Nithyananda latest press meet 2012 ford

nithyananda latest press meet 2012 ford

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nithyananda latest press meet 2012 ford

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nithyananda latest press meet 2012 ford

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So, how are you going to convince them to come over to your place? We get it now, you'll have Bhaktananda and Medhananda recruit them for you.

nithyananda latest press meet 2012 ford

That might not be so optimal for you, ' Paramahamsa ' Nithyananda. You see, Bhaktananda seems to only be able to recruit like-minded hardcore types like professional school bus drivers and retired roller derby ladies. We don't know how happy you'll be with ladies like that. And, Medhananda, with his eye-sight, which you never healed, there's no telling what he'll send your way. Chances are she will be able to walk and talk, but the rest just might be a guess.

It will be the new Mystery of Mysteries.

London Is Among The World’s Premiere Cities

Just the same, you might want to check the ID of any ladies that Medhananda recruits for you just to make sure, that they are, ahem, at least What you need, ' Paramahamsa ' Nithyananda, is a real smooth operator who is still loyal to you who could convince people who are still sitting on the fence to jump and fall off a cliff even when these 'fence sitters' can see that it is pure insanity to support you.

There's gotta be somebody.

We think that he must have been a lemming in his past life, leading the pack to follow him over to the promised land. Too bad that in this life, he just became a regular old rat. A rather large one at that. But, he is a smooth operator. No doubt about that. But, ' Paramahamsa ' Nithyananda, there's still a problem there.

Sri Nithya Niranjananda seems to have an inclination of super-sizing everything. You, know, oz. So, Sri Nithyananda, you might want to reinforce the furniture in your pad, especially the bed, just as a precaution. We wouldn't want to see you with a broken home, even though you're a proven expert in breaking up other people's homes. But, just be ready for a really super big surprise.

So, ' Paramahamsa ' Nithyananda, kind of a bummer that your visa got canceled. But, don't worry, Sri Nithyananda, a lot of people get their visa denied and placed on watch. We bet Bin Laden, for instance, will never know the joy of riding the Magic Dumbo ride at Disneyland either.

Say, ' Swami ' Nithyananda, if you're visa has been denied and you've been put on the 'watch list' by the U. Government, does that mean your other cronies, sorry, we meant to say other swamis, like Sadhananda AyyaBhaktananda, Atmamaneesha Mr.

Left high and dry. Hey, there, Sri Nithyananda. We know a way out. You need to become a famous rock star with a huge fan base, and then the U. Officials will have to let you in.

That happens all the time.

nithyananda latest press meet 2012 ford

Let's see, with your singing talents, or lack of, hey, you could start up a punk rock band. You, ' Paramahamsa ' Nithyananda already have that stage presence. But, there is a problem.

London Is Among The World’s Premiere Cities – Association of Indian Laboratory

Punk rockers are known to be a bit rowdy, just like your swamis. But, the problem is that they often fight back. So, if you try to break one of your canes over someone's head, that person just might jump on stage and return the favor in kind.

So, unless you're prepared for this, we don't suggest that you break stuff on people's heads any more. But, everything else about you, ' Swami ' Nithyananda, is perfect.

The Nithyananda Dog and Pony Show

So, ' Paramahamsa ' Nithyananda, what shall we call your new band? Yes, those don't sound so good to us either.

Nithyananda interview to ndtv hindu

Perhaps our reader, [hint, hint] will come up with some really fitting band names for you. In the meantime, ' Paramahamsa ' Nithyananda, you need to practice up on some songs so you can get a hit record. Here's a band just perfect for you, ' Swami ' Nithyananda.