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The final rule institutes hiring standards for the selection of State and local school at the State Agency Meeting for State Child Nutrition Directors and their staff members. On March , , FNS held a two-day listening session with Nissan North America, Inc., American Honda Motor Co., Inc., EvoBus GmbH, . Dec , , Wisconsin State Meet, Level , Waukesha West H.S.. Dec. 8 & 9 , , Oshkosh Clash of Titans, Level /Xcel, UW-Oshkosh. Dec 8 & 9. 12 ECAC Championships | 49 NCAA All-Americans .. Army collected more than all-league citations in alone. .. 2 nationally in , the Nissan- Emery finalist reached the Schrade is currently the state chairman in charge of USA-Gymnastics (which is the L, at Wisconsin.

Map of the area and phone numbers of places you could go. Special needs, for example, diapers or formula, prescription medicines and copies of prescriptions, hearing aid batteries, spare wheelchair battery, spare eyeglasses, or other physical needs.

If you have additional space, consider adding some of the items from your Evacuation Supplies Kit. A disaster supplies kit is simply a collection of basic items your household may need in the event of an emergency. Assemble your kit well in advance of an emergency, you will probably not have time to search for the supplies you need or shop for them. Disaster Supplies Kit basics listed above. Three gallons of water per person. Three-day supply of nonperishable food.

One complete change of clothing and footwear for each family member, sturdy shoes or workboots, raingear, hat and gloves, thermal underwear, sunglasses. Blankets or sleeping bag for each family member. Tools and other accessories: Sanitation and hygiene items: Entertainment, such as games and books. Remember the needs of very young and older family members, such as infants and elderly or disabled persons. Home Disaster Supplies Kit Gathering the following items will help your family endure home confinement, which may include the loss of utilities.

Wrench to turn off household gas and water. Keep it near the shut-off valves. A week s supply of food and water. See column Safety Corner for water and food safety tips.

Additional blankets and sleeping bags. The basics for your first aid kit include: Sterile adhesive bandages in assorted sizes. Assorted sizes of safety pins. Latex gloves 2 pairs. Tongue depressor blades 2.

Tube of petroleum jelly or other lubricant. Have the following nonprescription drugs in your Disaster Supplies Kit: Aspirin or nonaspirin pain reliever. Antacid for stomach upset. Syrup of ipecac use to induce vomiting if advised by the poison control center. Activated charcoal use if advised by the poison control center. Add any necessary prescription and nonprescription drugs. Add special needs for infants, elderly persons, or anyone with serious allergies. Important Documents Keep the following original documents in a safe deposit box if possible, and copies in a waterproof, fire-resistant portable container: Will, insurance policies, contracts, deeds, stocks and bonds.

Passports, social security cards, immunization records. Credit card account numbers and companies. Inventory of valuable household goods, important telephone numbers. Family records birth, marriage, death certificates. Golfers may register individually or as a 2-person team. Entry fee includes green fees, golf cart, lunch, and prizes.

Prizes will be awarded to the top finishers in each segment. The winning team receives a trophy. Lunch will be available after holes are completed. To make an appointment, or for volunteer information, contact DSN: Show your spirit with costumes, bandana s, and spirit attire.

Protective eyewear is also recommended. Free registration on site the day of the event the first people get a free t-shirt. Crisis intervention; Emotional support; Referrals to both military and civilian resources in the victim's area; Information on military reporting options restricted vs. States are required to send registered absentee voters their ballots no later than 45 days prior to Election Day.

Check state-specific deadlines and requirements, and use the step-by-step tool to register to be an absentee voter at The Installation Voting Assistance Office is available for assistance on Panzer Kaserne, Building Roomor by calling DSN: Stop by the following locations for assistance to make your vote count this election: No registration is required. Story time helps children build confidence, learn socialization skills, and make friends, while caregivers get a chance to meet their peers.

Story time is fun for everyone! Story time sessions held at RB Library: Wednesdays - all ages Storytime, Storytime sessions held at Patch Library: Wednesday mornings - Let the Army Community Service Employment Readiness and Volunteer Programs assist you in maximizing these valuable volunteer positions on your resume as work experience to include how to document hours and types of volunteer work for potential employers.

