Mr2 meet 2012

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mr2 meet 2012

Especially when one of the MR2's is Armand's infamous red SW20 rocking the TRD widebody and Night Import Collaboration Meet. Flickriver - view images as a 'river of photos' and more. Toyota MR2 Meet / Dyno Day Coverage. Thanks to everyone who visited Dynosty for the 2nd Annual Toyota MR2 meet this past weekend.

Toyota MR2

Virtually every car converted also had other TRD parts fitted too, including extensive changes to both the suspension and engine. In many respects, the extended body can be compared to that of a Porsche Slantnose modification. The car's width is extended and body dimensions dramatically changing the car's overall visuals. Very little is known about these cars outside Japan. The "T" [33] as it was called, was powered by a naturally aspirated 2. A sportier look was given to the vehicle as well through engine scoops, side skirts, a Ferrari -esque rear light grille, forged wheels, revised bumper designs, and a larger rear spoiler.

Whilst the T was a normally aspirated vehicle, TOM'S also produced equipment for turbocharged models — e. II" Engine Control Units.

mr2 meet 2012

TOM'S still keeps a T part list on their website, and there are still T part catalogues in circulation between enthusiasts to this day, albeit second-hand. An MR Spider with the unique engine lid. These cars featured a retractable, cloth softtop roof, wingless trunk lid, and an engine lid that was unique to the SW20 spider.

Most of these cars were automatics and nearly all of them sported a naturally aspirated engine. Toyota decided against putting its name or logo on these cars as a result of its desire to distance itself from cars that featured leaky roofs. Most of the Spiders came in Lucerne Silver with a blue side moulding and featured black and blue accented cloth seats. Both cars are kept relatively stock except for the addition of safety equipment.

Early in the s, the SW20 enjoyed considerable success throughout the world. The MC8-R housed a twin-turbo version of the 4. One MC8 road car was built in order to meet homologation requirements. The car disappeared from public eye within a year of its construction, but surfaced again on the Japanese collector car website SEiyaa intwo decades after its disappearance.

It retired after 14 laps.

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Later that year the car attempted the km Suzukathis time managing to finish 26th overall. The team qualified 37th and finished 24th, second-to-last of finishers. It was replaced for the following year with the Toyota GT-One. Japanese Grand Touring Championship now Super GT [ edit ] With JGTC being the highest form of sports car racing in Japan, many manufacturers and private teams alike spent countless hours of research and development into perfecting their respective chassis. Toyota would enter their premier production cars, namely the Celica, MR2, and Supra.

Unlike the experimental MC8-R, the MR2 JGTC shared more qualities chassis wise to the road-going production car, though it had a lower ride height than the standard SW20s, was wider, featured advanced aerodynamics and Brembo racing brakes.

While it kept the MacPherson suspension setup from the road car, these components too were heavily modified strut towers were more inward.

mr2 meet 2012

Anybody up for some Championship White? This EK had all the right ingredients for a great Honda recipe. Just wait until you get a better look at the engine. While the stock model was fitted with the same engine as the E36 M3, this Z3 M Coupe was clearly not stock.

I also had no idea the entire upper half of the front clip popped up. For all the more uncommon models at Collaboration, the expected surge of NSXs never came.

SoCal Scene: Night Import Presents “Collaboration” Meet

What do you guys feel? I knew what plecos were because my brother has an aquarium they are awesome little fish. After a quick web session, I found out GreenPleco is a games studio that specializes in mobile games. This rather stock, but stupendously clean AP2 S2K on black Meisters thought it would be alright to take up more than a single space. I later saw him slide into a single space and I understand the desire for some additional space security, but at the time it seemed a little unnecessary.

mr2 meet 2012

This IS-F was no different and perhaps the bigger reason I stopped was that it the matte job was green. Not many cars can wear green very well and even then it had better be British Racing Green. I feel like the Wald kit has really gained popularity in the Lexus crowd and for good reason. The aero enhances the stock lines of the IS-F instead of fighting them and giving the usually mild-mannered Lexus sedan a bit of hulking attitude.

In contrast, Mitsubishi has kept making the EVO look angrier and angrier. Justin was kind enough to pop his hood and give us a glimpse of what makes his Subie fly.

mr2 meet 2012

There was however, one pressing question I had about Subie modifications that I had never figured out before. On many cars you can see two red discs in the middle of the front vent. I always thought that given their location, they were some part of an intercooler or something designed to deliver more air. I thought I was at least mildly correct. Forgetting that we were in a enclosed parking structure, I let Justin blast my eardrums once just to hear it for myself and promptly had the eyes and ears of almost every attendee at the meet.

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I will say that while I was extremely surprised by the more unique cars that had turned upZ3 M, etc. Fortunately, while talking with the owner of theI had a chance to meet Carlos and Mike. While Carlos has a number of future modifications in mind, he fully intends to keep the stock Ice Blue Metallic paint.

One of the more unique colors from one of the most conservative automakers in the business, IBM seems strangely correct on a MK3.

Fitting the color to a JZA80 would be a whole different story. Some enthusiasts argue that Toyota went backwards with development of the 1JZ and others will claim that the 7M can only wheeze its way up to the power and reliability of a 1JZ. But what else is new with car guys? Apparently, Lotus test drivers often came back to Chapman telling him that his cars were unbelievably fast, but incredibly frightening to drive. Drivers begged for a little more weight to help stabilize the car at high speed, but Chapman would have none of it.

Hopefully Lotus can still keep that in mind for the future. By this time, a number of cars were starting to head out, leaving the parking garage in a vibrato of metal and tuned cylinders.

CenCal/NorCal Celica/Mr2 Lake Del Valle Meet 2016

Picking up the pace in case missed opportunities would leave me behind, I snapped off some shots of this fairly stock looking NISMO Z. Next time for sure.