leaves much to be desired, reducing quality, and resulting in frustrations for both foreigners and even for Romanians. I found my Romanian friends and colleagues had a keen sense of fashion.

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Like Canada, dressing for work will depend on your working environment. In my workplace, it was expected that people would dress "smart casual" e. In some offices I noticed people wear jeans and sneakers but sensed that dressing sloppily was generally frowned upon. I would start out by addressing someone formally e. That seemed to work well and usually this invitation to be informal was given immediately.

For some older women, I found that the habit would be to address them as "tante", which is the Romanian equivalent of "auntie".

are romania and the same place to go meet

There was a difference in the expatriate and Romanian my colleagues approaches to time, punctuality, deadlines, absenteeism and productivity. I did not notice any lax behaviour around absenteeism. People seemed to show up for work with regularity, but lateness, long coffee or smoke breaks and missed deadlines, were quite common. How will I know how my staff view me? Qualities that are most highly regarded in a local superior include leadership, dedication, and open mindedness.

Micro-managing is not poorly viewed, provided that it is supported by on- going communication. The lack of experienced Romanians is seen as a weak point. In order to receive credible feedback, directors privately take their employees out for supper which results in comments or even confessions.

are romania and the same place to go meet

The notion of confidentiality holds a very different meaning for Romanians. In my office, a local superior manager was most highly regarded based on education, experience, strong leadership, hard work and fairness. Different styles of management were appreciated e. The same applied to expatriate managers, who were liked and respected, feared and respected or not respected at all based on the above-mentioned factors.

I found that expatriate managers and staff for that matter were expected to be extremely good at their job or else they faced questions usually indirect from Romanian staff about what they were doing in Romania in the first place, i.

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Romanians need jobs and if you are not going to demonstrate value-added expertise, then why should a Romanian not have that job. Cultural Information - Hierarchy and Decision-making Question: In the workplace, how are decisions taken and by whom? Is it acceptable to go to my immediate supervisor for answers or feedback? Romanian organizations still follow a very totalitarian style of leadership and are very centralized.

Directors and supervisors do a lot of the decision-making and get involved in micro- management.

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Informal relations play an important role in information sharing, the creation of ideas, and decision-making. Romanians chitchat a lot and it is difficult to keep a meeting on track. Decisions are made based on the context, the influences at play and personal interests. There are few established decision-making procedures. I worked in an international office with Romanians and Western expatriates.

It was the Western expatriate style of decision-making, idea generation, etc. Romanians were open to bringing their ideas to the table and discussing them. In fact, they were eager to take the lead and demonstrate their own superior local knowledge.

They also seemed quite happy to approach Western supervisors for feedback and answers. However, I am not so sure that this was the case with regards to Romanian colleagues interacting with Romanian supervisors.

I witnessed some though not all Romanian management styles that seemed authoritarian. At the same time, this was a management style that my Romanian colleagues were ambivalent about, i. It was really quite a challenge. Gender, Class, Religion and Ethnicity. What impact would the above attitudes have on the workplace? Women have an equal standing in the workplace; there are equal numbers of women and men with university degrees in the workforce.

A number of women work in the areas of healthcare, teaching and specific industries i. However, there are fewer in business, politics, and in higher-level positions.

are romania and the same place to go meet

Men show courtesy toward women, and this kind of attitude is not taken as harassment. Sexual harassment is generally kept under cover and recently a law was passed in the hopes of eliminating it altogether. The Orthodox religion is rather tolerant and allows priests to marry. Recently, a number of neo-Protestant sects have made a breakthrough.

In the workplace, spirituality does not play an important role for most Romanians. Often it is the poor who rely on religion. Communist leaders have now been replaced by people with "new money" i. This elite group, which includes a number of people who became rich in the Communist era, is envied, loathed, and feared by the vast majority, who accuses them of acquiring their wealth through fraud and by taking advantage of networks established under the totalitarian regime.

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Daily, the press exposes the crimes that have gone unpunished by the corrupt justice system. There are very few who make up the middle class and the "entrepreneurs" who took over just after the change in regime still hold their privileged positions. There is a kind of general resignation on the part of the people that appears to prevent them from taking the initiative to change this situation.