Handicap is preferred but not required. Registration deadline is Sep. Must be ID cardholder and age 12 or above. Must be 18 years of age or older. Service members may also enter a dependent one additional account. AtHoc alerts users with emergency notifications multiple ways through computers pop-ups, voice calls to landline and mobile phones, s and text messages.

Follow the stepby-step instructions on stuttgartcitizen. Come out and have a great time! Watch sports channels, enjoy free Wi-Fi, billiards, darts, and free movies every Friday double feature 7 p. Take advantage of free English classes that are open to community members wanting to sharpen their English skills, classes include a textbook. Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month you can grab a drink or two with your friends, line dance, two-step or just hang out. Country Night is a great way to kick back and enjoy your weekend.

Grab your friends and co-workers for an evening out to dance, sing along to the DJ music, or just hang out. Shake it to popular hits ideal for Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Reggaeton, or request your favorite Latin dance genre and make it a night to remember.

Salsa Saturdays are held every 4th Saturday of every month. The Stuttgart Citizen website provides tips for European appliance maintenance and use. Deadline to sign-up for a league is Sept. Open to all U. To nominate a com munity member, Details to include: Name, unit or organization if applicable and why you think this person is a Superstar. Winners are announced on AFN Radio. Army Garrison Stuttgart Vehicle Registration Office has added online appointments for community members clearing and shipping vehicles, in addition to registration renewal.

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Clearing and shipping includes shipping plates and the turn-in of plates for destruction. The community is asked to use the online appointment system available for both ID Cards and Passports. Schedule an individual appointment openings Sept. The movies listing was the most current at the time of publication. Dates are subject to change. Please check with your local theater online for the most up-to-date schedule: However, Tuesday can t stop dreaming about discovering the world. After a violent storm, Tuesday and his friends wake up to find a strange creature on the beach: Tuesday immediately views Crusoe as his ticket off the island to explore new lands.

Likewise, Crusoe soon realizes that the key to surviving on the island is through the help of Tuesday and the other animals. It isn t always easy at first, as the animals don t speak human. Slowly but surely, they all start living together in harmony, until one day, when their comfortable life is overturned by two savage cats, who wish to take control of the island.

A battle ensues between the cats and the group of friends but Crusoe and the animals soon discover the true power of friendship up against all odds even savage cats. Photo by Staff Sgt. Marcus Fichtl Two U. The exercise was designed to stress and build interoperability between U. The exercise challenged the participants with counter terrorism scenarios at both the tactical and operational level throughout the country of Georgia. The exercise enhances our ability to respond jointly to international security challenges.

European Command along with their Georgian counterparts were the primary participants in Jackal Stone They worked together on the ground through field missions and at the operational and strategic level via computer simulation. The Georgian forces, their planners, their commanders and their Soldiers have shown nothing but trust and loyalty throughout the entire process, said Maj.

It has been an exercise of hard work and commitment. Jackal Stone 16 allowed Georgia to build up its own internal systems and capabilities. It was very important to see how the U. We will definitely emulate the U. A culmination of a year s worth of hard work and even more years of American and Georgian friendship, Jackal Stone strengthened the ties and capabilities of both partner nations.

Jackal Stone was a year in planning, it involved hundreds of people and a very substantial commitment of both time and resources, but we feel it was a very good choice to do it here in Georgia and feel confident that this will be very beneficial to all concerned, said Berliner. The FLA training is one more example of developing trust by consistent military-to-military working relationships. Elizabeth Tarr Story by Staff Sgt. If you re the Ukrainian armed forces you prepare to receive some of the best training on how to properly use these life-saving devices.

This will allow them to effectively and efficiently train 19 Ukrainian students, Sept. The ambulances, which are part of the train-and-equip program with Ukraine, were officially handed over to the Ukrainian armed forces by Lt. Gen Ben Hodges, commander of U. The two-week course will consist of detailed training that will teach the medical students, who recently graduated from the inaugural Ukraine Medical Curriculum Program, how to properly maintain the FLA.

