Mountaineering ireland alpine meet 2012 calendar

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mountaineering ireland alpine meet 2012 calendar

The ÖAV was the first alpine club to be established in mainland Europe, celebrating its th anniversary in but also to encourage British mountaineers to visit the Eastern Alps where both men had grown up. . During the period leading up to the war he met a travel company owner by the name of Walter Ingham. To subscribe to the meets calendar on your smartphone, please use the URL: .. and best crags in the British Isles - and is in N Ireland, about an hour from Belfast. .. You need to have Winter/Alpine climbing experience to consider this meet. The first training weekend of - is a 2 day Mountain First Aid Course. Ladies' Alpine Club The Ladies' Alpine Club was founded in London in and was the In December a group of ladies who were climbers in the Alps met in When the British Mountaineering Council was constituted in , both clubs for Northern Ireland, and was inducted in the BCA Hall of Fame in .

Food was eaten with relish so it must have been good: Dinner plates always cleaned into the soup cauldron. Lights out at 10pm. Skis fitted the next morning and we were left to get on with it, mostly on our bottoms or noses. Next day Herr Lenz gave us our first lesson. It was like ski-ing in paradise with miles of plateau waiting for us to leave our mark.

mountaineering ireland alpine meet 2012 calendar

One evening there was a nail-biting ride on a hay toboggan, five astride, to the weekly hop. All men dressed in their Sunday best with grey heavy suits. Again so blissfully isolated and no crowds on the ski slopes. These huts were so welcoming in a sometimes very bleak environment. Memories of Matratzenlager and Fussende blankets, Kachelofen and always superb views, especially from some loos.

Glorious isolation, no chat on skis, peace and tranquillity, the slopes and snow fields to ourselves. It was a perfect grounding, one that has stood me in good stead throughout many mountaineering trips over many decades. Helmets and harnesses had yet to be invented. We each wrapped a longish rope several times around our waists and tied it off. Our climbing ropes were then clipped directly to this waist loop.

mountaineering ireland alpine meet 2012 calendar

I well remember our last day: As was usual in those early years, flights were never part of such package holidays. Instead we used trains, travelling very comfortably overnight in couchettes. The three porters had been there a few days, and were cold and miserable in the low cloud. Our 9 porters romped in and soon we had base camp up and running.

The Russians returned that evening and dismantled their camp, disappointed that they had not reached the summit due to deep snow. The next day was sunny and beautiful, and although it was supposed to be for rest and acclimatisation, three of us decided to carry loads up to the bottom of the gully above.

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When we got there, we could see the Russian fixed ropes up the cliffs above, so we went up for a look, eventually going up them and continuing to the snowy valley above, the proposed site of ABC at m.

I was up firstthen Gerry then Paddy, who was suddenly struggling with the altitude. Frank had stayed below to rest. In the morning Paddy was ill, and Gerry and I did another load carry to ABC with the porters, we put my tent up and came down.

The next day was a rest day to try and give Paddy a chance, but his health continued to deteriorate BC Day 4.

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I was up first and put the kettle on for the others, but only Gerry arrived, telling me that Frank didnt feel he had the strength to make it. Now there were 2. That evening I broke trail up the hill above ABC in soft snow to see if I could see a feasible route. Higher up, I ran into very deep snow, but could see a possible route to a col, from where the ridge looked do-able.

We needed to start early while the snow was frozen, that was it!

mountaineering ireland alpine meet 2012 calendar

Early start was 5. It was brutally cold and my hands were numb from trying to boil the kettle from lumps of ice. The tracks from the previous evening were much easier being frozen, but the deeper snow above had only the crust frozen, so we stood up on it, only for it to collapse, and then we had to climb out, pulling our feet out through the crust,only for it to collapse again.

My estimated time to the col of about an hour and a half was eaten up in a couple of hundred metres. Exhausted, we had to come up with a plan B.

Fair Head Climbing Meet 2012

A traverse to the right would take us to a short climb to the top of the big rock tower which dominated our base camp. We felt that we could have a rethink, and try again tomorrow, but lets get something in the bag.

The views were immense, but Phuletate still looked like, well anything but a foregone conclusion. Care was required on the descent, but on reaching ABC we met Frank who was delighted and relieved to see us. He advised us that the porters were anxious to leave, but we had another day at ABC.