Ethnic origins hold a lot of weight in judging others. There is historical resentment toward the Hungarian, Jewish, and Gypsy minorities that is not felt toward Ukrainians, Germans, Turkish Muslims or Tartars who are less numerous. Italians are given a warm welcome and intercultural relations are even better than those with the French, who have always enjoy a certain prestige.

are romania and the same place to go meet

Like most of the world, there are gender differences. For example, the types of work that men and women do, especially at the household level, can be different. Professionally one of the benefits of Communism was to give men and women equal opportunities. In this respect, you do find quite a lot of strong accomplished women in the professions.

I am still not quite sure on my opinion regarding the dynamic of a British guy with a Romanian girl but I will say this; a lot is lost in translation. I found myself having arguments over something that I realized after was either because I had misunderstood something or she had.

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That was very frustrating. Also, the women here are very used to Romanian guys; for obvious reasons. And Romanian men, for the most part, are your typical Latin type. For the most part, overly confident and arrogant. We British play things a little differently. Do I think a Romanian woman can be with a foreigner?

The Horoscopes and Fortune Tellers Never before have I known so much about the horoscopes and which birthday falls into which. And the Fortune Tellers! Never been to one. Probably will soon, if I live in Romania longer.

It would seem that the women here, especially, go to them. They want to find out what their future holds; whether love plays a dominant part, who they will be with, how many children, when they will get married etc. And there is true, unshakeable belief in these Tellers. The Parties Did I already mention them? The Sense of Humor Dry. Just like the Brits. Gypsy Music There is a type of music here called Manele.

It is made by Gypsies and is meant exclusively for Gypsies; seeing as how I am told they are the only people who like it. However, for all the gesticulation projected at me regarding this, I find normal people listening to it. Usually at social gatherings; weddings etc.

Please do correct me if I am wrong. You see women screeching and wailing when this music comes on, putting both hands in the air and clicking their fingers. Yes, perhaps I am getting confused with traditional Romanian music. But it sounds so similar to my untrained ear. Safety Nothing has changed here.

are romania and the same place to go meet

I still feel fantastically safe in this city. It seems a distant memory when I used to walk on the streets of London and constantly be very aware of who was around and who was walking towards me. For shorter distances up to km consider a car or train, train or coach for medium km and internal flights for longer routes Bucharest — Cluj or Timisoara. Visitors to Romania are well advised to have travel insurance before getting here. Have a look at our guide on getting around Romania.

Weather, climate and when to visit Romania Romania has a temperate continental climate with the regular four seasons still largely present. Average rain, no spontaneous floods or draughts. Morning frost in spring, thunderstorms in the summer, foggy in autumn and snowy and freezing in the winter. The best time to visit Romania is anytime between early April - end of October. Our favourite time of the year to enjoy Romania is autumn: You should book accommodations well in advance as lots of Romanians like spending their summer by the seaside.

Check our full guide on skiing in Romania to learn more and see which are the best resorts. UK, US or other types of plugs will need an adaptor. That's another reason why digital nomads love Romania, besides its affordability. Good Wi-Fi is usually available in most public places and there are lots of cafes where you can retreat for a quiet work session and a good cup of coffee.

Mobile network coverage are on par: Cellular receptions and coverage is very good all over the country and even in the countryside.

Wi-fi might be harder to find outside major cities except when going to resorts, hotels or more modern guesthouses but you can easily use your phone or create a mobile hotspot if you need internet. Emergency number, medical services and insurance In Romania the single nation-wide emergency telephone number is An operator will ask if you want to talk to the police, fire or medical services.

There are no particular health concerns or issues you should be aware of before travelling to Romania. On the contrary - Romania has plenty of greenery and salt mines that are good for your health. As regards medical services, all hospitals are public and state-owned and take care of walk-ins or emergencies. Your best chance of finding someone who speaks English is to look for young doctors.

There are also several private hospitals in major cities, such as MedLife, Regina Maria or Polaris, but they're not available for emergencies and their fees are significant. There are plenty of pharmacies in all urban areas and you can get the usual pills for colds, aches, indigestions or bruises without prescription. In case you need specific prescription pills, better to stock up before coming here as pharmacies don't give those without a doctor's prescription.

Finally, as with travelling to any other foreign country, we highly recommend you take a travel insurance just to be on the safe side. Personal safety and social norms Is Romania safe as a travel destination? Yes - there have been no terror attacks, attempts, plots or otherwise in Romania. Also, there are no internal ethnic or religious conflicts and we have a very strict firearm regulation - so no lunatics with guns. The only civil disturbances in Romania are protests against the political class for lots of reasons, but even those are peaceful, funny and inspiring and won't cause any trouble to you.

From a personal safety perspective Romania is a relatively safe country for tourists.