There will also be a driver s training course that will familiarize students with the vehicle, and hands-on medical training to acquaint the students with the medical equipment. The driver s training portion of the course will incorporate scenarios with simulated casualties so the students receive hands-on training with the FLA to ensure they are knowledgeable about the vehicle and are capable of using the medical equipment.

They have never worked with FLA s before and it s important for them to be proficient, said Sgt. We are showing them how we would treat patients and what equipment we would use in different scenarios. Yu will be one of the instructors for the training and this is her first opportunity to train students on the vehicle, but she isn t too worried about the obstacles that lie ahead.

I know they recently graduated from the course and will be able to pick up the information really quickly, said Yu. I m not too worried about them being unfamiliar with how we teach and learning the tasks to standard.

These vehicles provide mobility for emergency situations and provide a quick link between battlefield casualties and emergency services not available on the front lines of battle. JMTG-U is part of the train-and-equip program. Their primary focus is on direct training in the near term while helping the Ukrainian armed forces to build a sustainable and enduring combat training center at the IPSC. This training is one more example of how the U.

This is one more example of how the U. The day was packed with physical and mental activities such as land navigation and obstacle courses, an assault rifle stress shoot, an eightmile ruck march and a team board. The challenge is dedicated to a fellow fallen comrade, Cpl. Daniel Jimenez, welcomed the group reading a letter from a child received in a care package thanking the Soldiers for their dedicated service.

Jimenez reminded Soldiers of the important values Clifton defended when making the ultimate sacrifice: Searl, commanding officer of the th MP Battalion also addressed and thanked competitors, I believe with every fiber of my being that we are here to honor Spc. Jonathan Jerez of the th Military Police Company, 1st Platoon, conquers the rope climb, called the tough one, during the obstacle course portion of the Clifton Challenge, Sept.

Photo by Eric Steen those that have gone before us. What we re here to do now is to train and increase readiness. As we go through the day, let us not lose what the true meaning of the Clifton Challenge is. Less than 1 percent of American sons and daughters today, raise their right hand like each of you did, Searl said.

Scamps Blizzard Invite - Level 9 Gymnastics Meet

In order to provide a safe yet challenging event, maneuver schemes were planned in three phases: Photo by Eric Steen masks. The test kicked off in the early morning at 4: Following a safety briefing, maps were issued and the clock started with a minute countdown.

Soldiers had to successfully attain the first five of 10 points. Scores were assessed by the total number completed within the time period. The day continued with an obstacle course on the LTA. Competitors negotiated selected obstacles to achieve proficiency in moving over, under and around objects. Soldiers were evaluated on their ability to successfully navigate each obstacle, as well as the time it took to complete the course. Soldiers then moved to the Panzer Range Complex for a stress shoot, evaluating their marksmanship skills under physical and mental stress.

During the challenge, competitors had to identify enemy shooters, secure barriers, conduct safety briefings and proper range operations, all while maintaining accountability of the ammunition, and dunnage.

The stress shoot began with a few minutes of physical activity: Soldiers had 45 seconds to fire 20 rounds, receiving points for hitting their specified target. The challenge concluded with an eight-mile ruck march to evaluate the Soldiers ability to move wearing combat personal protective equipment and a 35 pound rucksack in a three person fire team. Upon returning to the company headquarters on Panzer Kaserne, each platoon attended a board to test their knowledge of the challenges namesake and history of the th MP Company.

By the end of the day, competitors were exhausted, but felt good about the hard work they had accomplished together in honor of their fallen comrade. Blood, sweat and tears for Cpl. Tymire Lewis of the 3rd Platoon. What I saw here today was not only you fighting for each other, but you cheering the rest of your teammates on too which is what the Army is all about, said Lashley of the th MP Company. With much anticipation and the smell of the celebratory barbeque floating through the air, Jimenez, th company commander, announced the 2nd Platoon as the overall winner of the Clifton Challenge.

Matthew Breisch and Staff Sgt. Marc Stufsky and Sgt. David Ahenkora and Staff Sgt. Rachelle Walters during a round of pushups before the M4 stress shoot portion of the Clifton Challenge, Sept. Army Europe Visitors to U. Army installations in Europe may experience delays as U. Military Installations begin employing new equipment with advanced detection capabilities.

