16 and pregnant niall horan imagine meet

One Direction Preferences • Preference Another boy finds out your pregnant

16 and pregnant niall horan imagine meet

He Meets You and You're Already Pregnant Harry: You're struggling to reach the bed set over top of you when a hand reaches for it. “Here you. 16 year you would be disappointed with you, always having You could feel him staring and you could only imagine the look on his face. Despite popular belief, meeting the One Direction boys there was not an easy task. Read #51 He meets your Family from the story Niall Horan Imagines by luv1Dforlife (XHarryFStylesX) with reads. niallhoran, onedirection, niall. " Niall, I.

You and your friends were at Funky Buddha, one of your favorites clubs in town. You guys were always there. Despite popular belief, meeting the One Direction boys there was not an easy task. You would know, not only going to the club a lot but also being a fan. You were always judged by being a fan of them. That night, you had been lucky.

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The place was more crowded than usual and you saw a few fangirls trying to get in. The thought of seeing one of them making your heart stop. You had never been so glad to meet the security guard as you were that day, when he let you in because he knew you by name already. The night started just like the other ones.

#5 Preference: You get pregnant after a one-night stand

You and your friends did a few shots of tequila, heading to the dance floor when the buzz started. First, you would get dizzy, especially when getting up if you had been drinking seated. Second, you feel happier or sadder, depending on the day.

Third, you started laughing at everything and everyone. By the time some person hit you up in the dance floor, hands around your waist while his chest was pressed to your back, you was already drunk, so you danced with him.

A little dance and maybe a one-night stand if the person was hot never hurt, right? Soon enough you found that the guy was Niall and although you embarrassed yourself by fangirling at little bit, you still manage to go to bed with him.

You like to think that it was the fact the he found you extremely beautiful, as he said more than once one night, that made him stick around you that night even after the fangirl episode. Now you had to raise a child alone, with the burden to tell your kid that her father was some famous guy you had only met once.

16 and pregnant niall horan imagine meet

You were used to this by now. You grew up with them. Until your eight birthday, all you wanted was to go everywhere they went and do everything they did. You wanted to be one of the boys. Then you went through a phase were you wanted them to notice you as the girly girl you were.

They were family and you loved them very much, but you had grown out of the phase of looking up to them. He had been away for almost seven months and both you missed him very much. Once he was out, you two decided to watch a movie while you waited. Being only, the two of you felt almost natural and good. As soon as you told Louis this, something snapped inside him.

He pulled you by your waist and kissed you. At first, you just stood there, too shocked to move, but then started kissing back.

16 and pregnant niall horan imagine meet

None of you thinking about the consequences of your acts. You should have, though. As you sat on the same couch, everything had happened that night, when your brother innocently went out for food leaving you two, fear consuming you as Louis comforted you.

How was this fine? You met Liam when you were both Meeting Liam was probably one of the best things to happen to you ever. He was the perfect best friend and all you could have wish for. He was caring, helped you with boy troubles and supported you no matter what. Despite the fact that everyone always said that you two were going to end up together and you had been able to prove them wrong until that day.

Liam had been single for a little more than three months and just like every time, he got needy and touchy. It was nothing out of ordinary when you went to his apartment one day and he asked to cuddle with you on the couch, while watching to some action movie that was on. Everything was normal, until he started moving his hand to your thighs.

At first, he was only supporting his hands there, but when he gently squeezed your legs, you jumped and turned around. Liam, what the hell? You were confused not only with this situation but with yourself. You and Liam were supposed to be just friends. You stare at him in shock for several minutes before grilling him on what is intentions are.

After going into labor the next day, you watch as Harry carefully signs his name on the birth certificate while cradling his newborn son against his chest. You turn to see Liam Payne in front of you, holding out a set of booties for your unborn baby.

You stare down at the items in your hand before looking to the items in his hand.

16 and pregnant niall horan imagine meet

Liam chuckles, asking for your name as he takes your things into his arms and sets them in his own cart. He helps you carry your things to your car as you answer his questions. The blonde boy in front of you is taking forever to order his ice cream and your pregnancy hormones are raging. His eyes wash over your hands splayed against your rounding stomach and he steps to the side with a sheepish smile.

You took walks around town to clear your head when things started to overwhelm you. The fresh air was a relief and you walked down to the park at the end of your cul-de-sac. You walk around the edge of the playground balancing on the wooden logs surrounding the equipment.

You put your headphones in your ears and press play. The first song up, one by your favorite band. You start to hum the melody as you make your way around the edge of the playground paying no attention to the guy sitting on the bench you had just passed who had just looked up to watch you walk by.