Global investors meet 2012 details

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global investors meet 2012 details

The Global Investors Meet held in Karnataka, the land of one state and many opportunities, attracted over international and domestic. from our energy experts · Workshops Details from upcoming and past IEA workshops . "The decline in global investment for renewables and energy efficiency of clean energy needed to meet energy security, climate and clean- air goals. of government/SOE ownership in energy investment by sector 17 Global Investors Summit (GIM) is a biennial summit held by the organized the 2nd Global Investors Meet (GIM) on 7th & 8th June at Bangalore All the details that were collected were passed on to the corporate.

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One notable trend concerns the relationship between oil prices and upstream costs. In the past, there has been a roughly linear relationship between upstream costs and oil prices.

global investors meet 2012 details

When price spiked, so did costs, and vice versa. What we are noting now is a decoupling. Companies appear to have learned to do more with less. Yet as a result of the shale revolution in the United States this trend is changing and the industry is re-thinking the way they choose, execute and manage projects.

Furthermore, investment in conventional assets responsible for the bulk of supply remains focused on expansion of existing projects rather than developing new sources of production.

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Moving forward, the overall balance of market supply will be given by combination of conventional activities which respond slowly and unconventional projects which respond to market conditions in a much more rapid way suggesting the possibility of more volatility ahead in the markets. However, the industry has almost halved its breakeven price, providing a more sustainable basis for future expansion. This underpins a record increase in US light tight oil production of 1.

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This is a welcome increase after years of decreases and stagnation. ICT appears to be banking on the energy sector Corporate investments in new energy technology companies are growing strongly, reaching their highest ever level of just over USD 6 billion in - strategic investments by companies to get a stake in potentially key new technology areas. While there is some increase in investments by utilities, the striking finding is that vast majority of the growth is coming from ICT companies, mostly investing in EV start-ups and digital solutions for smart grids and efficiency.

By evening at around 7 pm the show began to close and we had left the pavilion by 8.

global investors meet 2012 details

Narayanmurthy and other giants from the industry. These industry people had intellectual debates with govt regarding the investment scenario in Karnataka and what can be done to improve it.

global investors meet 2012 details

The response at the stall was also immense with lots of potential enquiries from corporate and other institutions. After lunch the Expo had gained momentum the seminars were in full swing with the industry giants and the members of GoK interacting with each other.

global investors meet 2012 details

Our media team had covered the events fruitfully with all the corporate and govt people together. By evening to relax there were cultural programmes organized by the GoK for the guests and our media team had done justice there as well The day was called off by 8 pm. Even the seminars where ever there was an opportunity cards were exchanged. The day and the event was closed by 5 in the evening Seminar Details: The students had good time with guests and they also did not miss any opportunity to gain knowledge.

global investors meet 2012 details

For students it meant application of all the knowledge that they had got from the classroom.