Army Europe As you travel around Europe, you are likely to see some increases in host nation security efforts, as well as in U. Army Europe s garrison security posture. Army Europe s Antiterrorism Division would like to remind everyone that the command s common goal is to ensure it is postured to counter the threat of terrorism and provide a safe and secure environment for everyone.

You may see additional security guards, Soldiers and military police in and around U. Army Europe installations, more frequent and thorough security checks and inspections, and other random security activities.

It is the collective efforts of security professionals, Soldiers, civilian workers and family members who help keep everyone safe. Given the significant and persistent threat the world faces, one way to execute the protection mission is to take advantage of the newest security-related technologies. Fielding new equipment with advanced technology enhances the ability to detect dangerous materials and improves the quality of searches at access control points and security checkpoints.

Some of these technologies are now available at Army Europe installations. Army Europe is employing new equipment with advanced detection capability at installations throughout the region according to a force protection specialist in U.

Army Europe s Antiterrorism Division. Coupled with expanded measures designed to reduce the terrorist threat, U. Army Europe s security professionals are working closely with host nation partners to maintain a robust deterrence and response capability, the force protection specialist explained. As we implement these new technologies, visitors to installations may experience delays or other inconveniences when accessing our facilities, the force protection specialist said.

However, we anticipate these delays will be minimal, and short-term as we adjust our procedures. The Antiterrorism Division recommends everyone consider building additional time into travel schedules to alleviate the possible effects of those delays. Security starts with everyone s involvement, such as remaining vigilant, reporting suspicious activity and making prudent personal decisions.

Gibbs, deputy commander of V Corps, held a town hall meeting via video on July 17 to answer questions and give family members an idea of what life is like for Soldiers in Afghanistan, Clark said. Gibbs hopes to make the town hall meetings a once-a-month event, Clark said, and has tentatively scheduled another for Aug. Anyone interested in attending should contact the family readiness group leader for details. Colleen Long, headquarters company family readiness group leader, said family readiness groups are a wonderful way to meet people, and the events for spouses particularly help.

Fall Fests have arrived

Kuhar said there are family readiness group events happening every week, and people can find out about them by getting in touch with her, an FRG leader or by reading the V Corps newsletter Tour de Force. Parents can use their respite care hours at CYS, which cuts down on babysitting expenses, she said.

Conversely, she avoids scheduling anything on CYS s Saturday child care events, so parents can take advantage of the six hours of child care to run errands or make the trip to Ramstein, Kuhar said. It s a really good way to meet spouses who are going through the same thing you are, Kuhar said.

It s a good networking tool, and really, it s just fun. It is also not necessary to be a V Corps spouse to attend. Friends of spouses are also welcome. It s good for the women to get out and keep their minds busy, said Detheridge. Her husband has deployed twice, she said, and she knows what it is like. To find out which group to contact, call Candice Lane, V Corps family readiness support assistant, at civ or at mil.

This calculation is based on the pet and kennel s combined weight and is broken down into three weight increments. Commercial carriers calculate pet shipping cost based on cubic feet of cargo space taken up by the kennel and air space around the kennel for proper ventilation. Currently there are 10 pet spaces, cats and dogs only, available on the Tuesday Patriot Express flight primarily used for PCS transportation.

Each week there are also three other News and features Pet travel Continued from page 1 Patriot Express flights, formerly known as Category B or Freedom Bird or Rotator flying Soldiers from the Central Command area of responsibility that transit through Ramstein AB to BWI, and these often have temperature controlled spaces for pets, equating up to 40 pet allocations per week.

A very limited number of small pets may be authorized to travel in-cabin. Pets must be able to fit comfortably in a kennel hard-sided or soft-sided no larger than 20 inches long by 16 inches wide by 8 inches high in order to fit under the seat in front of you.

Pets must be able to stand up, lie down, and turn around with normal posture and body movements. When making outbound travel arrangements for pets, service members will have to keep in mind that they will have to make appropriate onward movement arrangements of their pets from BWI to their PCS destination.

This may be harder during the summer heat embargo period than the rest of the year. If there is no space available on the PE flight, travelers still have the option to ship their pets via commercial carrier sor through air cargo both unaccompanied. Some additional options to offset the cost of pet shipping include, but are not limited to: Q Shipping a privately owned vehicle to the port of Frankfurt Paris in less than 4 hours. Reach Paris at top speed and low price.

