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Eibach Honda Meet

For tickets and more information on the May 2nd event at Tri-City Speedway call the track . Dunn-Benson Ford, Dyers Top Rods, Edelbrock, Eibach Springs, Fast Shafts, Fast . MSCS & KISS rules for the event will be covered at the drivers meeting. The last time MSCS joined KISS for a show at Terre Haute was in ncsuk.info T weekly -1 -streets-of-long-beach-apriltickets-on-sale T 00 xdc-driver-nate-hamilton-meet-and-greet-at-kincaids-team-jdm-relief-charity -and-nos . ncsuk.info Sep 16, I suppose there was a bit of a feeling of nostalgia walking up towards the Eibach Springs facility. The last few years have felt quite different.

Terry Reed Decatur5. Kyle Waters Oreana8. Greg Osman Macon9.

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Thomas Riech Springfield Lance Johnson Kenney Brian Dasenbrock Decatur Luke Force Argenta Blue Mound Ronnie Burns Cerro Gordo Zach Perryman Decatur Shane Ewing Decatur UMP late models — 1. John Beck Springfield2. Joseph Hughes Springfield3. Greg Kimmons Pleasant Plains4. Jeff Beyers Pana5. Kyle VanDorn New Berlin6. Jake Little Springfield8. Matt Taylor Springfield9. UMP modifieds — 1. Cory Daugherty Blue Mound3.

Guy Taylor Springfield4. Alan Crowder Elwin5. Zach Bunning Decatur7. Danny Smith Argenta8. Troy Dodson Cerro Gordo9. Rick Hamilton Decatur Clark Robertson Shelbyville Joe Strawkas Buffalo Matt Goulden Springfield Steve Ewing Decatur Ethan Schnapp Springfield Jeremy Nichols Shelbyville2. Nick Macklin Argenta3.

Doug Nevill Dawson4. Zach Rhodes Taylorville5. Tim Bedinger Taylorville6. Bob Sidener Springfield7.

The Audi Driving Experience at The Circuit of the Americas

Michael Maestas Lincoln8. The Audi Driving Experience is housed in a lounge above the Formula One garages overlooking pit lane on the front straight. In the morning when you arrive you will be treated to a white tablecloth catered breakfast. This is a first-class experience. The staff will provide anything you need, a locker, water, coffee, even Dramamine. After breakfast, you will meet your instructors — professional racing drivers — who will give you a brief lecture on racing techniques.

There are four different driving experiences ranging from half-day to full-day, and also a formula car experience for those who want to feel like Lewis Hamilton. Before you hit the big track in the mighty Audi R8 you get the chance to hone your skills in a slalom and lane change exercise. For this practice session, you get to drive a horsepower Audi RS 3.

The car is a lot of fun to zip around between the cones. Before the instructors unleash you onto the full course of the Circuit of the Americas in the Audi R8 they want to work you through some lower speed car-control exercises. The idea is to gain skills in throttle modulation, smooth steering inputs, and keeping your eyes up. Where you look is where you will go.

If you look directly at a cone instead of beyond it, you will gain target acquisition and smash that cone. In the slalom exercise it was okay to kick up the aggression and get as close to the cones as possible. In the autocross segment, hitting a cone would add two seconds to your overall time.

Once students mastered the art of killing cones, it was time for some competition. The fastest student in the class earns a gift certificate for a free session of COTA Karting as well as bragging rights for being the fastest in the class.

After the slalom exercise we had a chance to compete head-to-head with our classmates in the hp all-wheel drive turbocharged Audi TT RS. The autocross took us through a fun second course which navigated a water hazard where things got interesting.

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The autocross gets more complicated as they add a water hazard to a slick off-camber corner. No matter how fast you want to go through the corner to win the autocross you have to give it up for the water.

The trick is to let the all-wheel drive Audi do what it does best and use all four tires to navigate through the slippery stuff. A smooth, conservative approach through the water will provide big gains. Once the tires are dry after a few hundred feet, it is time to let the turbo kick in and drive aggressively again. The autocross competition is fun, but it is just a warm up to the real fun — driving the Audi R8 V10 Plus around the Circuit of the Americas.

The Audi R8 V10 Plus is a real-deal supercar. Its exotic, its expensive, its mid-engined, it is fast. This is the car Tony Stark drives. The Circuit of the Americas is a massive track to try to learn. With 20 turns and feet of elevation changes it can be a lot to take on especially in a hp supercar. The instructors at the Audi Driving Experience were very helpful in teaching us the track in an easy to consume manner.

They broke the course up into four sectors and taught us each one separately. COTA is no autocross course. It is nearly three-and-a-half miles long with 20 turns to memorize.

2016 Eibach Honda Meet

Most people have never been around this track. Knowing this, the Audi Driving Experience has developed a method to ensure each driver has the ability to master each portion of the track before the speeds begin to pick up during the day. There were R8s for everyone! Come outside to the pit lane and pick your favorite color. It was time to drive an R8! Two people are paired up to share an Audi R8 during the rest of the day and take turns riding shotgun or driving the insanely fast car.

Having this information ahead of time, my recommendation is to bring a friend and buddy-up for the Audi Driving Experience. Bring a friend you trust to drive well, otherwise you may spend part of your day sucking up the leather seat cushion with your butt as the driver scares you around the fast track.

The instructors break down the track into four sectors and take students through each sector one at a time, over and over again, forward and backward, until they have the sector down pat. Then students move on to the next sector. During the sector training, where the track was divided into four sections to help learn the course, we were allowed to get out, look at the track and drive the segments backwards.

The Audi Driving Experience at the Circuit of the Americas

This was hugely beneficial in seeing and learning the track. Once the sector training is completed, you run the full track to put it all together. The instructor drives in a lead Audi R8 while three cars follow him around the track. The instructor uses a radio to communicate details and hints about driving the track throughout the lead-follow session so students know where to enter curves, where to apex, and where to brake.

Yes, you will use the brakes, big time. With a mid-engine connected to a dual-clutch, 7-speed transmission, this car has hp and lb-ft of torque. It comes with carbon ceramic brakes and blasts through the quarter-mile in Yes, I said