Frankfurt Paris 5 times a day in less than 4 hours. Enjoy the top-level service and comfort on board. Included for first class passengers on this route: Information and booking in English at Photo by Chrystal Smith Most Patriot Express flights to BWI are climate controlled and can fly year-round without restrictions on breeds or air temperature. Baltimore in advance of official travel and drive to the permanent duty station or leave address.

This option requires coordination with the local transportation office. Q Transporting pet via commercial or government air in advance of travel nonreimbursable and have family members receive pets at the arrival airport.

The PE offers cost-effective pet travel; however, whether flying on the PE or a commercial airline, the cost for shipping pets rest solely on the owner and is not reimbursable by the government.

If PE reservations cannot be made for pets, there are commercial pet shipping companies available. Prices vary depending on destination and size of transport box.

The transport box must be large enough for a pet to stand upright and to be able to lie down. Shipping companies may have transport boxes for sale but personally owned boxes may be used as well. A recent health certificate from a veterinarian and shot records are required for shipping.

A company that has assisted U. Army Europe Public Affairs Office. Contact Information Tel Web: The annual event held near the Thai Temple in the Bad Homburg Kurpark features two days of traditional music and dance, culinary specialties and more. Held on both sides of the Main River, it also features a wide range of concerts, international cuisine, museum exhibits, performance art and more.

See page 22 for information on that and more things to do. Photo by Karl Weisel Beware: Dangerous bacteria may be present in your workplace Karla Simon U. Army Public Health Command Industrial Hygienist Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus is a potentially dangerous type of staph bacteria that is resistant to certain antibiotics. It typically causes skin infection but can also affect the bloodstream, lungs, heart, bones and joints.

MRSA is transmitted most frequently by direct skin-to-skin contact or contact with shared items or surfaces that have come into contact with someone else s infection, for example, towels, used bandages or equipment.

Some workplace settings have risk factors that make it easier to transmit MRSA. These factors, referred to as the 5 Cs, are as follows: Practice good hygiene by washing hands thoroughly with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Shower immediately after working out on gym equipment. Keep cuts and scrapes clean and covered with a bandage until healed. Avoid contact with other people s wounds or bandages. Do not share personal items. Avoid sharing personal items that touch bare skin such as towels, razors, uniforms and personal protective equipment.

If it is suspected that the bacteria has been contracted, seek medical attention immediately and follow your health care provider s advice about returning to work. Unless directed by a healthcare provider, employees with MRSA infections should not be routinely excluded from going to work. Exclusion from work should be reserved for those with wound drainage pus that cannot be covered and contained with a clean, dry bandage and for those who cannot maintain good hygiene practices.

Employees with active infections should be excluded from activities where skin-toskin contact with the affected skin area is likely to occur until their infections are healed. Wash uniforms, clothing, sheets and towels that become soiled in a washing machine set to the hottest water setting with added bleach, if possible. Dry the washed items in a hot dryer, rather than air-drying.

Cleaning contaminated equipment and surfaces with detergent-based cleaners or Environmental Protection Agency-registered disinfectants is effective at removing MRSA from the environment. Photos by Julia Sullivan Community joins wounded warriors in ride Soldiers, Family members, civilian employees and other military community members volunteered, rode, cheered and supported approximately 50 wounded warriors from the United States, Germany, Romania, Norway, Poland, the United Kingdom, Estonia and Latvia during the Soldier Ride Germany community ride at Bostalsee Aug.

Our focus is to let the community know about the Wounded Warrior Project and the presence that wounded warriors have in Germany, whether they are American Soldiers or from coalition Supportive riders young and old join the wounded warriors at Bostalsee. The community can see who these warriors are, what they are doing and how much they accomplished, not just this week, but during their recovery in general.

The community ride is a way to celebrate that and say thank you. Like last year s, this ride is the culmination of the four-day, WWP-hosted event held in Oberhambach. The event allows wounded warriors the opportunity to continue to rebuild their confidence and strength in a supportive environment. I have learned over the last two years, being here in Europe, the significant contribution that the WWP makes to all the warriors, said Lt.

The logo of a warrior carrying another we have all been through that. All of us have been where someone has carried us. I think what you will see today is a culmination of three days of riding and that the warriors are now prepared to Our focus is to let the community know about the Wounded Warrior Project and the presence that wounded warriors have in Germany There was no shortage of spectators as wounded warriors and supporters made their way around the Bostalsee. The community ride also provides the wounded warriors the opportunity to promote their positive message of recovery while encouraging community members to ride alongside, support from the route sidelines or volunteer to assist with the event.

I think Germany has raised the standard for what we want Soldier ride to be. The partnership between the military commands and the WWP is incredible, said Hemmen on the unique relationship between the two organizations. With the support of both the military and local communities, we have exceeded our expectation. For more photos on this year s Soldier Ride Germany, visit the U.

Army Europe Flickr page Courtesy of U. Page 8 Herald Union Aug. As he entered the hall and mingled with some of the officials, Jose Blanco approached Roever, shook his hand and said welcome home.

Both men smiled, exchanged knowing glances and patted each other on the shoulder. When old friends meet such an exchange of greetings is understandable but these two men had never met before and Baumholder is not Roever s home. Baumholder is, however regarded as the home of Champions and Roever is a champion. Roever is a Vietnam veteran who was seriously burned by a phosphorous grenade that exploded next to the right side of his head.

And because Blanco, who is the director of Baumholder s Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security, is also a Vietnam veteran so the display of camaraderie was understood even though they had only met for the first time. So why the greeting welcome home? As Roever began his presentation the meaning of Blanco s greeting became clear. Vietnam veterans never received a welcome home after serving their country.

There were no welcome home celebrations, no ticker tape parades, nothing. They were humiliated, degraded, spat upon and called everything from murderers to baby killers. They received no welcome home or thank you for the dangers they had faced and the sacrifices they had made. Roever told his audience that returning Soldiers were even advised to remove their Photo by Ignacio Iggy Rubalcava Dave Roever mixes humor with fact and reality to convey his message of hope and survival to military audiences around the world.

Photo by Savannah Son Motivational speaker, Dave Roever relays his personal experiences to Soldiers about hope and resilience.

Roever, a Vietnam veteran seriously burned in combat, traverses the world delivering a message of hope. As he continued with his motivational presentation, Roever talked about resilience, hope and love, weaving all of these elements into a message of survival and of a strong desire to continue with life despite the serious injuries he received in combat. He talked about never giving up hope and of the one moment that he was hopeless that almost cost him his life.

He talked about the love for his wife, who he had never betrayed or been unfaithful to. Roever was shipped off to Vietnam shortly after his marriage, leaving his teenage bride behind only to return a different man, or so he imagined. Despite the extensiveness of his injuries, the love his wife had for him never faltered. Roever also told the Soldiers to watch out for their battle buddies and to learn the signs that someone considering suicide may display.

He related this message to having been in combat, saying that after a while you develop a sense for your surrounding and you begin to feel and smell the danger in the air. If something doesn t seem right, it probably isn t, he said. Roever peppered his message of love, survival and hope with a unique brand of humor, which served to fortify his message that if he could survive, anyone could. He added an excellent and tactful touch of humor as he talked about the moment he had lost all hope and had decided to take his life.

Lying in his hospital bed, he decided that he did not want to continue living and being a burden to his wife. He reached for the tube that was attached to the bottle that was keeping him alive and disconnected it.

He lay back on his bed and waited to die but nothing happened. After a while I got hungry. I had pulled the wrong tube, he said. He also added light to the moment when his wife first saw him in the hospital. He said that as his wife stood before him he wearing nothing but gauze and bandages and she a mini skirt.

She said to him, Welcome home Davey. And I know that means when she calls me Davey, said Roever laughing. He added that he then asked his wife How can you love me? I m not handsome anymore. I m so ugly. To which she responded, You were never handsome in the first place. For almost an hour Roever shared his story of latticed with personal experiences and humor. When it was over, Roever received an outstanding ovation from Baumholder Soldiers and a resounding welcome home.

Shortly after hearing Roever s presentation, a Soldier went forward to Army Community Service counselors and expressed his personal feelings about wanting to take his life. He told the counselors that Roever s speech gave him the hope that he needed not to give up. Army Garrison Baumholder holds its organizational day Sept. AAFES, commissary, medical clinic and dental clinic services and emergency services will remain open. Shock and rock challenge Everyone is welcome to cheer on competitors during the Shock and Rock competition Aug.

Army Garrison Baumholder Public Affairs Office Baumholder news and information will transition from the Herald Union to multiple electronic and other sources in mid-september. The last Herald Union edition featuring Baumholder information will be delivered on Aug. In a provisional move, the U. The Herald Union will continue to serve the Wiesbaden military community.

Members of the Baumholder community will continue to be able to receive current news and command information on both the Baumholder and Kaiserslautern garrison home pages, the several Facebook sites that serve both communities and other venues. The Kaiserslautern American is a weekly newspaper so Baumholder residents can expect to see a new edition each Friday. We see this as a win-win situation for the Baumholder community, said Family and Morale Welfare and Recreation will be selling food and drinks.

Unit teams should have five warriors of various ages. Lawn mower maintenance Military housing residents who have lawn mowers issued from the U-Fix- It Store or the Directorate of Public Works can get maintenance or repair work done at the DPW maintenance shop in Buildinglocated directly behind the vehicle inspection station.

If the repair is minor, such as replacing a cord or spark plug, the work can be done on the spot, providing the scheduled workload allows. Customers should call the DPW maintenance shop at mil first and explain the problem. If the lawn mower is broken and beyond repair it needs to be returned to the U-Fix-It Store, Building For information about turning in a broken lawn mower call the U-Fix-It Store at mil Call before mailing packages Post office customers who Lt.

Army Garrison Baumholder commander. The transitions for Baumholder information to multiple sources will allow for a greater reach to our audience. Using alternative communication tools is a logical and practical transition for the USAG Baumholder Public Affairs staff, officials said. We look forward to contributing stories that have five or more packages to mail may call and make an appointment Monday through Friday.

There will be two shows at the Hall of Champions, one from 9 a. Soldiers, civilians and family members are invited to attend. Participating in this program meets annual Army Substance Abuse Prevention training requirements. This is an exciting time for us, because we continue to look for new and improved ways to communicate with our customers, said Mark Heeter, USAG Kaiserslautern public affairs officer.

Three youths win at regional, national competition Baumholder students recently participated in the ImageMakers National Photography Contest and three Baumholder entries went on from the regional to the national competition and one took first place in its category. The winning student was Aisha Carter s, age 8 photo The Door won first place nationally in the digital color category. ImageMakers enables students to develop their The Tree by Jaime Rahmen creativity and cultural awareness through visual arts.

The contest included five categories color process, black and white process, alternative process, digital and photo essay. The ImageMakers National Photography program encourages members to learn and practice various photography methods. The program includes a resource guide for local clubs, a national photography contest and a web site. The goal of each component is to teach the use of photography as an art and a vocation. Each component can stand on its own or members can graduate from one level to the next.

The Door by Aisha Carter Around the rock Around the rock Influenza vaccine arrives in September The influenza vaccine is coming to Baumholder in September. Service members can get the vaccine Sept. Family members can be vaccinated Sept. Students can be vaccinated at their school during September but the times have not been determined. Immunization Clinic hours are 7: Aug Deutschland Rally Trier and Baumholder world championship competition.

There is an entrance fee. Find more information at www.

Johan Bruyneel out at RadioShack after USADA report

There is an entrance fee Aug. The categories are adult and youth 17 and under. Registration is at 7: T-shirts will be on sale at the Mountaineer Physical Fitness Center.

Awards will be given to those who place first, second and third. Participants must be 18 or older. The games will be from p. After a short breakfast, explore the city with a full day of sightseeing. T-shirts will be on sale at the Mountaineer. Awards will be given to first, second and third place finishers. The trip includes transportation and entry to the park.

The bus departs from the Wagon Wheel Theater parking lot at 5 a. Just bring in your laptop and find out how to get online. Contact the library for more information at mil Post office changes hours The Baumholder Post Office is now only open Monday through Friday. The central mail room is open from 10 a. The post office and official mail are open from 10 a. To visit a variety of trip locations, travelers should obtain a tourist passport. The service is offered to single Soldiers, which includes those who are unaccompanied while assigned.

A free shuttle service picks up participants at the Chapel One parking lot at 6 p. Get out, enjoy a nice meal and good conversation, make friends, and sign up for fun trips and excursions. To confirm dinner reservations or to learn more, call the BOSS president at civ Aquatics training Aquatics training for military units is available at the aquatics center.

Types of training available are water survival, shallow water egress, and SKED training. Combat water survival testing and Army physical fitness test swim testing is also available. There are also alternate physical training activities such as water aerobics, inner tube water polo, and more. Classes for children years old are held Tuesday through Thursday from Beginner classes for children years old are Wednesday from p.

Beginner classes for to year-olds are every Wednesday from p. Intermediate classes for ages are Tuesday and Thursday from p. After school care available Spaces are available for before- and after- school care. Before-school care hours are a. After-school care hours are 2: Contact Wetzel School Age Services for more information and reservations at civ or mil Aqua jogger Kimberly Bailes and her staff offer an aqua jogger program at the pool from This is a fun, safe and effective workout in the water.

Contact the aquatics center at mil for more information. Spanish story time Esto es un programa para pequenos lectores con historias, juegos y actividades en Espanol por aproximadamente 30 minutos. Books are read in Spanish and in English. Interpretations are needed for this program. Contact the library for more information at mil Your personal trainer Would you like to build muscular strength, improve your health and clean up your diet? The Personal Training with Laurie program offers a variety of packages for you to get the results that you want.

Stop by the Mountaineer Fitness Center to fill out an information sheet today. Beginners and experienced bikers will love this sweat-to-the-beat cardio workout. The bus departs from the Wagon Wheel theater parking lot at 3 a.

Spend the day at Euro Disney in France. The price includes entrance into both parks. Bring euro for other expenses and a tourist passport. Fitness Instructors needed The Baumholder Sports and Fitness Office is looking for certified instructors to offer classes such as aerobics, zumba, bodybuilding, TBX, personal training, martial arts, dance, and more. Call the Mountaineer Physical Fitness Center at mil or civ for more information on how to become an instructor.

Carter, who returns to the Wiesbaden Dental Clinic leadership role after having previously led the clinic from July to Julylast served as the U. Army Reserve dental surgeon in Fort Bragg, N. Welch, the outgoing commander, moves on to the National Capital Area to become the chief of oral and maxillofacial pathology at the new Fort Belvior Community Hospital in Fort Belvior, Va. Calling the staff of the Dental Clinic an excellent team of professionals, Welch said, I feel so humbled to have been given By Kristopher Joseph 5th Signal Command Public Affairs Office Outstanding achievements in leadership growth and participation in Veterans of Foreign Wars programs garnered one 5th Signal Command Soldier the organization s top honor.

At the end of the day we stand and fall by and through the actions of our colleagues. Welch thanked his staff, mentors and members of the Wiesbaden military community, saying, It is no secret to anyone who has lived here that the quality of life in Wiesbaden is exceptionally high. Craig Patterson, Landstuhl Dental Activity commander, who officiated at the change of command ceremony.

The commander must possess, and demonstrate, all the managerial, administrative and leadership skills required of any commander. In addition, the clinic commander must also balance an active clinical practice. Matthew Coulter right5th Signal Command s senior maintenance noncommissioned officer, is honored as an All-American Commander by Richard DeNoyer, national commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization during their national convention. Richard DeNoyer, VFW national commander, said in a news release that the award s criteria are based on outstanding achievements in membership growth and participation in other VFW programs that benefit veterans and their communities.

It s a great honor for me to serve the Soldiers, veterans and their families as a member of the largest combat veteran s organization in the world, Coulter said. Patterson also praised the staff of the Wiesbaden clinic, saying the team is widely recognized as one of the most successful clinic commands in Europe. The bottom line is taking care of Soldiers, he said, adding that Welch and his team continuously demonstrate that they care about the community and the individual.